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Lee Fisher Endorsement Amateur Hour

August 20th, 2010 Matt View Comments


What do a roomful of cops do when they expect a politician or his substitute to show up and neither the pol nor his proxy shows?

They endorse the other guy.

Members of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association might have had other reasons Wednesday evening to prefer Rob Portman, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio. But Lee Fisher, the Democrat, could have improved his chances of winning the endorsement of the patrol officers detectives and dispatchers by making more of an effort.

Portman came and addressed the cops. Fisher was supposed to send a substitute. The sub was a no-show.

Well before Wednesday, Loomis received calls in support of Fisher from people whose names he won’t divulge but who came, he says, from the federal, state and local levels. The union told Fisher’s campaign that its members like to hear from the candidates, and the union told the campaign that it hoped to see both Fisher and Portman on Wednesday.

Fisher apparently had a conflict. But, Loomis says, “We were told a representative was going to come up.”

“He would have been better off had he said he wasn’t coming rather than saying he would send a representative,” Loomis says. “We were told that somebody was coming, and nobody did. It gives the impression, although I don’t believe that it’s true, that they don’t give much care to whether we are going to endorse them.”

It’s obviously not true for another reason. Fisher made a personal phone call to Loomis — at 10 p.m. Wednesday night, about three hours too late.

“He was asking me real basic questions, like ‘what is the endorsement process like’ and who does he need to talk to.

“Those,” says Loomis, “are questions that should have been asked two months ago.”

Lee Fisher thought about firing someone because of this, but he really can’t afford more of the endless staff turnover his campaign has been going through.

Lee Fisher Hiding from Obama

August 16th, 2010 Matt View Comments

A hilarious new ad from the RNC:

Lee Fisher’s Bad Week

July 29th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Would we expect an impressive campaign from a guy who lost to Bob Taft?

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Politico: “Fisher’s campaign has Dems worried”

July 28th, 2010 Matt View Comments

The campaign is imploding:

Democratic nominee Lee Fisher has always been known as a tough boss in Ohio political circles, and his Senate bid is no exception.

His campaign has a high level of senior staff turnover and it’s causing concern among Democrats eyeing a pickup of the current Republican Senate seat this cycle.

Over the course of his 16-month-long campaign, Fisher has employed three campaign managers: Geri Prado, Jay Howser and currently, Lynne Bowman. Fisher’s scheduler, a regional finance staffer, and a research director have also departed the campaign in the last couple months. Most recently, spokesman John Collins announced he was leaving the campaign Friday to work on Democratic nominee Jack Conway’s Senate race in nearby Kentucky.

Fisher and former Rep. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) are virtually tied in public polling, but Fisher’s campaign has a massive cash disadvantage compared to the Republican. With about one-sixth of Portman’s cash haul in the bank, the effectiveness of the Democrat’s campaign matters greatly.

There are actually more staffers who have left, but if you look at campaign finance reports you will see that many were listed as employees at the Ohio Democrat Party, so their departure wouldn’t be easily noticed by Politico.

And the Portman campaign is running the type of ads I wish the RGA would run against Strickland. Not mean stuff, but absolutely devastating:

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Akron Beacon Journal Slams Ted Strickland & Lee Fisher’s Mercantilism

July 12th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Is it a coincidence that once MTR Lobbyist Chris Redfern hires Dennis Willard, an unaccomplished loser, to work at the Ohio Democrat Party, the Akron Beacon Journal starts writing brilliant editorials?

Rob Portman’s Energy Plan Nonsense

July 7th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Yesterday, when posting Rob Portman’s cap and trade TV ad, I explained just why it may not be a good idea to make CO2 emissions into an artificially scarce commodity in a state where 86% of electricity is coal generated: it raises energy prices, does not encourage economic growth, and creates a really ugly market of lobbyists buying and selling favors.

BUT, as Stephen Stromberg, a liberal pinhead from the Washington Post, correctly points out, Rob Portman’s Energy Plan leaves much to be desired:

At the end of the ad, Portman claims that he has a better way to protect the environment, and he asks the viewer to check it out on his Web site. I obliged. His plan relies on “support” — read: subsidies and other government interventions — for things that he likes — corn ethanol, nuclear power, natural gas, coal.

Some of these things might become an essential part of weaning the country off fossil fuels. Or not.[...]

