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John Kasich Paid $50,000/yr to Speak to Students

August 16th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Following in the tradition of unfortunate Taft/Voinovich Republican dirtbags like Curt Steiner and Brian Hicks, John Kasich used his connections to The Ohio State University and cashed in.

And principled conservatives at the Buckeye Institute take a stand against this nonsense:

As a candidate for governor, Republican John Kasich has called on colleges and universities to cut costs and force professors to teach more courses.

Yet for seven years Kasich served as a “presidential fellow” at his alma mater, Ohio State University, in a role that paid him the equivalent of about $4,000 per campus visit.

“It sounds like a perk program for a politician that we can’t afford,” said Matt Mayer of the Buckeye Institute, a conservative-leaning think tank that has posted government salaries in an online database.

Rob Nichols, Kasich’s campaign spokesman, said: “John was paid in alignment with what OSU thought his teaching was worth. They thought his work there was valuable — they kept asking him back.”

The job was among the many hats Kasich wore in the years after he left Congress in 2000. Although other politicians, including Republican Senate candidate Rob Portman, have taught courses at OSU for no cost, Kasich’s role paid him $50,000 a year.

While attending classes at OSU, I was required to hear John Kasich speak twice, as our grade was affected by our attendance. They weren’t particularly memorable occasions.

I don’t mind former members of congress supplementing their income on the lecture circuit. And Kasich voted consistently against pel grants and other federal programs which, according to the extensive work of OU economics professor Richard Vedder, are the reasons why tuition at all universities continue to skyrocket.

But  the optics of taking so much money from a state school, especially in this economy, is indefensible.

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Parties Defend Campaign Trackers

August 10th, 2010 Matt View Comments

I have been mocking trackers for more than a year… now old Man Joe Hallett catched up with them and asks the parties to comment:

The Dispatch attempted to interview a number of trackers from both parties, but all declined to give their names or talk for the record.

Trackers have become ubiquitous and indispensible campaign weapons for both major parties and now can be found at virtually every public event – and some private ones – featuring Strickland, Kasich and other statewide and congressional candidates.

“It’s a reality of every campaign moving forward,” Nichols said.

“We may send multiple people to track one event if it’s a big one,” said Chris Redfern, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party.

The upshot for candidates is that there almost always is a camera present, even where they might not expect to find one. Strickland said he understands that trackers assigned to him have a job to do, and he tries to be friendly and treat them with respect. But he also is cognizant that everything he says and does is being recorded with the intent to use it against him.

“I try not to say anything I’m ashamed of or would regret,” the governor said. “I kind of take some delight in all this. It’s a part of democracy.”

Nichols said Kasich, by dint of his years as an on-air personality for Fox News, is used to being on camera and “doesn’t get distracted by much of anything,” including trackers. Still, Nichols said he believes “there is an inherent effort to intimidate (by) edging in, trying to get close to the candidate. The constant presence, stepping out of a car with a camera in your face – who in any profession would want to spend their days with that?”

At the state fair on Friday, a state patrolman twice warned young men tracking Kasich and Rob Portman, the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate, to keep their distance from the candidates or he would eject them.

Redfern said his party’s trackers are given these instructions: “Leave if asked. Be polite. Say thank you. Pay, never sneak in. If they ask who you are, tell them who you are – ‘I am an employee of the Ohio Democratic Party and I’m here to track.’”

Republican trackers receive similar instructions. Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine called tracking “a logical extension of oppo-research,” useful well beyond recording the rare gaffe.

“For every gotcha moment you get, you end up with hours and hours and hours of your opponent speaking to a crowd and you begin to see patterns,” DeWine said. “You hear the candidate’s message, you see where he or she is comfortable and where he or she isn’t, what questions throw them off, how they act, their body language, how their message may differ in a union hall versus a Rotary Club. It can be very instructive.”

Actually, trackers aren’t told to act so gently… I know because I was one. But in today’s era of almost everyone having a video camera on their cellphone, candidates are always on the record. No longer do the Joe Hallett’s of the world control what people think of candidates, because if they say something stupid it will go viral months before elderly Joe may even get around to write a flaccid Sunday column about it.

