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Tomorrow is Judgment Day for Kent Markus?

April 28th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Laura Bischoff has the news:

An Inspector General’s report, to be released Thursday, April 29, is expected to determine whether the Strickland administration interfered with a planned sting by the Ohio Highway Patrol at the governor’s mansion.

In January, prison officials learned of a plan by an inmate working at the residence to have his wife drop a “six-pack” at “Red’s House.” At the time, they didn’t know what “six-pack” referred to, but learned it was tobacco — banned by prison rules.

The sting was canceled by the patrol’s top command, including Ohio Department of Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor, a Strickland appointee.

The change in plans triggered an investigation by state Inspector General Tom Charles, hearings by the GOP-controlled Senate Criminal Justice Committee and enormous speculation as to whether Collins-Taylor canceled it for safety’s sake or to avoid the potential embarrassment of a drug bust at the governor’s house.

I believe Laura has her facts wrong about the “six pack” and it has never been shown to have been tobacco. The illegal drop was almost certainly drugs and I’m not sure why she is being so quick to take the Sandy Theis assumptions as fact.

Kent Markus, Strickland’s lawyer who has been at the center of the Joe the Plumber scandal, the giving drivers licenses to illegals scandal, unbid Interlot scandal at the Ohio Lottery Commission, and clearly used heavy-handed illegal influence on a state highway patrol investigation. No way would Markus and the Strickland administration would be able to weather so many scandals if he was a Republican… this is far worse than anything Gov. Taft did with simply not reporting golf!

This report will be fascinating, as will Senator Grendell’s committee hearings next week.

Terry Casey Explains Troopergate & Kent Makus’ Involvement on WTVN

March 26th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From WTVN 610AM in Columbus:

Kent Makrus told Ohio Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor about sting

March 25th, 2010 Matt View Comments

I’ve had a lot to say about Ted Strickland’s dirt bag legal eagle Kent Markus, and it looks like the media is catching up to him, complete with emails. Read more here from Randy Ludlow.

Maj. Booker’s Testimony in the Ohio Senate

March 25th, 2010 Matt View Comments


Troopergate Trickles Into Radioactive Phase, Kent Markus Put on Suicide Watch

March 25th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From Reginald Fields in The Plain Dealer:

State Highway Patrol officers testify that sting operation was called off to avoid embarrassing governor

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Three high-ranking Highway Patrol officials on Wednesday accused Gov. Ted Strickland’s administration of blocking an undercover operation at the governor’s mansion in January to protect Strickland from political embarrassment.

The administration immediately responded, saying patrol detectives still today have no idea what they were even investigating that weekend so the operation was killed to protect the governor and the officers.

Patrol officers were about to execute what they assumed was a drug bust outside the governor’s suburban-Columbus home Jan. 10 while Strickland hosted a dinner party inside. Instead they were told to drop their sting and warn their suspect not to go through with her plan.

“We were told that we should try to warn the suspect. That it would be better to try to prevent a crime,” said Maj. Robert Booker, who retired in February.

Booker said patrol superintendent Col. David Dicken ordered the sting stopped “because it is the governor’s residence and we have to keep this quiet.”

Prison officials had intercepted a letter in which an inmate, allowed to work a special detail at the Democratic governor’s mansion, had asked his wife to drop off a “six pack” at the back of the mansion.

“It was drugs. No doubt,” Booker said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the incident. He added that in 33 years with the patrol, “I’ve never seen this kind of interference with a criminal investigation.”[...]

Sen. Tim Grendell, a Republican who chairs the committee hosting the hearings, is not convinced. He believes it was drugs and at the very least the patrol should have been allowed to do its job rather than worry about the governor’s image.

“Politics has taken precedence over public safety,” Grendell said after the hearing. “I’m just flabbergasted by the steps made to ward off a criminal investigation.”

Grendell read an e-mail written by Collins-Taylor to the former prison director two days before the sting saying she was concerned about the “embarrassment to the boss.”

And from Randy Ludlow in The Columbus Dispatch:

In their decades of investigating crimes, State Highway Patrol Maj. Robert Booker and Capt. Michelle Henderson said they never had been summoned to such a meeting.

They said they never before had to defend their jurisdiction to investigate a criminal case under questioning from lawyers to an Ohio governor.

Markus met with the patrol investigators after a lobbyist close to Strickland met with the lawyer on behalf of the company under criminal investigation. Both the governor’s office and lobbyist Thomas Fries Sr. said no favors were asked or granted.

That changed on Sept. 10, 2008, when the top two lawyers to Gov. Ted Strickland and the Department of Public Safety’s chief legal counsel met with patrol investigators about a pending criminal case.

Kent Markus, the governor’s chief legal counsel; his No. 2, Jose Torres, and public-safety lawyer Joshua Engel said they had legitimate concerns about whether the patrol had authority to investigate and might be sued.

The lawyers also questioned the use of search warrants and discussed the desire for a patrol policy to notify state agency directors of the planned questioning of any of their employees by patrol investigators, Booker said.

Booker, who retired last month, testified today before the Ohio Senate Judiciary-Criminal Justice Committee, saying he ended his career asking himself: “Why do we have to get permission to do our job?”

Strickland’s office has said the inquiries by Markus, Torres and Engel were appropriate and did not constitute interference because the investigation – which still has not been resolved – proceeded.

The case involved the submission of alleged falsified documents to cover up the use of underpaid illegal immigrants to remodel a state-leased office building at 770 W. Broad St. for use as the state prison system’s headquarters.

The Governor’s office should have no ability to stop such an investigation, and now that they are being exposed- the coverup is looking worse than the crime.  This is a seriously bad news for Governor Strickland, and I cannot wait to see what details to the Inspector General come out with next month.

