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Columbus Mayor Coleman’s Wildly Expensive Bridge

July 26th, 2010 Matt View Comments

From Robert Vitale in The Dispatch:

People will gather near its one-of-a-kind arch, tilted 10 degrees north up the Scioto River like a jump rope on a perpetual downswing. They’ll hold festivals on its separate pedestrian deck – a “balcony for the city” in the words of bridge designer Spiro Pollalis – or they’ll just take a walk there and admire the skyline.

They won’t remember that the bridge was finished more than four years late at triple the cost projected when Coleman first picked the design. What started as a $19.5 million bridge will end up consuming $60.1 million in federal, state and local tax dollars by the time it opens this week.

Coleman has an answer to those who say it’s too expensive or took too long: “I imagine they said the same thing about the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Did we just buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

In 1995, the old Main Street bridge was crumbling. The concrete structure finished in 1937 was at the end of its life, engineers told the City Council at the time, and it was time to replace it or repair it. They said the bridge could be replaced for $9 million, despite the fact that a new, no-frills Broad Street bridge just up the river had cost $13.2 million just a few years earlier. In 2001, the city hired engineering firm DLZ, of Columbus, to begin plans for a new Main Street bridge. The mayor reached out to Pollalis, who was designing sweeping arched bridges in Europe, and asked the engineering firm to bring him on as a subcontractor.

A professor of design, technology and management at the Harvard School of Design, Pollalis had written a book called What Is a Bridge? In it, he argued that bridges can be more than a means to cross a river. They can provide a focal point for economic development. They can draw people to a place and help them enjoy it. They can be art.

So a pretty bridge encourages economic activity and growth…. got that?

Will this bridge stimulus will offset the damage done to Columbus’ economy after the 2009 25% city income tax increase, which was supported by unfortunately supported by a short-sighted business community?

I often wonder how this city would survive the wrath of corrupt, bit-city Democrats if state government and The Ohio State University weren’t here.

Coleman commented from a trip to Athens, Greece that “Nobody thinks today what the Parthenon cost.” Venereal diseases have really taken their toll on Mike’s brain.

Ohio Democrat Chairman Chris Redfern: Polluter & Law Breaker

February 16th, 2010 Matt View Comments

If you saw this sign at the Ohio State House in Columbus which says “Passenger Drop Off”… would you do anything else other than drop or pick someone up, and take maybe up to 5 minutes to do so?

Of course you wouldn’t! Because you are a law abiding citizen.

But apparently, Ohio Democrat Party Chairman Chris Redfern, a powerful man who married into a life of privilege, thinks he is above the law.

Just about everything else was canceled today at the State House due to snow. However, Ohio Attorney General Rich Cordray had a 3pm. And Redfern was there with his lobbyist wife Kim to talk to reporters.

The event lasted approximately an hour. And as I exited a rather boring press conference full of populist platitudes about Wall Street, a few State House employees tipped me off that Chris Redfern’s giant black Chevy SUV (pictured above) was in the loading zone…

with the engine running…

for more than a hour!

(Click for a larger version)

That is a very large, gas-powered car, idling and emitting pollution into the air. As you can see from this picture (below), taken almost 20 minutes prior to the one above, there is clearly exhaust fumes being spewed out. Mother Earth is weeping:

(Click for a larger version)

And Mayor Mike Coleman might be interested to see this, as it is clear that PLENTY of parking meters were available across the street. If Redfern was a responsible citizen, his driver could have parked there legally, turned off the engine, and pay for a parking meter as a token gesture that he is willing to sacrifice money that can be “reinvested” by the city.

(Click for a larger version)

Finally, after more than 67 minutes, Kim and Chris get in the car, probably to dash off to Lindey’s to have dinner and a conversation that has nothing… absolutely nothing… to do with whatever company Kim just shook down in exchange for access to her husband.

(Click for a larger version)

As a typical elitist liberal, Chris Redfern is all about having the state subsidize green projects. In fact, his SUV is E-85, which has the capacity to use a highly-inefficient, subsidized corn-based fuel… even though he was probably burning good old-fashioned gasoline. Redfern is happy to tell you how to live your life, as long as those rules don’t apply to him.