New John Kasich Ad

August 9th, 2010 Matt View Comments

It has been launched this morning and it’s good:

I’m not sure if people in all parts of Ohio are as acutely aware of the devastation of DHL leaving. Check out at :11, where you will see Bubba from Forrest Gump.

This is on message, infinitely more polished than the nonsense that the RGA is running, and will likely win the governor’s race. Expect the responses to be nasty and ugly.

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Gubernatorial Master Debaters

August 5th, 2010 Matt View Comments

And the debates are planned… ready, set, don’t tune in!:

The major-party candidates for governor have agreed to two televised debates hosted by the Ohio Newspaper Organization, an association of the state’s eight largest newspapers.

Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland and Republican challenger John Kasich will face off Sept. 14 in Columbus and Oct. 7 in Toledo. The one-hour debates will be televised by the local TV partners of The Dispatch and The Blade of Toledo, as well as by ONN, the statewide cable news network.

A panel of four newspaper reporters will pose questions at each debate, and each debate will be moderated by a staff member from WBNS-TV (Channel 10) in Columbus and WTOL-TV (Channel 11) in Toledo. The candidates will appear on the Nov. 2 ballot.

The exact locations of the evening debates have yet to be determined.

Although the gubernatorial candidates will appear jointly at other events and venues during the campaign, their campaigns agreed on only two statewide television debates. In 2006, Strickland and his Republican opponent, J. Kenneth Blackwell, participated in four head-to-head debates.

Kasich was represented in debate negotiations by former Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson of Reynoldsburg. Strickland was represented by David Wilhelm of Bexley, who managed President Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 campaign.[...]

Herb Asher, an Ohio State University political scientist and expert on Ohio politics, said that with the election expected to be close, the two debates “could be consequential for the outcome.”

Thank you, Dr. Asher for the brilliant commentary. I also would like to tattoo on old man Joe Hallett’s head that Asher is actually a Democrat operative who wrote the failed pro-Democrat 2005 Reform Ohio Now redistricting ballot issue… But I suppose Joe couldn’t see it in the mirror anyway due to serious eye sight problems in addition to dementia.

The debate will include opening and closing statements with general questions going to candidates on a rotating basis. I would love to know the rest of the debate agreements, as in 2006 both gubernatorial campaigns agreed to the strictest of rules… As a staff member of the Blackwell campaign, we were not allowed to record video and chop it into clips for instant fact check. Why campaigns would agree to such rules is beyond my comprehension.

And it’s very unnerving that the representative was Jo Ann Davidson, as it’s a sign that a liberal, baby-killing, Third Frontier-lover will have serious influence in a Kasich administration and in Ohio Republican politics in general. She really needs to go on vacation on an island with Betty Montgomery and stay there permanently.

I will post videos of Strickland’s old debate videos once I digitize them… After studying them closely, it’s clear that Strickland isn’t a lightweight debater. He is older and is known to become quite shaky on television when the pressure is on, but his ability to obfuscate issues- such as taking credit for a homestead tax credit paid for by tobacco settlement dollars or for an income tax cut which his only involvement in was reducing the size of- is absolutely breathtaking to watch. He embraced his big government liberalism and that got him tossed out of office in 1994 by Frank Cremeans… and has since learned the lessons taught by Gov. Rhodes that it’s OK to raise taxes and grow government at the margins, just don’t be so damn obvious about it.

Strickland never had a serious debating opponent. Ken Blackwell, who at times can be a fantastic public speaker, stumbled often and made ridicious faces throughout their three debates in 2006… and this was after weeks of serious preparation.

