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Wurst is the Best

James Nash of The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Ohio Lottery’s new Keno game is grossly underperforming. Could this be a sign that the MTR VLTs, which was one of the handful of gimmicks that Ted Strickland used to “balance” the state budget, will also underperform? The answer is “no”, according to Gov. Strickland’s information minister:

Strickland spokeswoman Amanda Wurst said Keno’s disappointing numbers aren’t a harbinger of slots’ performance.

“Video lottery terminals are a very different product and a very different game,” Wurst said.

She said the administration’s estimates took into account the slumping economy and are based on slots’ performance in neighboring states such as Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Phew! That is a relief. Thank you, Amanda.

And no matter the result, as long as MTR provides the machines, MTR lobbyist Chris Redfern & the Ohio Democrat Party will get theirs.