On his Web site, Portman criticizes “command-and-control” regulation from Washington. He mentions refraining from choosing winners and losers in the energy debate. He says he doesn’t want Washington “to stifle the ingenuity of American enterprise and our market system through government interference.” But inefficient government interference is his plan.

Stromberg continues his blog post with a specious defense of cap-and-trade. But his general point on Portman’s hypocrisy right and worth keeping in mind.

From Portman’s website (emphasis added):

5.  Promote Ohio Bio-Fuels. Ohio is also a leading producer of bio-fuels, particularly corn-based ethanol, which is blended with regular gasoline to reduce vehicle emissions.  Research and new technologies are making home-grown bio-fuels more cost effective and should be encouraged. The federal EPA should increase the ethanol content in the standard blend from 10 percent to 15 percent for newer vehicles whose engines are equipped to handle higher ethanol concentrations. This small change would substantially raise the demand for this renewable fuel, which means more production, more jobs for ethanol producing states like Ohio, and make us less dependent on foreign oil. Ohio farmers and bio-fuel plants like the Poet Bio-refining plant Rob visited in Marion will benefit from a renewed commitment to Ohio bio-fuels.

6.  Bring Alternative-Fueled Vehicles into the Mainstream. Rob is the owner of a hybrid vehicle – a Ford Escape he purchased in 2006 – and has a strong interest in the technology.  Driven by increased consumer demand, manufacturers are now designing “plug-in” hybrid vehicles that supplement gasoline power with electric power from the grid.  Availability of these vehicles will be increasingly important as our cleaner energy production markets (solar, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear and clean coal) mature.  If we can generate electricity more cleanly, manage it efficiently through the use of smart grids, and use it to power our cars and trucks, then we will have created a sustainable, clean-energy lifecycle.  As fuel cell research in Ohio and elsewhere matures, this is another exciting, potential fuel source.  The federal government should continue to partner with the private sector to develop the battery and other technologies that make these vehicles possible, ensure manufacturers have access to capital to bring these vehicles to market, and help encourage plug-in hybrids. Along with natural gas vehicles, bio-fuels, and an increased supply of domestically-produced oil, these hybrid and electric vehicles will help lead us to energy independence.

7. Use Ohio’s Manufacturing and Technology Advantage. Ohio’s skilled workforce is a national asset that will help move our economy closer to energy diversity and independence.  Unfortunately, Cap and Trade punishes Ohio’s manufacturers when, in fact, they are part of the answer to developing cleaner energy solutions.  Ohio’s manufacturing and technological expertise is at the forefront in energy development, research, and production in traditional energy areas and in promoting advanced alternative energy technologies.  Ohio is also home to a robust energy manufacturing sector that is at the forefront in solar cell and wind turbine production and has the capacity to be a leader in the manufacture of hybrid and electric vehicles. Government policies that incentivize innovation and entrepreneurship in the energy sector will benefit states like Ohio that have made strategic investments in human capital and advanced-manufacturing infrastructure.

8. Promote Conservation and Efficiency. The cleanest energy of all is the energy we don’t use.  Reducing our energy consumption leads to a cleaner environment, and gives rise to entire new industries, technologies, and jobs in energy auditing, insulation, lighting, HVAC, and appliance refits.   Improving energy efficiency in buildings and homes could stimulate job growth, eliminate approximately 30% of U.S. crude oil imports, and may be the best short-term opportunity to reduce energy consumption.  Conservation should also be encouraged, including supporting ongoing efforts to restore and protect natural habitats across the globe.  Deforestation is considered the second-largest source of CO2 emissions behind coal-fired electric plants. Legislation Rob authored, the Tropical Forest Conservation Act, has resulted in the protection of over 60 millions acres of forests worldwide.

I know it’s a Republican talking point, but I don’t see what the big deal is with “energy independence”… The goal should be CHEAP energy, imported from anywhere, to encourage economic growth and activity. Economies are increasingly INTERDEPENDENT, and that free flow of goods and services is responsible for the great wealth our country, despite a serious recession, still enjoys.

Rob Portman supports nuclear energy, which certainly can be a replacement for coal but is still too expensive. But what is most unnerving is his support of “incentives” for wildly inefficient forms of energy such as wind, ethanol and solar, his willingness to send pork to universities for energy research projects, and his endorsement of “command-and-control” policies which encourage the purchase of cars that consumers otherwise don’t want (and remember… Portman also supported cash for clunkers).

