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OH-15: WSJ Slams Kilroy for Sloppy Wall Street Bill

August 3rd, 2010 Matt View Comments

This is what happens when a former organizer for the American Socialist Party gets a chance to reform markets as she sees fit. If you wanted to write a bill that was anti-stimulus, it would look exactly like this:

If politicians were as accountable as CEOs, half of them would be fired for incompetence. Witness last week’s land speed record for unintended consequences, as a liability provision in the Dodd-Frank financial reform brought new issues to a screeching halt in the $1.4 trillion asset-backed securities market.

These securities are bonds backed by auto loans, credit-card receivables and the like. Shutting down this entire market to new offerings was an amazing Congressional feat, given that the same federal government has put tens of billions of taxpayer dollars at risk to revive the same market.

The financial genius behind this section of Dodd-Frank is Representative Mary Jo Kilroy. The Ohio Democrat inserted a line in the bill that removes the exemption for credit raters like Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s from being considered “expert” advisers in judging securities offerings. This makes them closer to underwriters or accountants in vouching for an issued security, and it means that their consent is required before their ratings can be included in a registration statement filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Coincidentally—and Ms. Kilroy has said this was her motivation—the provision also sharply increases the potential liability for credit rating firms. Both S&P and Moody’s cited this enhanced liability in announcing that they would not consent to participating in SEC asset-backed securities registrations. Fitch, DBRS and others followed suit.

Oops. Billions of dollars of deals were scrapped, as issuers were barred from proceeding without ratings information and the raters weren’t willing to participate. A June press release still appears on Ms. Kilroy’s website, proudly noting that her amendment “adds teeth to Wall Street reform.” Did it ever.

OH-15: Problem With Kilroy’s Views on Swipe Fees

June 22nd, 2010 Matt View Comments

James Nash in The Dispatch reports of Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy’s views on debit card swipe fees. Considering her lack of expertise and education, and her background as a former organizer for the American Socialist party, the amount of influence Kilroy has had over financial regulations in recent months has been more than a little alarming:

U.S. Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy said yesterday that she will use her position on a financial-regulation panel to crack down on the fees that banks charge businesses when customers swipe their debit cards.

The Columbus Democrat said “interchange” fees have benefited big banks while eating into the small profit margins of mom-and-pop businesses that accept debit cards for payment.

“Visa and MasterCard have plenty of opportunities to make money,” Kilroy said. “Small businesses would get a break here. I think this is a fair and reasonable way to do that.”

Kilroy, who is in her first term, spoke after meeting with five business representatives at a roundtable discussion at an Upper Arlington coffeehouse. It was her second local discussion on financial-regulation reform since she was appointed to a conference committee to work out differences between the House and Senate versions of legislation.

Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., has championed an amendment that would limit the interchange fees – currently between 1 percent and 2percent per purchase – to an amount “reasonable and proportional” to the actual cost of processing transactions. Durbin’s amendment also would allow merchants to offer discounts for cash purchases and to refuse debit-card payments for small purchases.

Kilroy said she supports Durbin’s amendment, although she said it might need to be tweaked to ensure passage.

No one LIKES paying these fees, but banks- just like all other companies- are profit seeking. They charge fees for debit cards, for ATM usage and other banking services, as they all cost money to provide. And such services are a convenience to you, as they cut down on what is called “shoe leather costs”… ie, having to go into an actual bank and carry out a pile of money before making a purchase.

Banks should be free to compete with each other over these fees to attract customers. But instead, by giving into a specific special interest, Kilroy is guaranteeing the end of “free” checking accounts:

The transformation of checking accounts comes at a time when banks are bouncing back from the steepest financial losses in a generation and are facing new regulations. To accelerate that recovery and recoup losses from new banking rules, financial institutions are increasingly leaning on customers who don’t now generate enough revenue for the bank.