And the most striking issue I noticed is that in almost every final debate with the candidate who Strickland is about to soundly defeat, they ALWAYS bring up the issue that Ted Strickland voted “present” for psychological study which said consenting sex between adults and children is OK. This issue was compounded as Strickland’s former chief of staff Bryan Spect, (who Plunderbund’s Brian Hester worked for) exposed himself to two 12 year old girls in a public park and masturbated in front of them. (These records were expunged, but I have them.) Later, Strickland used campaign dollars to charter a private jet for a vacation in Italy with Bryan, while Mrs. Strickland stayed home in Kentucky.

If this issue ever comes up, the race is over. It’s a stupid attempt to depress voter turnout and became the low point of Ken Blackwell’s career. And I suppose the same could be said if Team Strickland starts pushing the rumors that John Kasich, who was reportedly quite the ladies man in his youth, is a homosexual.

John Kasich’s biggest challenge will be to meet his own expectations. He was a Fox News contributor and is quite a gifted public speaker. But this isn’t the O’Reilly Factor where he was allowed to brilliantly rip off Naomi Wolf’s head… and Kasich in his “I Worked at Lehman Brother’s Ad” is literally shouting at us. I think he needs to take it down a notch, especially since there is no question that Strickland, who is in the political fight of his life, will try to throw him off early in the debates. Kasich’s talent for soaring rhetoric is so high that the post-debate spin will most certainly be that he was a disappointment, as a formal debate setting takes him out of his element.

Also, the best questions in 2006 came from scrappy reporters in Youngstown. The questions from the Columbus media will be gentle and ratings will be low, so it will be up to candidates to draw enough blood to make these debates matter.

Ted Strickland’s San Francisco Values

August 3rd, 2010 Matt View Comments

Mayor Newsom Simulating Fellatio on a Mic

California, with a state economy collapsing under the weight of unsustainable public pensions and a public sector, is truly Ohio’s ghost of state budgets future.

And as CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby reported, Gov. Ted Strickland is being supported in a fundraising appeal by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in hopes of bringing in left-coast dollars from the radical homosexual activists.

Notice how he uses the only thing that gets Democrat voters excited about Strickland… That this election will have a major impact on the 2012 presidential race:

From Mayor Gavin Newsom:

I’m writing to tell you about a good friend of mine, Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio.

Every four years, Ohio is a pivotal swing state in deciding who will be president. Keeping Ohio blue in 2010 is critical to winning in 2012. This year, Ted is facing a tough fight for re-election – and he needs all of our help.

Like California, the Midwest has been hit hard by this global financial crisis. But Ted has been doing an exceptional job of laying the foundation for recovery. This year, Ohio has been among the states with the highest job growth in the country and last year was a national leader in advanced energy jobs created.

Ted has also been a pioneering governor for education: he reformed the public school system with the biggest overhaul Ohio has seen in eighty years and kept the state’s tuition increases to the lowest in the nation. And Ted supported employment non-discrimination for all Ohioans regardless of sexual orientation.

Please click here to help Ted keep Ohio blue with a donation of $25, $50 or $100 – whatever you can afford.

Ted Strickland has been a groundbreaking governor, and it’s important to help him win a second term. In contrast, Ted’s opponent fought to cut health care and education funding while in Washington. And he was a player at the now-collapsed Lehman Brothers, one of the firms that precipitated our economic meltdown.

Unfortunately, Kasich’s ultra-conservative ties are helping him amass funds and run a competitive race. To fight back and keep Ohio blue, Ted needs our help.

Can you help keep Ohio blue with a donation of $25, $50 or $100 to Ted’s campaign?

In 2008, Ted Strickland campaigned tirelessly for Hillary Clinton in the primary and President Obama in the general election – and both won Ohio. Helping Ted win in 2010 will go a long way to ensuring that the White House remains in Democratic hands in 2012.

Thanks for everything you’ve done.


Gavin Newsom

P.S. Even if you can’t afford to give right now, please click here to join Ted’s campaign. He’ll appreciate your support and keep you updated on the race.

Newsom is Reason Magazine’s Nanny of the month.

By education reform I suppose we’re talking about how during Gov. Strickland’s 4 years in office, state aid decreased by $465 million…. the LARGEST cut in state aid to school funding since 1975. Here is the LSC chart with the exact numbers.

