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More Video from the Columbus Tea Party

August 2nd, 2009 Matt Comments

Last night, I posted all of the great video of Judge Andrew Napolitano’s speech from yesterday’s tea party at the Ohio State House.

Here are my favorite signs mixed in with the Judge’s comments:

More videos are below the fold:

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The Other Paper Says “Hallelujah” to Thoughtful Dissent on Proposed Columbus Tax Increase

July 8th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Here is the front-page story. Also noted was how deeply buried City Council Candidate Matt Ferris‘ plan was in today’s pages of The Columbus Dispatch, which has acted as the de facto pro-tax increase PR firm, as their publisher’s business interests would benefit greatly by its passage. I didn’t notice how hard it was to find, as I have NEVER  purchased a Columbus Dispatch… ever.

Between this and writing about the Lee Fisher video, I’m really starting to like this Lyndsey Teter babe:


Matt Ferris vs. the Columbus City Tax Increase

July 8th, 2009 Matt Comments

It has become obvious that the elected office holders who endorse of a .5% tax increase in Columbus want opponents to do their job for them by suggesting reasonable budget cuts. Yesterday, Columbus City Council candidate Matt Ferris took on that challenge:

The pro-tax Columbus Dispatch wrote about it today:

He called for freezing city workers’ pay and forcing non-union employees to contribute toward their pensions. He proposed eliminating city subsidies for the arts, for businesses that move Downtown and for promoting Columbus as a convention and tourism destination.

But a majority of his proposed savings would come from unspecified cuts totaling 2.5 percent of all departments’ current budgets. Backers of the tax increase going before voters on Aug. 4 said that would translate into roughly the same level of police and fire layoffs, recreation-center closings and reduced services they’ve been warning about.

“We don’t have a lot of stuff to cut right now besides people,” said Paul Rakosky, who will take over as the city’s finance director next month.

Ferris said an across-the-board cut doesn’t necessarily mean layoffs.

“It means getting efficient,” he said.

Columbus Income Tax Increase

July 5th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Icolman-muscleladies‘ll write more on this subject soon, but here is an article today showing Columbus City Council candidate Matt Ferris raising hell about the proposed .5% income tax increase. (Here is Matt’s website.)

This is fabulous news, considering that a lot of spineless and formerly-conservative Republicans are supporting the increase, in addition to the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

The statists decided to put this issue on a special ballot, in hopes that low turnout would improve its chances.

I’ve been trying to dig into this story more, but the problem is- Many entities which would benefit from the tax increase aren’t subject to the same disclosure rules as government is. Something here stinks, but there isn’t enough time to get to the bottom of it as early voting has already started.

Franklin County GOP Chairman Doug Preisse assured me that their city council candidates will soon unveil a detailed alternative plan for how the city can operate without this tax increase. That is good news, but it is ridiculous how the current Columbus leadership isn’t expected to get creative with budget cuts, too. And really, why should they? After all, they are just big city Democrats, so this sort of incompetence is expected.

One thing that stuck out in Robert Vitale’s article is that Columbus’ public relations office costs $1.6 million/year in salaries. Since it has already been done for Mayor Mike Coleman’s tax increase campaign, couldn’t the city save that money by outsourcing the rest of the city’s PR apparatus to The Columbus Dispatch?

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