More than half of all checking accounts are currently unprofitable, according to a report issued last month by Celent, a unit of Marsh & McLennan Cos. It costs most banks between $250 and $300 a year to maintain one of the roughly 200 million checking accounts, according to industry estimates.

The situation is especially critical for Charlotte, N.C.-based Bank of America, which stands to lose more revenue than most other big banks because it is in the process of dismantling its checking-overdraft program in the face of new restrictions. Starting this summer, banks must receive customer permission before they can charge for overdrafts. But Bank of America has decided to drop most of its program altogether. The nation’s largest bank, as measured by assets, said largely because of recent changes to its overdraft policy, it will forgo $600 million in revenue this year.

To generate new revenue, Bank of America is quietly testing new pricing models throughout the U.S., with most changes expected in early 2011. Executives have ruled out a flat monthly fee for all customers and are developing a tiered structure that encourages customers to increase banking activity or use other services to avoid future charges.

And Kilroy and other Democrats get to hide behind arguing that they support “small businesses”, as they are the ones who perhaps feel the swipe fees the most. I think it’s an understatement to note that liberals never seem to concern themselves with unintended consequences of heavy handed financial regulation.

OH-15: Mary Jo Kilroy, Congresswoman for Sale

June 1st, 2010 Matt View Comments

Are you a real estate agent from Texas who wants the government to artificially improve credit scores against medical debt? When the right Congressman-turned-lobbyist from Idaho and for the right size campaign contribution, Mary Jo  Kilroy will get the job done!

From USA Today:

In June 2008, Dallas-area mortgage banker Rodney Anderson ran into an obstacle: An older couple who were longtime clients were having trouble getting a loan for what would be their final big purchase, a retirement home. The problem: a $150 medical bill that lowered their credit score by 120 points because it had gone into collection before it was paid.

Anderson had seen cases like this before, but now he decided to act. He began tracking the numbers. He collected consumers’ stories on his website. He buttonholed anyone who would listen, arguing that the federal law requiring paid medical collections to remain on credit records for seven years is unfair to consumers perplexed by the error-prone process of medical billing.

Then, Anderson tried a tactic typically deployed only by savvy political insiders: He hired a federal lobbyist. Two years and $400,000 of his own money later, a bill that would erase medical collections from credit reports within 30 days of payment has 101 sponsors in the House. A similar bill that would remove the debt after 45 days recently was introduced in the Senate by Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore.[..]

Anderson, 44, a political newcomer, has seen his idea take off. On the recommendation of a business contact, he hired Larry LaRocco, a former Idaho Democratic congressman-turned-lobbyist.

LaRocco and a lawyer with banking experience helped turn the idea into a legislative proposal, which LaRocco took to aides on a House subcommittee that oversees consumer-credit issues. Ohio Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, a first-term Democrat, sponsored the bill. “People who are paying off medical debt should not be penalized,” she said.

Not everyone supports the plan. Anne Fortney, a former Federal Trade Commission official who has testified against the change, said unpaid bills, including medical debts, that require the intervention of a collection agency help lenders predict whether consumers will pay future bills on time.

States like Florida and Texas are homestead states, where people get to keep their house in bankruptcy, so it’s harder to get a home loan there anyway. It is this sort of market manipulation, with undue pressure put on banks by a Democrat controlled congress in the early 1990s and President Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno threatened banks with legal action if they refused to give loans to unqualified minority applicants for so-called “red lining” which lead to the housing bubble and current financial crisis.

OH-15: Steve Stivers and the 17th Amendment

April 29th, 2010 Matt View Comments

In a fundraising email, Mary Jo Kilroy would like you to know that not only was there NOT a 50 foot sign for Stivers at a TEA Party event, but Stivers opposes voting! Oh my:

The Ohio primary is in four days and there’s a big race to see who our next US Senator will be.

Steve Stivers thinks you shouldn’t have a say.
At first I thought it was a bad joke. But here it is in black and white:

Stivers Survey Clipping
That’s from a survey that career banking lobbyist Steve Stivers filled out for a group of local Tea Party activists, the same ones he tried to deceive with his doctored-up mailer last week.