Why wasn’t Redfern issued a citation? Why does Redfern think it is OK to harm the environment in such a careless fashion? And considering his choice of cars and his many trips on lobbyist-funded private jets, how big is Chris’ “carbon footprint?” These are questions worth asking.

Philandering, Sex-Crazed Columbus Mayor Coleman Worried About AIDS

December 1st, 2009 Matt Comments off

From The Dispatch’s news wire:

Columbus is one of 10 major cities across the nation that have decked out a signature landmark in red lights to observe World AIDS Day.

Mayor Michael Coleman was joined by city officials and AIDS activists in illuminating City Hall last night as part of the Project (RED) effort to promote awareness and raise funds to help fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Other cities participating in the display include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Providence.

The Project (RED) logo can be seen all over the place… such as red iPods, red-colored credit cards, clothing lines, Motorola cell phones, Microsoft products, and even Starbucks. Never mind that they have long been under scrutiny for the tiny amount that it raises actually ends up in the hands of the charity.

But, like all liberal efforts, the display of concern is far more important than results. The real way to cut down on AIDS in Africa would be to stop sending them condoms and (in addition to the long-term solution of promoting economic growth so those countries are less like Zimbabwe and more like Botswana) and promote abstinence education. But Mike Coleman may not be the ideal spokesman for THAT cause, which is why he sticks to gimmicky Bono/feel-food corporate campaigns.


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After Campaigning for Income Tax Increase, Columbus Police and Fire Forces Get Burned

November 14th, 2009 Matt Comments off

From Robert Vitale in The Dispatch:

Mayor Michael B. Coleman’s 2010 budget proposal didn’t go over well yesterday with police and fire forces, whose campaigning helped win passage of the city’s first income-tax increase since the early 1980s.

In his $655 million general-fund budget plan, Coleman proposed adding 50 police officers and no firefighters in 2010, even though Columbus expects a wave of retirements in 2011.

“We went out and convinced the public that we needed the tax to maintain safety forces,” said Jack Reall, president of International Association of Fire Fighters Local 67.

“There’s no way” the mayor’s plan lives up to that promise, Reall said.

Not only did the unions help make Columbus an even less appealing place for business, they didn’t reap the benefits of those efforts. In a small way, this is justice.

As dozens of Columbus-area women already know, never trust Mike Coleman.

Mike Coleman Divorce

October 16th, 2009 Matt View Comments

With Mayor Coleman being an alcoholic, cheating scum bag for years, and a number of rumored children born from various Columbus-area women, I’m surprised this didn’t happen long ago:

Mayor Michael B. Coleman and his wife, Frankie, are ending their 25-year marriage, according to a statement released this morning by his office.

“The mayor and Frankie intend to remain friends and be supportive of their family endeavors,” the statement said.

The statement said family members would not comment further. City officials had nothing else to say, either, this morning.

Coleman and his wife married in 1984. It was the second marriage for both.

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Mike Coleman, Mary Jo Kilroy, Lee Fisher Asked “How Are We Going to Pay for This?”

September 5th, 2009 Matt View Comments

From Hourglass 1941:

This is a perfect question to ask these pin heads, because the answer is, under the current budget projections, there is no real way to pay for ObamaCare. Instead, this is all about collapsing the current system, and bringing into existence a more socialist government. And the scary thing is, Mary Jo Kilroy is such a true believer that she would gladly sacrifice her House seat and vote against the wishes of her more moderate constituency if it means she can help eliminate the private health care insurance companies.

I was at this event, as you may have saw in a bizarre video re-posted on Wonkette, which was filmed by my white-trash stalker.

And what was most interesting about Kilroy’s speech was her talk of increases in health insurance premiums as “inflation.” As Milton Friedman said, “Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.” So in reality, Kilroy is supporting the inflation that will occur once the economy rebounds and banks start using all of this new money they are sitting on. THAT is real inflation, but calling it inflation when insurance companies respond to more government regulation and the lack of out-of-state insurance competition (which is currently illegal) by raising prices is just a way to excuse irresponsible legislators like Kilroy.