Contrast that with former Republican Governors of Ohio, such as George Voinovich, increased state aid for education by $264 million in his first 4 years. More money certainly doesn’t lead to better education- Cleveland spends more per student than most school districts in the country- But cutting education spending is the only “reform” Gavin Newsom could be referring to… other than kicking Catholic school children who received a 500% larger cut in funding than other schools. But harming institutions which provide a solid education while espousing Christian principles would certainly be in line with San Fransisco values, right?

Campaign finance reports are due soon and it will be interesting to see how effective Strickland’s California fundraising efforts were.

John Kasich is a Total @$$@#$%

July 22nd, 2010 Matt View Comments

My homegirl Lyndsey Teter has the details here.

I remember these stories floating around when I was asked to do the opposition research on Kasich when he briefly toyed with jumping into the 2006 gubernatorial primary. (He was supposedly planning on jumping in only if Petro quit the race, and was staunchly opposed to Blackwell’s TEL Amendment.)

And I can confirm from personal experience that John comes across like a total jerk…

But that’s why I like him! And if you’re going to fix a $8 billion dollar budget deficit by slashing and gutting state spending, friends are the LAST thing you want to have.

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July 22nd, 2010 Matt View Comments

W. James Antle, III in the American Spectator reminds us that John Kasich was involved in one of the rare, serious efforts to cut federal spending:

Republicans have made only three serious attempts to cut federal spending in the postwar era: during the “Do Nothing” Congress of 1947-48; the Congress that came in with Ronald Reagan in 1981-82; and the Gingrich “Republican Revolution” Congress of 1995-96. Since Republicans are within striking distance of taking back one or both houses this year, it worth asking what spending a new GOP majority might try to cut.

The Gingrich Republicans gave clues as to what spending they would attack before Newt himself got anywhere near the speaker’s gavel. The first was procedural. Reps. Bill Zeliff (R-NH) and Rob Andrews (D-NJ) proposed the A to Z spending cuts plan in 1993, calling for a special session in which any member of Congress could propose a reduction in expenditures — even for entitlements — and get an up-or-down vote.

Reps. John Kasich (R-OH) and Tim Penny (D-MN) went a step further by offering an actual list of spending to cut. With the Democrats still firmly in control of Congress and the White House, they cobbled together more than 90 specific cuts that initially totaled $103 billion (subsequent compromises brought this figure down to $90 billion).

Penny-Kasich privatized and eliminated some federal programs while reforming others. It increased the federal civilian retirement age from 55 to 65 and deferred cost-of-living adjustments for military retirees younger than 62. It means-tested Medicare, cut foreign aid, canceled a grenade launcher, slashed 252,000 federal jobs, and increased the Davis-Bacon threshold from $2,000 to $100,000 so that its prevailing-wage requirements would balloon the costs of fewer federal contracts.

And Penny-Kasich also scared the hell out of the Clinton administration and the Democratic leadership, who pulled out all the stops to defeat it — even though all these cuts would have only reduced federal spending by 1 percent over five years. But the Penny-Kasich amendment nearly passed, losing the House by just 213 to 219. It helped give a Republican majority waiting to be born a blueprint for some of its future budget cuts.

Right now, Republicans do have a longer-term plan to seriously address federal spending in the form of Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) fiscal roadmap (although the GOP leadership hasn’t exactly embraced Ryan’s handiwork). But they don’t have anything quite like Penny-Kasich or A to Z to establish their initial credibility as an anti-spending party, something very much in doubt after the budget-busting Bush years.

Ted Strickland was in Congress during this same time… and never sponsored a bill. Ted voted against Penny-Kasich.

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Small Business Owners Support John Kasich, Strickland Rejects “Trickle Down Economics”

July 20th, 2010 Matt View Comments

The NFIB is one of the few reliably effective and conservative organizations in Ohio… and they represent Ohio’s most oppressed minority: small business owners.