Steve the lobbyist said he wants to repeal the 17th Amendment, taking away your right to vote for your senators. It might be funny if it weren’t so offensive.

With just days left before the primary, it’s time to remind Steve how democracy works.

Sign the petition telling Steve Stivers we won’t give up our vote.

Our district deserves a representative who will stand up for the people, not the special interests. And a man who doesn’t want you to have the right to vote doesn’t deserve yours.


Josh Levin
Campaign Manager
Kilroy for Congress

This is beyond silly. The 17th Amendment was one of those unfortunate progressive era Amendments, and it allows for the direct election of senators.

Prior to 1914, Senators were selected by elected representatives in the state legislature. This was an exercise in Federalism. Our brilliant founders arranged this as a check-and-balance between the state and federal government and perhaps curb the growth of the Federal Government. And under that system America had fantastic leadership in the Senate, such as the Great Triumvirate: Henry Clay, Daniel Webster and John Calhoun.

Since it’s passage, the role of states have been greatly reduced. And Mary Jo Kilroy, a former organizer for the Socialist Party, thinks that’s just swell.

I can’t imagine a Congressman Stivers would ever get a chance to give input on the future on the 17th Amendment (especially if redistricting eliminates the 15th District and he has no seat to run for in 2 years!).

This shows that Steve, who has a less-than-conservative record in the legislature, is trying hard to campaign on a smaller government platform. And Kilroy is doing a fantastic job advertising it for him.

OH-15: Kilroy, Former Socialist Party Organizer, Opposed to VAT Tax?

April 23rd, 2010 Matt View Comments

So after voting for trillions of dollars in increased spending, voting for unconstitutional insurance mandates, and voting for cap and trade, Mary Jo Kilroy would like you to know she draws the line at a national sales tax:

Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy is opposed to the idea of a new national tax on the value of products, her campaign manager said today.

Kilroy, a Columbus Democrat, would not support a value-added tax, campaign manager Josh Levin said today. Few other Ohio politicians support the idea, but some have suggested that it’s at least worth a look to deal with the national deficit.

“She’s more interested in finding ways to cut taxes and get money back into the hands of the people who need it,” Levin said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has said the value-added tax is worth serious consideration.

If voters are to believe her, this would be just about the first time Kiloy has voted against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi… EVER.

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OH-15: Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco), Centrist?

April 21st, 2010 Matt Comments off

Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy thinks so:

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OH-15: Mary Jo Kilroy’s Parkinson’s Prop is an Arrogant Ass

March 24th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Robert Letcher, a man with Parkinson’s disease,  sat on the street during a TEA party rally with a sign about his disease, only to have one out-of-life TEA party activist start to throw money at him.

The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Mary Jo Kilroy and Chris Redfern have blasted out email appeals using this guy’s story and have purchased thousands of dollars in blog ads trying to get his story out to the liberal nutroots blogosphere.

Apparently, Letcher also has no time for civility, and calls freedom loving TEA party activists vulgar names:

Letcher was a Ph.D. nuclear physicist who once worked on breeder reactors for Westinghouse. These days, he is a liberal distressed by what he believes to be a health-care system as eaten through by figurative weevils as his body has been by Parkinson’s.

When he sat down in front of the enemy last week, he said, “My weakness was my strength. I didn’t have to say anything. I was the argument. I was ‘Bob the Argument.’” Besides, there were so many cameras there, it was unlikely anyone would hit him, he said.

His chief detractor didn’t hit him with anything but dollar bills.

“People from both sides were screaming at each other,” he said. “They were screaming and not engaging.”

Letcher believes that at the great banquet table that is America’s ideological plurality, there is room for liberal and conservative; wings left, right and in between. But we cannot set a table place for hatred.

Somehow, in the slugfest that now passes for politics as usual, we have lost our willingness to acknowledge – much less appreciate – the concept of a loyal opposition.