I understand there are many corn growers in Ohio who certainly support ethanol, but not only does the use of corn for fuel dramatically increase the cost of food, it takes more energy to produce ethanol than it creates and has been subsided to the tune of $7 BILLION DOLLARS. Portman has been in Washington long enough to know that, but he also knows where his political support and contributions come from.

And where does Rob Portman think the electricity comes for his hybrid car? COAL BURNING POWER PLANTS!

This is just one more issue that makes me uncomfortable about Rob Portman.

Rob Portman’s Cap and Trade Ad

July 6th, 2010 Matt View Comments

I think this is an important ad released from the Portman campaign today, as Lee Fisher might just be nuts enough to go after Ohio’s coal industry and all Ohio businesses with a crazy scheme which assumes carbon dioxide is pollution…. even though we’re carbon based lifeforms, we emit it while breathing, it’s needed for photosynthesis, et cetera:

Cap and Trade credits are perhaps the worst way to limit so-called “green house gasses,” as they turn energy consumption into a battle between powerful lobbyists… And instead of it being a normal tax, it is a direct transfer of wealth from consumers to energy companies. Also, companies like AEP love this plan as they would be exempt for many years AND increases the barriers of entry for competition… Something that Gov. Ted Strickland and then-Speaker Jon Husted already did for them in 2008 with an unfortunate anti-competition energy bill.

If Democrats weren’t so tied to Wall Street, special interests, and oil companies like BP (the founding member of the cap-and-trade lobby), maybe they would propose a less objectionable Pigouvian tax. Portman clearly understands this issue, while Fisher should do us all a favor and stop exhaling CO2.

Happy Independence Day from Lee Fisher’s Invisible 50 Supporters!!

July 5th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Ohio Handjobs Czar Lee Fisher posted this update on Twitter about the huge turnout at the Northland/Westerville Independence Day parades. 50 people carrying signs and wearing shirts in support of endless stimulus spending, murdering unborn babies, and gun confiscation.

Sounds like a good turnout, right?

But maybe in addition to never wearing a shirt on his hirsute torso, he doesn’t wear his glasses… Because all I can see in the video below is, from eye-witness accounts, ONE Fisher supporter with two people wearing Strickland shirts carrying a sign.

Maybe these invisible supporters exist in the same alternative reality where Fisher created jobs via the Department of Development?

Rob Portman in the Lead, Honorary Woman Lee Fisher Still Liked by Chicks

July 2nd, 2010 Matt View Comments

From Rasmussen:

The Ohio Senate race between former Republican Congressman Rob Portman and Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher remains very close.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the state’s Likely Voters shows Portman picking up 43% of the vote while Fisher earns 39%. Four percent (4%) would vote for some other candidate and 13% more are undecided.

Portman’s support has stayed within a very narrow 42% to 44% range since February. During the same period, Fisher’s support has stayed within a 39% to 43% range. The two men were in a virtual tie earlier this month and early May.

While Portman holds a double-digit lead among men in Ohio, Fisher holds an edge among women. Among voters in the state not affiliated with either major political party, Portman holds a double-digit edge but a large number of unaffiliated voters are committed to either candidate.

Those unwashed independents are going to vote heavily for Republicans this cycle, which is why I think it’s fair to assume that all polling in the field is underestimating this demographic.

Also of interest is that 57% of Ohioans would like to repeal ObamaCare.

Job Czar Lee Fisher and VP Joe Biden

June 30th, 2010 Matt View Comments

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Lee Fisher, Founder of Handgun Control Inc., Supports Gun Rights?

June 24th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Ohio Democrats really are really in love with guns this month:

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The Ultimate D.C. Insider, Rob Portman

June 18th, 2010 Matt View Comments

The campaign of former Congressman and Bush Administration trade official Robert Portman has been an exceptionally uninteresting one.

And this is odd, considering there are quite a few details about Rob Portman for Republicans to be excited about. With a life-time ranking from the American Conservative Union of 87%, top-notch rankings from Citizens Against Government Waste, a champion of important free trade agreements, and taking a  stance against ObamaCare’s unconstitutional health insurance mandates (even though he is one of the few Republican Senate candidates not to sign the Club for Growth’s pledge), he doesn’t seem anything like George Voinovich. In fact, if elected, he may very well be the most conservative Ohio Senator since “Mr. Republican” Robert Taft, a conservative legend.