From Bill Hershey in The Dayton Daily News:

The National Federation of Independent Business – Ohio, representing 24,000 small businesses, on Monday, July 19, endorsed Republican John Kasich for governor.

Steven M. Bowser, president of Bowser-Morner, Inc., in Huber Heights, was at the endorsement event at a Columbus truck dealership and afterward said that Kasich, a former Columbus-area U.S. House member, understands the issues facing small businesses, such as problems with the state’s workers’ compensation system, better than Democratic incumbent Ted Strickland.

“The current governor is a nice guy,” said Bowser. “I just don’t see him paying a lot of attention to those kinds of issues.” His engineering and testing company has about 150 employees, Bowser said.[...]

Strickland campaign spokeswoman Allison Kolodziej said in an e-mail that Strickland has made the kind of investments in small businesses that Kasich talks about.

“While Ted has empowered small businesses to expand and create jobs by advocating for and providing additional access to capital and cutting red tape, Congressman Kasich supports outsourcing and trickle down economic policies that would only help Wall Street, big corporations, and the very wealthy,” Kolodziej said.

The “very wealthy”, at least on paper, are often small business owners, as LLCs and sole proprietorships will show a business owner in the highest tax bracket– The ones who make more than $150,000/year which President Obama has promised to raise taxes on– but that income is often before payroll, expenses, and re-investment in the company are taken into consideration.

By “empowering small businesses”… Does Ted Strickland mean a retroactive 4.2% state income tax increase or $1.2 billion in new fees? How about the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT), where small businesses are taxed on gross receipts regardless if they make a profit… and Gov. Strickland’s administration vigorously fought to apply this job-killing tax to the sale of food, which is unconstitutional.

And by “access to capital”, Ted Strickland is talking about projects such as the Third Frontier which take money out from elsewhere in the economy, and invest that money in less efficient ways… And you’re far more likely to gain access to this money by donating to Ted Strickland’s campaign. This “additional access to capital” never takes into account the destruction that took place elsewhere in the economy to make it happen.

No economist advocated a “trickle down” theory, as it’s a pejorative. But what happens is that reducing tax rates for the wealthy increases their marginal propensity to save… and that savings becomes investment and ultimately job creation. John Kasich, as a conservative, understands this. But  who needs silly private investment when you have Lee Fisher and the brilliant central planners at the Ohio Department of Development?

Ted Strickland doesn’t believe in trickle down, supply-side economics. He believes in confiscation and redistribution…. spreading the wealth around. But with 400,000 jobs lost since Ted Strickland took office, perhaps we could refer to his policies as “evaporative economics.”

John Kasich’s First TV Ad

July 17th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Gov. Ted Strickland Worried About Democrats Lack of Enthusiasm

July 16th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Great way to fire up the troops Ted!:

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland brought his campaign for re-election to suburban Toledo Friday with a blistering attack on his opponent, Republican John Kasich.

Mr. Strickland hammered away at Mr. Kasich’s record in Congress and as an employee of the former Lehman Brothers investment firm that went bankrupt in 2008.

He accused Mr. Kasich is running as a “stealth candidate” who would not answer questions about his plans to phase out the state’s income tax.

The governor made his statements during a stop at the home of retired teachers Jeff and Laraine Bunck on Heathwyck Road in Monclova Township during what he called his Main Street Tour.

That tour was also to take him to Lima Friday.

“John Kasich will take us backward. He will support the wealthy and he will neglect the needs of working people,” Mr. Strickland said of his opponent. He appealed to local Democrats to overcome what has been called an “enthusiasm gap” between those trying to get back in power over those now in power.

“I know unemployment has doubled on my watch, but be enthusiastic, damnit!”

The folksy, huckleberry facade that Strickland built a long, unaccomplished political on has completely disappeared as his cacophonous rhetoric and exhausting class warfare is getting worse.

John Kasich Was Ahead of the Curve on LeBron James

July 9th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Remember when Ohio Democrat Party’s former blogger Todd “hit/skip” Hoffman’s firm built a website called Ohioans Against LeBron James?