After the dollar bills had settled on Robert Letcher last week, one of the demonstrators gently counseled him to move to safer ground than the commercial driveway in which he’d almost been hit by a car.

“Later, I went up to him and said, ‘Thanks, buddy, for helping me.’”

There was the slightest glint of hope in Letcher’s eye when he added, “And he was a Tea Bagger.”

“TEA Bagger”- a derogatory sexual term for testicular gustation. Classy.

This guy is a radical activist and a long time agitator, and he used his disease knowing that rallies can bring out the worst of people on both sides.

And Kilroy, who was a long time coordinator for the Socialist Party and student of Saul Alinsky, knows Alinsky’s 13th rule: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” This is where Kilroy and her inner circle understand that instead of getting into the pros and cons of insurance mandates, what sells is human tragedy, offensiveness, and singling out a single angry activist making him the face of evil. And it was a job well done.

So what can the response be? Letcher is in a country that will treat him with the best care in the world. And now that Romneycare has been applied to the national level, premiums will go up, businesses will have a tougher time paying for their employees, and more Americans who might someday have Parkinson’s will have a tougher time paying for it.

But maybe that’s the point… for a guy so well educated, he probably knows that the goal is to have more Americans as wards of the state- in loco parentis- from the time they are born until they die. If so, then he shamelessly used his disease to push his political agenda.

Robert Letcher, health problems or not, you are scum.

OH-15: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Also, Mary Jo Kilroy Defended an IRA Domestic Terrorist

March 17th, 2010 Matt View Comments

The far-left ideological odyssey of Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy is often too radical to believe. Kilroy, as someone who worked closely with the Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio, has peculiar incidents spread out over so many years that it’s quite an effort to piece them all together in a way that Columbus-area voters can digest.

Describing Kilroy as the most liberal member of Congress doesn’t even begin explain just how off-the-charts radical she is.

So I will attempt to explain. And since today is St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be fitting to start by talk about the radical Irish Republican Army terrorists that she and her family has supported and fundraised for.

Click to continue reading “OH-15: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Also, Mary Jo Kilroy Defended an IRA Domestic Terrorist”

OH-15: TEA Party To Protest Rep. Kilroy Tuesday, 11:30AM

March 15th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Ohio TEA Party groups, the Americans for Prosperity, the Ohio Freedom Alliance and other right-of-center activists have quite a rally protested outside of Mary Jo Kiljob’s office tomorrow. Click here for details. If you live in the Columbus area, please stop by during lunch time.

The voting is so close even among Ohio’s supposed blue dogs, that the President himself is personally “softly threatened” Dennis Kucinich today over his promised “no” vote.

The Columbus TEA Party, to show they are not opposed to any healthcare reform, sent a letter to Rep. Kilroy suggesting a 1-sentence health care bill. Their suggestion is vastly superior to the 2300+ page monstrosity which, if passed, will fundamentally change America and our relationship with government forever:

No state or federal law shall require any person to enter, nor stop any person from entering, a contract or program for either medical services or the financing of medical services, including through insurance and through simple direct payment, and no taxes, fees, penalties or other government collections, direct or indirect, shall be imposed except for ordinary sales taxes or income taxes that apply generally to all products and services, and any person may sue to enforce this provision in any state or federal court of competent jurisdiction.

OH-15: Mary Jo Kilroy Shakes Down Those Evil Drug Companies

March 4th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From the Sunlight Foundation’s Party Time blog:

Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Ohio) has supported legislation aimed at lowering prescription drug prices and creating more competition in the drug industry – efforts opposed by the powerful pharmaceutical lobby.

But as she runs for reelection, her campaign is relying on two lobbyists, Mary Anne Walsh and Jenny DiJames, who represent many drug makers and other health care concerns to host March 4 fundraiser for the Buckeye state freshman.