And I like how persistent the lady holding the camera is. With a camera in hand, suddenly, Ruben Studdard isn’t so tough.

Behold! Columbus Issue 1 in Action!

August 16th, 2009 Matt Comments off

A portion of Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman’s city income tax hike will be immediately absorbed by the Ohio EPA’s Environmental Protection Fund.

Joe “tax lovin’” Hallett vs. Emily “bone crusher” Riemer

August 11th, 2009 Matt View Comments

They debated the results Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman’s city income tax ballot issue. When it was over, only one was left standing…

Quote of the Day

August 6th, 2009 Matt Comments off

In a depressing Other Paper cover-story by Lyndsey Teter (the Teet!) about the passage of Columbus’ income tax hike, Terry Casey said this, which is Right Ohio’s quote of the day:

“When you have a million-plus from the business community—plus a newspaper PR firm that helped the propaganda ministry, everyone’s going to be coming back with, ‘you owe me,’” he said.

And Mrs. Teeter takes a healthy shot at the Mayor:

Coleman was at his magnanimous best, however, on the podium at Issue 1’s election night victory party, breathing such a hefty sigh at the end of a long list of “thank-yous” that it prompted laughter from supporters gathered at the Harrison West Community Center.

“I’ve always said that victory has a thousand fathers,” he said afterward, refusing—for the most part, anyway—to detail how he, personally, contributed to fathering Issue 1’s success.

“Let’s let other people talk about that,” he said. “I like the idea of not making it more—it’s not just all about me.”

Those who remember the man who had, only a year earlier, boldly “declared battle” at a sweaty press conference in front of City Center might ask, “Since when?”

I cringed while reading that. After all, victory may have a thousand fathers, but Coleman may be the father of a thousand children.

Columbus Issue 1 Passed- 51.7% to 48.3%

August 4th, 2009 Matt View Comments

OK- Now Columbus has a higher income tax, my fellow Columbus residents will finally experience a utopia on Earth. Finally, Route 315 will actually be accessible, murders will cease, and birds will chirp out lovely music. Thank goodness.

What did this experience teach me? Nothing much, except for the fact that people who aren’t affected by a tax probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote for it & Columbus AM radio stinks.

I was driving as the polls were closing, and the 610AM WTVN host was taking calls about types of chewing gum and candy bars that callers wished were still available in stores! Oh my goodness, it was so terrible that it would annoy me to provide more details than mind-numbing conversation. A good ClearChannel station would have been telling folks to hurry up and vote on the way home from work, but such a channel does not exist in Columbus.

Then, the host which took over the Sean Hannity timeslot to do the play-by-play of the election results gave a glowing 20 minute interview with far-left Columbus City Councilman Mike Mentel and was quite accepting of the Coleman campaign/Columbus Dispatch propaganda.

610 AM may have the worst ClearChannel hosts in the state.

If it wasn’t for Michael Savage on 103.9 FM in the evening, I might be tempted to rip the radio out of my car.

The Spirit of Jim Rhodes on Columbus Issue 1

July 30th, 2009 Matt View Comments

The Other Paper’s much cuter (and fertile) replacement for Dan Williamson, who is also a fellow Ben Marrison hater, has two hilarious pieces today. Read them here and here.

This is exactly the level of seriousness that Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman’s proposed income tax increase should be treated with.

Is The Columbus Dispatch a Real Newspaper?

July 30th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Yesterday, I drove traffic to an excellent blog post by Lynn Walsh of the Buckeye Institute, who reported on the “football Saturday” antics of Mayor Mike Coleman’s City Finance Chief Paul R. Rakosky, who was arrested, pissed his pants, and treated the Columbus police poorly… Then was bailed out by his girlfriend who just happens to be also be prominent city official.