The effort was called “Kasich’s 1 man movement against LeBron James.” Today, after an excruciating, classless 1 hour ESPN “FU Cleveland” special, I think this is an organization that all of Cleveland and sports fans throughout the state would gladly join.

Chris Redfern, it might be time to take down the website and move onto the next cheap $5 political hit.

New RGA Ad: Gotta Be a World Record

July 7th, 2010 Matt View Comments

These sleepy, conversational ads… full….. of awkward…… pauses… are really starting to get on my nerves and I hope there is a logic to running them, as the ad buys are quite substantial. But I do like the naming of examples of companies which left Ohio due to Ted Strickland’s poor leadership of the state.

Here is the latest from the Republican Governors Association. What do you think?:

Here is the transcript:

Man: 1,250 jobs. Gone.
Woman 1: NCR?
Man: Yeah. Strickland couldn’t hold onto ‘em. Moved to Georgia.
Woman 2: Fischbein and Novelis moved jobs there, too.
Man: We lost 400,000 jobs under Strickland.
Woman 1: Gotta be a world record.
Woman 2: Strickland doesn’t get the jobs done.
Man: Wonder when ours go…

Rasmussen: Kasich Up by 7, Holds Heavy Lead Among Independents, Tied With Chicks

July 5th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From Rasmussen:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the governor’s race in Ohio finds Republican John Kasich with a 47% to 40% lead over incumbent Democrat Ted Strickland – for the second month in a row. Three percent (3%) of Likely Voters in the state prefer some other candidate, and 10% are undecided.

But both major party candidates show a continuing inability to move their vote totals out of the range they’ve been in for months. Kasich earned 47% support to Strickland’s 42% last month.

In April and May, the candidates were basically tied. Prior to that time, Kasich had held modest leads over Strickland. Since December, Kasich’s support has remained in the narrow range of 46% to 49%, while Strickland’s in that same period have fallen in the 38% to 45% range.[...]

Kasich, a former congressman, holds a double-digit lead among male voters, while female voters break essentially even between the two candidates. Voters not affiliated with either party favor the Republican by a 45% to 28% margin.

Rasmussen, because of their methodology, has favored Republicans this cycle more than other polling operations, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are inaccurate. In fact, the Quinnipiac race showing Strickland with a slight raises questions as they apparently base their outcome on the election turnout from 2008 and the excitement that existed among Democrat voters anxious to vote for Barack Obama.

I don’t like posting poll data, as its fluffy stuff that newspapers  use to take the place of real news, campaigns use results to shape public opinion, and polling in Ohio in recent months has generally been weird. But we’re getting into the season where voters start to pay attention, and I think it’s fair to say that if independents decide election results, Ted Strickland has his work cut out for him.

John Kasich is Wrong on Unemployment Benefits

July 1st, 2010 Matt View Comments

Eldery Joe Hallett, who is in the December of his life, managed to get Kasich tied to supporting endless extensions of unemployment benefits. Yuck:

GOP gubernatorial nominee John Kasich, a staunch fiscal conservative, today endorsed a federal extension of unemployment benefits.

Asked whether Kasich opposes or supports an extension of unemployment benefits, Rob Nichols, campaign spokesman, said in an email that “John believes that it needs to be extended. Given the current state of Ohio’s economy, we’re left without a lot of choices in the short term. We certainly need to fix this program, but, right now, people still need help.”

Congress today continued working on legislation that would extend payments to unemployed workers. More than 98,000 Ohioans exhausted their unemployment benefits in June and another 83,000 will exhaust their benefits in July without an extension.

As Pat Tiberi, a Republican Congressman who is certainly no fire-breathing conservative, noted, Congress has provided 99 weeks of unemployment insurance and America can not afford the ever-growing pile of debt. In fact, Tiberi is being quite charitable to refer to it as insurance… I would call it a handout or a feeding tube that statist politicians wish to keep in you as long as you keep voting for them.

