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Columbus Voters- JUST SAY NO to Issue 1

August 4th, 2009 Matt Comments

If you live in Columbus, remember to vote today AGAINST ISSUE 1.

Here are all of my posts on the subject. But there is no time to waste reading blogs now, as there is a tax issue to defeat! Even if you are iffy on this issue, vote “NO” anyway, as it would likely end up on a general election ballot where city council candidates can continue to debate this issue and it might even be… GASP… a temporary proposal!

If you don’t know where to vote, call the Franklin County Board of Elections at (614)462-3100 or look up your voting location online.

I’m typically not a big proponent of voting in general, as the masses are irrational and it is quite reasonable for individuals to find better things to do on election day. But turnout for this special election will be extremely low… And the lower the turnout is, the better the results will be for the Issue 1 goons. So after work today, I encourage you to vote “NO.”

Also, I think it is highly likely that a local levy for the South-Western City Schools might really turn out the “NO” vote in that area.

Issue 1 Update: Excessive Overtime for Columbus City Employees

July 26th, 2009 Matt Comments

Lynn Walsh of the Buckeye Institute on Dirk Thompson’s radio show (610 AM WTVN) provided Columbus residents with some fascinating research they should keep in mind before voting for Mayor Mike Coleman’s proposed income tax increase:

Click here to listen.

The verbose callers on AM radio are always great fun, and I’d trust them to run the city long before handing the keys over to the tax-raising womanizer who currently runs the show. (Yeah, I said womanizer… As in saying: Mike Coleman probably wanted a Federal appointment from President Obama, but his FBI background check would read like a poorly-written, cheesy romance novel.)