Many of DiJames’ clients are top tier drug companies, including Pfizer, in which Kilroy holds shares. DiJames’ firm, William & Jensen, lobbied on the Medicare Prescription Drug Savings and Choice Act of 2009, a bill that Kilroy co-sponsored. The bill, opposed by the drug industry, would require the government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for lower prescription drug prices in a government-run prescription plan.

Walsh, the former chief of staff to Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), has donated $750 to Kilroy’s campaign since 2008. Other clients of hers include the Akron General Hospital Systems and the American Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Kilroy is also a key player pushing, along with other members of Congress and the Federal Trade Commission, for an end to “pay for delay” drug settlements, in which pharmaceutical companies pay generic companies not to compete against their brand name products. These settlements delay the entry of lower-cost generic drugs on the market. A ban on “pay for delay” negotiations is contained in the House approved health care bill and is also in President Barack Obama’s recent health care proposal.

This is perhaps less surprising than you might think. Since Democrats aren’t attempting to pass truly socialized health care in reconciliation, the health care mandates is a huge handout to insurance companies and is corporatism of the worst kind. National Journal may list Kilroy, a former Socialist Party organizer, as Ohio’s most liberal member of congress, but that doesn’t mean she is above questionable fundraising tactics.

Leaders of Two Wings of the GOP in Columbus Next Friday: Palin and Schwarzenegger

February 26th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Update: Stivers supporters inform me that Steve will leave his event early to spend time with Sarah Palin.

Watch Out, Mary Jo Kilroy

As I tweeted two days ago, the media is picking up on Steve Stivers’ Fundraiser with the Governator:

From Aaron Blake in The Hill:

Ohio GOP House candidate Steve Stivers will hold a fundraiser with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) next week, Stivers’s campaign tells The Ballot Box.

Stivers and Schwarzenegger will team up to raise money on March 5, in an event that will also benefit the state GOP.

Schwarzenegger visits the Columbus area annually for his yearly Arnold Sports Festival. The city is a former home to the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest, where Schwarzenegger made his name by winning six straight titles and then served as a promoter.

“He’s very popular in Columbus and has been forever,” Stivers spokesman John Damschroder said. “Columbus loves what he has done for the community, and he’s heavily invested in the area. He’s been very loyal in keeping things in Columbus even as he’s become a big star.”

But as James Nash reports, the fundraiser is going while the Republican Party conservative superstar Sarah Palin hosts an event for the Ohio Right to Life:

Palin is headlining a fundraiser for Ohio Right to Life the same Friday evening.

Stivers has been courting support from social conservatives during his second run for Congress against Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy, who narrowly beat him in 2008.

Ohio Right to Life, which has not endorsed Stivers, declined to comment on his choice of events next Friday.

But the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had plenty to say about it.

“It will upset (social conservatives) that he’s doing a competing event with another governor,” said Gabby Adler, spokeswoman for the Democratic group.

In addition to social conservatives, Arnold is also rather dismissive of the fiscally conservative TEA partiers and commented on ABC News that the movement “isn’t going anywhere.”:

Not sure if that is the type of politician Stivers wants to associate himself with, but he will need the money to defeat Mary Jo Kilroy and the deep pockets of shadowy Soros-funded groups. Kilroy, according to the National Journal, is the most liberal Congresscritter in Ohio.

If you want to see Sarah Palin, you might still be able to get a ticket here for $40. Otherwise, if you would rather spend $2400 for a picture with Schwarzenegger, click here.

OH-15: Is Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy Anti-Israel?

February 18th, 2010 Matt Comments off

I want to learn more details about this international incident involving Kilroy. But considering the Columbus Free Press, the socialist newspaper Kilroy used to edit, has taken a staunchly pro-Palestine position for decades, I’m not surprised.

From Israel Today:

Visiting US congressmen lash out at Israeli Foreign Ministry

A delegation of US congressional leaders on Wednesday lashed out at Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon after he purportedly refused to meet with them.

