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Mary Taylor to Dave Yost: Not So Fast on That Commission, Pal

April 9th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From Jim Siegel:

Taylor said some of those concerns could be alleviated by the disclosure required by current auditing standards.

State Auditor Mary Taylor says an Ohio Budget Commission proposal unveiled this week by auditor candidate Dave Yost could create a conflict-of-interest problem for the office.

“We would be concerned that their might be an independence issue if the legislature were to approve legislation…that required the auditor of state to participate in any budgeting process, and then after the fact would be required to go in and audit,” Taylor said Friday during a taping of ONN’s Capitol Square, which will air Sunday at 10 a.m., noon, and 7 p.m.

Taylor said some of those concerns could be alleviated by the disclosure required by current auditing standards.

Yost this week proposed creating the commission, consisting of the auditor, state treasurer and attorney general, to complete revenue estimates to be used as the basis for the two-year budget. His Republican primary opponent, Seth Morgan, and Gov. Ted Strickland, each opposed the plan, citing concerns about damaging the independence and credibility of the office.

This is big news and a HUGE blow to the Yost for Auditor campaign. I’ll post the video when it airs.

This board causes a major conflict, and Morgan- as a small government conservative- isn’t a big fan of creating new commissions and bureaucracies.

And I think from a purely political angle, if it wasn’t clear before, there is clearly a distinct Kevin DeWine/Jon Husted camp, which Kasich/Taylor are not in. And a serious Republican Chairman probably wouldn’t allow this to happen a few weeks out from a primary when it hurts the Ohio GOP’s endorsed candidate.

This is about as open as Mary Taylor and John Kasich can be with quietly endorsing Seth Morgan for Auditor. WOW

Dave Yost for Auditor- Press Release

February 1st, 2010 Matt View Comments

From the Inbox:

Dave Yost receives endorsement of Ohio Republican Party for Auditor of State

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Feb1, 2010) – The Ohio Republican Party endorsed Dave Yost to be the GOP candidate for Auditor of State tonight, in an overwhelming show of support for Yost’s candidacy.

“I am pleased and humbled to have this endorsement,” said Yost.  “I know the challenge ahead of me to fill the shoes of Mary Taylor is huge.  I’ll work hard to keep a conservative in that office and put together a campaign to win.”

Yost noted that in the first few days of his candidacy for Auditor of State he had already raised  nearly $100,000, and won support based on his 14 months of hard work assembling a statewide team.  “Dave has the ground game in place to run an effective statewide race,” said State Committee member Teri Morgan. “His support among Republicans is only growing every day, and we’re proud to show our support of Dave’s candidacy,” she added.

The Auditor’s spot on the Republican ticket opened up when Mary Taylor agreed to join John Kasich as his running mate less than two weeks ago.   Since then, candidates for other offices expressed interest in switching from their, current jobs, campaigns, or re-election campaigns, and instead consider running for Auditor.  But in the end, Yost won over the Committee with his strong message, solid conservative credentials, and ability to hit the ground running.

“You can’t just put together a statewide campaign in a few weeks,” noted Matt Borges, spokesman for Yost. “Dave Yost is ready.”

The endorsement means access to party resources, such as a statewide slate card and other invaluable assets for a Primary campaign.

Dave Yost vs. Seth Morgan vs. Rob Montgomery for Ohio Auditor

January 25th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Dave Yost, Runs for Anything Kevin DeWine Wants Him To

Rob "Don't Call Me Betty... I'm Conservative, Damnit" Montgomery

Seth Morgan, Tea Party Candidate?

The Office of Auditor is very important to Ohio Republicans, if for no other reason than to have a seat on the apportionment board. With the announcement of Mary Taylor leaving the office to be John Kasich’s running mate, I think it is fair to say all political observers were surprised as to how there was apparently no preparation for her departure. And now, under the woeful incompetence of Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine, we will have a primary. oh boy!

On my Twitter account, I beat the spry Dayton Daily reporter William Herhsey by 4 minutes that Dave Yost will officially drop out of the race for Ohio Attorney General today (Monday) at 2:30 at the Ohio Republican Party headquarters in Columbus.

This is bad news for all of you concerned about seeing the reemergence of liberal former Senator Mike “gang of 14″ DeWine, with his F rating from the NRA and lack of principles, helped create the environment that swept Sherrod Brown, Barack Obama, and the Democrat majority into office. DeWine, who has been campaigning with mass emails about his wife’s lousy recipes, had a serious Republican challenger in Dave Yost, a tough-as-nails Prosecutor from Delaware County who was already been endorsed by 5 county parties. DeWine, with his support for entrenched special interests and the same lawfirms who wish to trade campaign contributions for special counsel work, was about to recieve the Janette Bradley primary-election treatment.

It is sad to see Kevin DeWine work so hard to clear the field for his second cousin.

However, Dave Yost has experience working as Delaware County auditor between 1999-2003. In addition to being an ethical principled conservative, he is a tireless campaigner.

Would I rather see Dave Yost screw with the party leadership and run for an office where his passion clearly is? Of course. But having Yost anywhere on the statewide ticket is fantastic.

This is not to discount State Representative Seth Morgan, another principled conservative who has taken the additional step of having his campaign run by tea party coordinators, many of which I know personally and would consider friends.

Morgan is credentialed for the job as a Certified Public Accountant. However, since Mary Taylor was Ohio’s first Auditor who was also a CPA, apparently voters don’t see this as an essential requirement.

He has also accomplished much more than most 31 year olds. He is an accomplished financial advisor to small and medium sized businesses. And, while elected to city council at age 23, helped pass major tax reform in the city Huber Heights.

However, he did lose his race in 2006 for county auditor. In addition, his important lawsuit against Gov. Ted Strickland to release details about his so-called “evidance based” education reform was ultimately unsuccessful.

Regardless, I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Morgan’s fire-breathing conservatism.

And the dark horse in this race is Franklin County Auditor Rob Montgomery, who has served in his current elected office since 2000. He is a principled conservative that I had the pleasure of meeting in 2006, when he was Ken Blackwell’s second choice to run for Lt. Governor.

The word is that Montgomery would have been the party’s choice instead of Yost, but Montgomery has been hesitant about announcing. But with a campaign fund of $400,000, he can transfer most that through the Ohio GOP accounts and other means into this race immediately.

I am almost 100% certain that Rob Montgomery will run, and he could quickly become the choice of the Republican establishment. Not only would this put Dave Yost into a similar position that he is currently as the outsider candidate for AG and he could lose anyway.

It pains me to write about this race at all, because I have so much respect for the three candidates running and are all incalculably better than Mike DeWine or Jon Husted. They are all fantastic candidates who can breath life into an otherwise soulless, lifeless Ohio Republican Party which is counting on voters growing opposition to President Obama to sweep them back into power.

The Kasich campaign, the ORP, and Chairman Kevin DeWine should have planned to avoid a primary mess completely so attacks could be focused on David “don’t shoot! just drive me to an ATM” Pepper.

Stay tuned!

Seth Morgan for Auditor

January 21st, 2010 Matt View Comments

State Rep. Seth Morgan, a principled conservative, announced today he is running to replace Lt. Gov-candidate Mary Taylor as Ohio Auditor.

Here is video from the press conference in the State House Crypt from this morning. I’m not sure if there could have been a better way to tick off the liberal Ohio state house news corps than to actively embrace the tea party movement like this:

Update: Seth may have a primary challenger already: Dave Yost.

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