And while his name-ID is low, Ohio voters aren’t opposed to voting for candidates they probably have never heard of. If you don’t believe me, ask Gov. Ted Strickland.

So what’s the problem?

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Jennifer Brunner Gives Lee Fisher The Cold Shoulder, Campaigns in North Carolina

June 11th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From David Catanese in The Politico:

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, who lost last month’s Democratic Senate primary to Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, crossed state lines Thursday to endorse another Democratic woman running for Senate in the face of a skeptical Washington establishment.

Brunner hasn’t yet signaled her support for Fisher in the general election, but she is backing North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, who’s competing in a June 22 runoff against Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee-favored candidate Cal Cunningham, a former state senator.

“Like me, she was told to stay out of her state’s U.S. Senate race,” Brunner wrote in a fundraising e-mail for Marshall. “Like me, she didn’t look back.”

Reviving some of the themes of her own campaign, Brunner said Marshall’s “a fighter and doesn’t back down,” adding that she’s “not afraid to stand up for issues specific to moving women ahead.”

During the primary, when Brunner was asked how much she would support Lee Fisher, she answered by forming a zero with her hand. Apparently, she wasn’t kidding.

I wonder if Brunner tried to sell Marshall an ugly gray school bus?

Fab-u-lous: Lee Fisher Panders to the Sodomite Lobby

June 10th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Two men in a relationship would statistically have more disposable income on average than a heterosexual couple, and Lee Fisher is happy to turn that fact into fast campaign cash!

It is interesting to note that Lee Fisher has the same position of being pro-civil unions and anti-”gay marriage” that President George W. Bush had.

Lee Fisher, Stealth Job Creator

June 8th, 2010 Matt View Comments

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Chris Redfern and Nipples on MSNBC

May 13th, 2010 Matt Comments off

What a dweeb. Maybe Chairman Redfern should keep going on cable news shows to tell people to check out an ad which explains that Hand-Jobs Czar Lee Fisher pleasured himself while unemployment doubled on his watch:

More T&A You Never wanted to see

May 11th, 2010 Matt Comments off

Good Lord:

Such modesty!

I would think Ohioans would love to return to the so-called Bush economy, where unemployment was roughly at the full rate of 5%. It was a time when taxes were cut, investment grew after a cut in capital gains, and it was an era when “swelling national debt” by billions of dollars actually sounded like a lot of money.

This tired, old mercantilist argument has to exhaust Ohio voters, and is certainly not a winning message… when it was Gov. Strickland and Job Czar Lee Fisher who saw unemployment DOUBLE on their watch, while income taxes and fees were raised on struggling Ohio families.


The far-left Wonkette blog properly mocks:

Hey, people taking off their shirts …. old people, chunky people … to make, uh, a typically dumb/strained Democrat political point, that actually makes no real sense, and is just gross. Go to a website and the Democratic Party will send, uh, a shirt to Rob Portman, because he’s some Bush slimeball who is to blame for the Global Financial Collapse, we guess?

And if you have no job, in Ohio, what you really want is for the f*cking Democratic Party to spend money on f*cking T-shirts to send to Rob Portman’s campaign office, where they’ll sit in boxes until somebody takes them to the Goodwill with all the other shirts donated by broken-up bands and failed campaigns. And then, poor people of Ohio, maybe then you can have a $4 t-shirt again. Jesus f*Fcking christ.

What has been fun to watched is a supposedly outraged Ohio media spend a week covering an ad which was never put on TV… It truly shows you the power that a viral internet video has.

Here is the Dayton Daily News’ cartoon:

And a morally OUTRAGED, “purportedly” unbiased political reporter Joe Hallett, questions Senator Cornyn’s “purportedly” religious convictions:

Politics is the new porn. And Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas is a purveyor of it.

Rob Portman, Ohio Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, tacitly embraces political porn.

Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, Portman’s Democratic opponent, plays the innocent victim – and then cynically tries to profit from political porn.

There is no gutter deep enough for where this column is headed. If you’re already sick of the 2010 campaign in Ohio, read no further. This might make you barf.