Fireworks and Rude Democrats in Senate’s Troopergate Hearings!

March 24th, 2010 Matt View Comments

The latest Update from Paul Aker from Channel 10 in Columbus. oh my!

More on Governor Ted Strickland’s Mansion Cover-Up

February 25th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Paul Aker files another fantastic report on Channel 10 and updates us as to how the committee hearings being lead by Sen. Tim Grendell are progressing:

I Stand Corrected on my Kent Markus Post

February 22nd, 2010 Matt View Comments

I forgot his involvement in the Strickland administration illegally looking up the private records of Joe “the Plumber” during the 2008 campaign season. Thank you Kyle.

Markus seems to be part of  every Strickland screw-up and scandal, but this  trooper cover-up is about to make him radioactive.

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Ted Strickland’s Drug Non-Sting Cover Up & Kent Markus

February 21st, 2010 Matt View Comments

Kent Markus, the bearded man who will sink Ted Strickland's campaign

The story is exploding!

Former State Highway Patrol superintendents say the agency’s reputation for independent, nonpolitical law enforcement is being tarnished by interference from political appointees.

Seven of the eight living retired colonels who led the patrol from 1965 to 2009 have united to send their message to troopers, state leaders and Ohioans via a new Web site:

Secrecy surrounding the selection of a new superintendent, failure to investigate a case of “obvious fraud” by a state contractor and the scuttling of a planned sting at the Governor’s Residence prompted the ex-colonels to go public with their concerns.

“These concerns confirmed our suspicions that the long and corrupting tentacles of political interference at the operational levels and inner workings of the patrol had finally taken root,” said Thomas W. Rice, superintendent from 1989 to 1994.

The ex-colonels led the patrol for more than half of its existence, since troopers first were dispatched to Ohio’s roads in 1933.

They say that the patrol is being micromanaged and subjected to “external meddling” — the likes of which they never experienced under any governor, Democrat or Republican.[...]

Dicken and his boss, Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor, have refused to speak with The Dispatch since his appointment was announced on Dec. 23. They again declined to be interviewed, but the Public Safety Department provided a statement.

“Part of the problems and issues has been conflicts between the patrol and other divisions, or management of the department. Those conflicts no longer exist. We’ve moved past the issues that created them and because of that, do not believe it’s appropriate to continue to re-hash them publicly.”

Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland said he has confidence that Dicken and Collins-Taylor, who was appointed in September, can lead the patrol beyond the “turf wars” between ousted Public Safety Director Henry Guzman and former Col. Richard H. Collins, who is not related to Collins-Taylor.[...]

The former No. 1 and No. 2 patrol leaders trace problems to Strickland’s 2007 appointment of Guzman and the team he assembled.

“All of a sudden, we needed to be fixed. It was a daily thing. It is a daily thing,” said William Costas, who retired last month as a lieutenant colonel.

From promotions to discipline of troopers to restricting patrol leaders’ contact with legislators, Collins said he regularly clashed with Guzman, assistant director George Maier and department lawyer Joshua Engel.

Public Safety adopted a policy forbidding patrol investigators from consulting prosecutors or conducting criminal probes of state Public Safety workers unless authorized by the department director or Kent Markus, Strickland’s chief lawyer.

Read more here.

You should remember the Henry Guzman name from the corruption and incompetence that lead to thousands of illegal aliens being given drivers licenses and plates.

Gov. Strickland’s political appointees having this much control over an investigation is scandalous, and is another sign of Ted’s poor leadership. And how ridiculous is it to tip off criminals prior to drug raids?

On top of Strickland’s incompetence, all fingers in this case are clearly pointing at Kent Markus, Strickland’s Harvard-trained lawyer.  Kent, a far-left kook, started as Lee Fisher’s chief counsel in the Attorney General’s office until Lee lost to Betty Montgomery in 1994. Then, he worked as US Attorney General Janet Reno’s Chief of Staff at the Justice Department.

After that, he joined the faculty of Capital University Law School and ran an adoption legal center funded by the late-Dave Thomas of Wendy’s. He was well known to be a jerk as a professor, and frequently would play politics with the adoption center- For example, he would frequently “forget” to tell then-Rep. Deb Pryce or Betty Montgomery when meetings were, even though they were both on the board. The stories about his general douchebaggery are endless.

And this is from Joe Hallett’s column from June 14, 2009, involving pressure Markus put on disgraced former Ohio Lottery Director Dolan to LIE about how the Intralot contracts were rigged:

For example, if our fishing crew could get Ohio Lottery Director Michael A. Dolan and Kent Markus, Gov. Ted Strickland’s chief legal counsel, into one of our boats, we would ask a simple question: Which of you is lying?

A year ago, Dolan persuaded Ohio lawmakers to buy $11.6 million worth of equipment to launch the state’s Keno game. Dolan later testified in court that he knew when he appeared before lawmakers that the lottery planned to change vendors and the new one likely wouldn’t be able to use the new equipment.

Dolan told The Dispatch he was instructed by Markus not to tell lawmakers the state was switching lottery vendors. Markus said that’s not true. The new lottery contract smells fishy; state Inspector General Thomas P. Charles ought to dive in.

Kent was at the center of the drivers license issue, he totally screwed up the Racetrack/VLT issue which Strickland was going to use to fill holes in the state budget, was involved in corruption at the Ohio Lottery… And now it appears he is practicing a HIGHLY UNETHICAL and illegal form of heavy handed politics on Ted’s behalf in regards to criminal investigations.

There is so much more to this story and it is already a nightmare for Gov. Ted Strickland. Stay tuned!

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