Regardless of the economic conditions, unemployment benefits keep people out of the market or keep the expectations of job seekers at too high of a level. Cutting benefits will light a fire under those who are perhaps not embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of America as closely as they should. Even if they take lower wages, they can work through the ranks and become self sufficient… something that Democrats clearly are scared to death might happen.

Whether the government pays people to work or to stay on the dole, it has to get the money by taxing, borrowing or printing money — all of which reduce real income and employment opportunities in the private sector.  To imagine that borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is a way to create or save Paul’s job is to forget that Peter expects his money back with interest.

Kasich knows better.

And in related news, without extending benefits, Ohio’s unemployment fund is still broke and we owe $2 BILLION to the federal government.

Brian Wilson on the Ohio Gubernatorial Race

July 1st, 2010 Matt View Comments

From Fox News:

Key quote: “He has been miserable at keeping jobs in the state, and this is what the election will come down to.”

Chicken Coop, Redux

June 23rd, 2010 Matt View Comments

The year was 2006, and at the time, Ted Strickland was campaigning against health care insurance mandates…what we now refer to as “Obamacare.” In response to Strickland’s legitimate attacks on such a proposal, Ken Blackwell’s campaign took a cheap shot:

Strickland said the insurance requirement would impose a $7 billion mandate on Ohioans over the next four years, based on the requirement that the more than 1 million uninsured Ohioans pay monthly premiums that Strickland put at $150.

Blackwell’s plan did not include the $150 figure and Strickland did not acknowledge the proposed subsidies in Blackwell’s plan.

Blackwell campaign policy director Tom Norris called Strickland’s numbers “chicken coop economics,” a reference to Strickland living briefly in a chicken coop as a boy when the family house burned down.

Strickland campaign spokesman Keith Dailey called the “chicken coop” reference “insulting to working class Ohioans and rural Ohioans.”

Was that fair? Ted Strickland- with his support of prevailing/minimum wage, endless unemployment benefits, and tax increases- certainly is lacking in an understanding of economics. But chicken coop economics? What is that?

Fast forward to 2010…. Ohio’s unemployment has doubled since Ted Strickland took office, which translates to more than 400,000 people  out of work.

Here is a breakdown of employment trends in major urban cities:

Unemployment in Ohio’s Major Cities:
Dec 2006 May 2010 Change
Cleveland 7.0% 11.3%  4.3%
Columbus 4.5    8.7        4.2
Cincinnati 5.6 9.9        4.3
Toledo 6.4   12.1      5.7
Dayton 6.8   12.3     5.5
Akron 6.0 11.0     5.0
Youngstown 7.9  13.3   5.4

And Strickland, who lost running Lee Fisher and his hair plugs to the US Senate race, picks a new running mate: an unknown social worker- Yvette McGee Brown, who- rumor has it- is black, which apparently is what make her highly competent to speak to urban issues.

Yesterday, Team Kasich showed some guts and fired back at Strickland’s pathetic urban record:

Indeed, former Rep. John Kasich’s campaign to unseat Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland took direct aim at the governor’s modest origins, when spokesman Rob Nichols accused Strickland of mismanaging Ohio’s cities because he grew up “in a chicken shack on Duck Run.”

The comments came in response to a speech on urban policy by Strickland’s running mate, Yvette Brown, who recalled: “When Ted Strickland led a congregation in his small Methodist church, he put up a sign. It read, ‘Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever color you are, you are welcome here.’”

“And that’s exactly who he is. Ted didn’t grow up in city, but he fights for our cities every day,” Brown said.

Kasich’s campaign wasn’t buying it, and responded in a statement from Nichols to Ohio’s Capitol Blog: “Not until Ted Strickland feared needing their votes did he give urban Ohioans a second thought. Having grown up in a chicken shack on Duck Run, he has all but ignored our cities’ economies and their workers. It’s a disgraceful record whose pain for urban Ohioans can’t be swept under the rug with a bunch of pretty speeches.”