Last week, the National Republican Senatorial Committee created an attack ad against Fisher and ensured that it went viral. The ad was stunningly crass, its sexual explicitness alarmingly vile. The NRSC took footage from Swing State, an otherwise charming documentary by Fisher’s son, Jason, and Jason’s college buddy, John Intrater, about the 2006 race for governor.

Late one night, Jason snuck into his father’s study, John following with camera, and they found Fisher shirtless and hunched over his laptop. “Out, out, out,” Fisher protested, but the filmmakers insisted on interviewing him. After he was elected lieutenant governor, Fisher asked that the bare-chested scene be edited out, but Jason persisted.

Fisher’s instincts told him the footage could end up being used to embarrass him but never fathomed that Republicans would make him the star of their porn movie. Under the guise of criticizing Fisher as “job czar” while 350,000 jobs fled Ohio during a recession, the Republicans created an ad that would make a triple-X starlet blush.

Political scientist John Green, an expert on Ohio politics, showed it to students and faculty members at the University of Akron and to a person – Democrat, Republican and Independent – they cringed, adjudging it “uncalled-for,” Green said.

Using provocative music and sexual double-entendres, the NRSC froze an image of Fisher with one hand on his bare chest and the other out of sight below his belt. NRSC applied an undulating effect to make it appear that Fisher was masturbating. Unsubtle messages flash on the screen, saying “He didn’t get the job done,” and, “He was more concerned about his job than yours.”

Mind you, this video was not the basement handiwork of a beer-bellied blogger. This was done by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the official campaign arm of Senate Republicans headed by the purportedly religious Cornyn. The eyes of Texas and the scorn of voters should be on Cornyn and every other member of the Senate GOP caucus for finding a new way to obliterate the boundaries of good taste.

Joe Hallett is an ass, who rotates between 2 column ideas: mud slinging in politics is bad and tax increases are good.

And no matter what a bunch of half-wit kids at Akron University think, negative ads work… The ad had a serious message and it certainly grabbed attention. Team Portman, which totally wussed out by denouncing an ad that they certainly had a hand in, could spend millions of dollars on television in today’s era of DVR and not get nearly as much attention.

I think the exposed nipple stuff is weird enough for it to last into November. The NRSC, which has a rather stiff and formal image, should be congratulated for taking the gloves off and getting serious about winning back the majority.

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Lee Fisher Videos

May 6th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Update: Lefty Ohio bloggers don’t understand what “fair use” is and had the video illegally pulled from Youtube. You can watch the NRSC ad here.

Since the NRSC made what will be perhaps the best web ad of the election cycle with this, I thought I would post the uncut Fisher video again from Jason’s (his son) documentary, Swing State:

And here Lee is, at his home, where he has apparently never met the family dog:

I’m the guy in the black coat shooting the WWI water-cooled machine gun with my eyes blurred out as if I’m a criminal. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the reactions of those two liberal brats: Peggy Zone Fisher and the pinhead daughter.

This was filmed by Jason’s producer who shamelessly pretended to be an Iraq war vet and dressed in a military uniform that was not his:

I like how Lee, the founder of Handgun Control, Inc., is such a politician that he is contemplating a machine gun party. I think Lee has a clumsy, Joe Biden quality about him and deserves to be mocked endlessly.

And there is more to this story too, as Jason was calling up maxed-out Fisher donors asking for contributions for his latest documentaries, which is a convenient way for donors to give directly to the family. This is highly unethical and worth investigating.

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Lee Fisher is NOT Masturbating, I Repeat… Lee Fisher IS NOT Masturbating

May 5th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Mark Naymik gets silly with his reporting:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee succeeded in winning attention for its candidate Rob Portman today by busting through the clutter of Internet ads that rarely deserve notice.

It did so by blaming Portman’s Democratic opponent, Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher, for the state’s job losses and high unemployment rate.

Like Portman, the ad mocks Fisher, who headed the state’s development department before entering the U.S. Senate race, as Ohio’s “job czar.”

But that message is totally secondary to the visuals.

The ad manipulates an image of a sleepy and shirtless Fisher – seated in his home office with one arm on his chest and one below his waist – giving the impression that the former attorney general is giving himself a … well … you decide.

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The NRSC Uses My Lee Fisher Picture in their Ad. WooHoo!

May 5th, 2010 Matt View Comments

I love this!!:

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