The delegation – made up of representatives William Delahunt of Massachusetts, Bob Filner and Lois Capps from California, Mary Jo Kilroy from Ohio, and Donald Payne from New Jersey – is in the country on behalf of the left-wing Jewish lobby group J-Street and the antagonistic Churches for Middle East Peace.

The Foreign Ministry released a statement on Thursday saying it was happy to meet with the congressional leaders. It indicated that such a meeting had been requested, but turned down after the lawmakers insisted that J-Street direct Jeremy Ben-Ami be part of it.

“The Foreign Ministry regrets the attempt to impose who will be present in the meetings, which is unacceptable in diplomatic life,” read the statement.

OH-15: Steve Stivers on the Debt Ceiling

February 5th, 2010 Matt View Comments

The US House passed a Senate amendment to increase the U.S. Debt ceiling by $1.9 trillion, which increases the amount government can borrow up to $14.3 trillion.  Since Congress is so quick to  raise this ceiling, the Treasury no longer views it as a bound and in November it admitted we would hit the ceiling sometime in mid- to late- December.

Steve Stivers would like you to know that Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, a former central Ohio Socialist Party organizer, voted for it:

The amendment also included a budgetary gimmick known as PAYGO. As Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana explained, what PAYGO really means in Washington is: “You pay and they go on spending.”

OH-15: Mary Jo Kilroy’s Dirty Money

February 2nd, 2010 Matt Comments off

From the brilliant Mark Hemingway of the Examiner:

WHO: Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, D-Ohio

WHAT: Kilroy received $10,000 from Rep. Charles Rangel’s National Leadership PAC, the political action committee of the powerful New York Democrat who is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee that writes tax law.

WHY IT’S DIRTY: Rangel is being investigated on multiple issues by the House Ethics Committee, including failure to report income from properties he owns in New York and the Dominican Republic. A company that gave $1 million to a New York school facility that will bear Rangel’s name subsequently received lucrative tax breaks, and he has reportedly solicited political contributions on official stationery.

She apparently is not interested in ridding herself dirty money. I’m sure Mark’s requests for comment totally ruined Kilroy’s staff’s day. But they should brace themselves for further disappointment.

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OH-15: Politics Magazine

December 11th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Politics Magazine has a thorough examination of the race in the 15th District. Read it here.

OH-15: LA Times Equates Scozzafava with Steve Stivers

November 3rd, 2009 Matt View Comments

From Janet Hook in the LA Times:

Reporting from Washington – The triumph of conservative forces over the Republican Party establishment in upstate New York has emboldened like-minded activists around the country, and it could drive the GOP sharply to the right as it lines up candidates for the 2010 midterm congressional elections.

The rebellion that drove a moderate Republican off the ballot in a special House election today is sending a clear message to the party leadership and its candidates: Ignore the conservative grass roots at your peril.

That message is likely to resonate in the coming months in several congressional primaries and in races where third-party challenges are springing up and threatening to divide the Republican vote.

In Columbus, Ohio, a conservative has decided to run for the House because he does not see enough difference between Democratic Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy and her leading Republican opponent.

In southern Virginia, where Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello has been expected to face a tough fight for a second term, a conservative is campaigning against a Republican he considers a RINO — Republican in Name Only.

The most prominent battlefield on which the conservative wildfire is spreading is Florida, where Gov. Charlie Crist, the GOP front-runner for the Senate nomination in 2010, faces a spirited challenge from a conservative former state House speaker, Marco Rubio.

That’s why all eyes in the party will be turned toward the northern reaches of New York in today’s off-year elections. In the state’s 23rd Congressional District, voters face a choice between Democratic lawyer Bill Owens and businessman Doug Hoffman, who is running on the Conservative Party ticket.

Unlike Dede, Stivers is opposed to card check, cap and trade, and stimilus spending. And he would never be endorsed by DailyKos over former Socialist Party Mary Jo Kilroy.

But it is an interesting trend to watch, which directly contradicts Franklin County GOP leaders who insist only moderate Republicans “fit” the 15th District.