And today, Ted Strickland is offended. Strickland Campaign Hack Aaron Pickrell, an infamous racist, used the comment in a fundraising appeal, claiming outrage. Friendly media outlets and blogs have picked up on the story on a nation. And just a day after Democrats picked Kasich’s Lebron James comments, Ohio Democrats had some more trivial silliness to harp on.

However, the problem is, the Strickland administration oversaw skyrocketing foreclosure filings in urban cities, while their cities continue to decline. According to OSU’s Kirwan Institute, black unemployment hovers in the 16% range and Strickland has spent years in office raising the income tax, increasing fees, and supporting policies which price unskilled workers in urban environments out of the market. The Democrat platform is quite anti-poor and anti-urban, and Strickland has shown himself to care about as much about urban areas as he does about his former congressional district, which remains one of the poorest in America. And that’s just fine with Ted Strickland, as long as urban voters never stop voting for Democrats.

So what’s more offensive? Pointing out Strickland’s detachment from urban life or double digit unemployment?

And what’s more offensive? Mocking Strickland, or noting that in black communities, almost 1 out of every 2 babies are murdered before they are born?

Ted Strickland doesn’t care about urban areas, and it’s about time someone pointed out his poverty-inducing, birdbrained policies.

Seth Morgan, a Team Player, is Back Helping Conservatives

June 22nd, 2010 Matt View Comments

Good News from Bill Hershey in the Dayton Daily News. State Rep. Morgan is a rising star in Ohio politics, and we certainly haven’t seen the last of him:

State Rep. Seth Morgan, R-Huber Heights, is headed back to the campaign trail to support Republican John Kasich’s campaign for governor.

Morgan, who lost the GOP primary for state auditor to Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost, will join the Kasich campaign’s door-to-door grassroots efforts on Saturday, June 26 in Huber Heights, Morgan said on Monday, June 21.

“We will continue to advocate for issues and candidates,” Morgan said. “John Kasich is just one of those.”

New RGA Ad- “Ted Strickland Didn’t Get the Jobs Done”

June 21st, 2010 Matt View Comments

They really like the slow paced, chit-chat ads I guess. What do you think- Is this effective?

Here is the transcript:

Man 1: He’s probably a good enough guy.

Man 2: But a bad governor.

Man 1: Bad for this economy, for sure

Man 2: Strickland said he’d be the jobs governor? Four years. No jobs.

Man 1: Worse, unemployment doubled. Ohio lost 400 thousand jobs.

Man 2: He blames everyone else. He’s the one who said he could fix it.

Man 1: Strickland. Just didn’t get the jobs done.

Compare and Contrast: RGA & BASO

June 18th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Which message and tone do you prefer? And which side do you think is nervous about their future prospects?


Taxpayer-funded Building a Stronger Ohio:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty Endorses John Kasich and Jim Renacci

June 18th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty will back former Ohio Rep. John Kasich’s bid for governor and Jim Renacci’s challenge to Ohio Rep. John Boccieri on Friday, the latest in a series of Midwestern endorsements from the all-but-certain 2012 presidential candidate.

Pawlenty — through his Freedom First PAC — had previously endorsed former Rep. Rob Portman, who is running for the Senate in the Buckeye State, and former Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot, who is trying to reclaim the Cincinnati-area seat he lost in 2008.

For the past decade, Ohio has been the swingiest of swing states; George W. Bush’s slim margin there over Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) in 2004 handed him a second term, although in the wake of that victory Democrats have scored across the board victories for governor, Senate and several U.S. House seats in 2006 and 2008.

Pawlenty’s focus on Ohio is part of a broader strategic effort to use the power of his endorsements — and the donations that come with them — to build an image as a governor from the center of the country who understands the hopes and fears of people who live in that area, which also happens to be the central battleground in the 2012 presidential race.

The endorsement of Kasich makes perfect sense for Pawlenty- As not only do they both have a folsky, cheerful conservative style… they also both like to talk a lot about their attractive wives. Kasich noted at the Dublin rally last Saturday that his wife is, in fact, hot and jokingly informed the audience he wouldn’t share his secrets to meeting women.

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