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What Makes Public School Teachers Any Different than Other Public Employees?

December 22nd, 2009 Matt Comments

From Catherine Candisky in The Dispatch:

The head of Ohio’s largest teachers union told a judge yesterday that releasing the names, addresses and other personal information of licensed teachers, administrators and school staff puts their safety and privacy at risk.

“Acts of violence, verbal abuse and threats” were among the concerns cited by Patricia Frost-Brooks, president of the Ohio Education Association.

The union is seeking a permanent injunction blocking the Department of Education from releasing the information. It was requested last month by the Ohio Republican Party under state public-records law.[...]

The teachers union, in a lawsuit against the Department of Education, argues that all citizens hold a constitutional right to privacy, and “release of the information does not add anything to the public’s ability to monitor its government.”

I have been involved in efforts requesting public teacher salaries and personal information. Interesting, each individual school district will provide you with the information, but it a time-consuming, expensive process. And some schools, just to be annoying, will send you the information written out BY HAND!

But all other state employees have their information readily available. I have access to databases and can look up anyone in the legislature or a state agency… and I have a lot of it printed out. It is my right to have this information. So why should tax-payer funded schools be treated differently? Is the privacy and safety of state house employees less important than public school administrators?

What would be the harm in local newspapers printing an entire list of what teachers and administrators, with their 6 hour work days and 3 months of vacation, make compared to jobs in the private sector? And perhaps print that right before election day when a levy is on the ballot? ha ha ha

Regardless if it is murdering unborn babies or protecting overpaid educrats, this mythical “constitutional right to privacy”… found through a series of squinty-eyed penumbras and emanations…  certainly comes in handy for the left.

Another Kevin Boyce Blunder

August 3rd, 2009 Matt Comments off

As I mentioned before, I hate criticizing Ohio’s appointed state Treasurer, as, like clockwork, we will receive at least a few emails calling me a racist. But in the spirit of transparent government, this is inexcusable:

If you search for the “Ohio Treasurer” or “Kevin Boyce” on Google,  as of this morning (August 3), the first search result is It is just fine for Treasurer Boyce to move to a .gov website, but with spending $80k on promotional items and with all that Key Bank money he is raking in, could Boyce not find an extra $9 to keep the domain name active?

Here is a screen shot of Kevin Boyce’s website,

(Click image to enlarge.)

And here is the WHOIS information:


(Click image to enlarge.)

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