Run, Mary Jo Kilroy, Run!

September 8th, 2009 Matt View Comments

Hourglass1941 is Rep. Kilroy’s worst nightmare:

Mike Coleman, Mary Jo Kilroy, Lee Fisher Asked “How Are We Going to Pay for This?”

September 5th, 2009 Matt View Comments

From Hourglass 1941:

This is a perfect question to ask these pin heads, because the answer is, under the current budget projections, there is no real way to pay for ObamaCare. Instead, this is all about collapsing the current system, and bringing into existence a more socialist government. And the scary thing is, Mary Jo Kilroy is such a true believer that she would gladly sacrifice her House seat and vote against the wishes of her more moderate constituency if it means she can help eliminate the private health care insurance companies.

I was at this event, as you may have saw in a bizarre video re-posted on Wonkette, which was filmed by my white-trash stalker.

And what was most interesting about Kilroy’s speech was her talk of increases in health insurance premiums as “inflation.” As Milton Friedman said, “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.” So in reality, Kilroy is supporting the inflation that will occur once the economy rebounds and banks start using all of this new money they are sitting on. THAT is real inflation, but calling it inflation when insurance companies respond to more government regulation and the lack of out-of-state insurance competition (which is currently illegal) by raising prices is just a way to excuse irresponsible legislators like Kilroy.

And I like how persistent the lady holding the camera is. With a camera in hand, suddenly, Ruben Studdard isn’t so tough.

OH-15: Stivers’ Conservative Challenger is Quite Unserious

August 25th, 2009 Matt View Comments

James Nash of The Columbus Dispatch reports that in the 15th District, Steve Stivers has a pro-life challenger.

And that would be just fine with me, but Nash didn’t mention how, even though David Ryon is certainly right-wing, Ryon’s website screams: “Don’t take me seriously!”

For example, here are the key points from Ryon’s issues page which makes me think he is more of a libertarian Paultard than a candidate willing to offer Stivers a serious challenge on social issues:

-Roll back spending in order to start paying off our $10+ Trillion dollar debt, abolish the Federal Reserve, and restore the gold standard.

-Right-size our federal government by getting rid of the Department of Energy, IRS, and Department of Homeland Security.

-Vote against a National ID Card and against the formation of a North American Union and vote for strengthen individual States rights.

-The one addition to government I would support is the creation of the Department of Peace and Non-Violence as a cabinet-level department of the executive branch as proposed by our founding father Benjamin Rush.

Would the most conservative members of the US House who aren’t named “Ron Paul”-  ie, Jim Jordan, Jeff Flake, Mike Pence, Ed Royce  – launch their campaigns by standing with the John Birch Society on the North American Union conspiracy and endorsing Dennis Kucinich‘s Department of Peace? NO!

And Ryon is involved in social networks, too. For example, on Twitter he spends time having one-sided conversations with C-SPAN, soft rocker John Mayer, and Ellen DeGeneres. weird.

In the 15th District, the battle will be between two pro-abortion candidates who disagree on the use of public dollars to fund abortion. This is hardly an ideal situation, but Ryon is not a legitimate conservative alternative.

OH-15: Mary Jo Kilroy Holds “Tele Town-Hall” With Kilroybots

August 20th, 2009 Matt Comments off

The callers who were supportive of ObamaCare got to talk to Rep. Kilroy:

But Kilroy, D-Columbus, asserted that any reform plan should include a federal insurance program that would compete with private insurers, saying that “a public option in competition with private insurance can reduce costs for all of us.”

“If you have insurance right now, you shouldn’t worry about a public option,” she said.

During the one-hour conference call, Kilroy answered questions from 17 people. Aides to Kilroy said about 2,800 people were listening in.

The questions were all polite. Kilroy staffers screened the calls before questions were asked.

And those who had sincere concerns that a “public option” is simply a way to kill off private insurance were immediately placed on a terrorist watch list.

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