Rakosky will be the guy in charge of writing the checks from the additional money the city is trying to extract out of voters with this proposed city income tax increase:

Police Report

Word is getting around now that yesterday, The Dispatch held a staff meeting where this issue was hotly debated. After all, a REAL newspaper would have done a quick background check on someone appointed to such an important city position, right? And after Lynn Walsh reported on this story, this was front page news today, correct?

Oh wait- The Columbus Dispatch isn’t a real newspaper. It is actually just an elaborate, unprofitable PR Firm for the Wolfe family and the Issue 1 campaign. I apologize for the confusion, Mr. Marrison.

July 29th, 2009 Matt View Comments

Isn’t it interesting that this Columbus pro-tax increase campaign website has NO disclaimer? They are also running ads without dislaimers too, including on and have been for a couple weeks. Someone should file a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission, as they are in clear violation of the law.

In addition, Lee Roberts, Mike Brown, and all the other Coleman Hacks couldn’t even find one of the many Columbus-area tech-lefties to design their website. Instead, the statists outsourced their shady tax-and-spend campaign to North Carolina:

Registrant Name:Clay Schossow
Registrant Organization:new media campaigns
Registrant Street1:605 W. Main St.
Registrant Street2:Suite 206
Registrant City:Carrboro
Registrant State/Province:North Carolina
Registrant Postal Code:27612
Registrant Phone:+1.9193387830
Registrant Email:

In addition, the pro-Issue 1 campaign has recieved no money from the Fraternal Order of Police or International Association of Firefighters. So firefighters didn’t support this campaign at all, but that didn’t stop Coleman’s scumbags from trying to scare voters into thinking that if they don’t vote for this income tax increase, then YOUR HOUSE WILL NOT BE SAVED IF ON FIRE AND YOUR FAMILY WILL DIE! AHHHH!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES AND VOTE!!!!!:

protectourfirefighters(Click to enlarge)

Here is a screen capture of their ad running on ABC 6 and NBC 4 in Columbus:

NEWS FLASH: New Columbus City Finance Chief Arrested in 2008, Urinated

July 29th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Click here to read.

Columbus CEOs Support for City Income Tax Hike

July 23rd, 2009 Matt View Comments

This article from The Other Paper’s Steph Greegor is interesting, but hardly surprising:

It was a bit of a shocker to Dr. Thomas C. Sawyer when the results of his 2009 leadership survey rolled in and showed the majority of his respondents—53 percent to be exact—gave a thumbs-up to the proposed city of Columbus .5 percent income tax increase.

“I was kind of surprised that the margin was so wide, because most of those folks are Republicans,” said Sawyer, president of Opinion Consultants, a market research and communications firm that have been conducting this Central Ohio leadership survey since 1997.

The study surveyed 550 Central Ohio CEOs and other city leaders, such as presidents of universities, small business councils and other community leadership organizations, said Sawyer. He said 214 of those responded.

This is in addition to the Columbus Chamber of Commerence endorsing the tax increase.

Perhaps that this should serve as a reminder that small-government conservatism is not synonymous with corporatism.

Bill Todd vs. the Columbus Income Tax Hike Proposal

July 21st, 2009 Matt Comments off

From the Issue 1 Campaign PR Firm Columbus Dispatch:

If Columbus truly needs more money to keep police and firefighters on the job, officials should promise to dedicate all the money from a proposed tax increase to public safety, a leading opponent said yesterday.

Instead, the estimated $90 million to $100 million from higher income taxes “can be for anything the cronies at City Hall want,” said Bill Todd, a former mayoral candidate who now heads the anti-tax group Basics First.[...]

Todd [...] called the tax proposal a blank check for city leaders with no guarantee it would go toward the things they promise, such as reconvening classes for police and fire recruits, reopening 11 recreation centers, and restoring weekly yard-waste pickup citywide.

He said levying higher taxes on people who work in the city would only chase away jobs and residents.

“For us to raise taxes is hanging up a red-letter sign saying Ohio is closed for business,” he said. “It’s the last thing we ought to do to poor, hardworking Ohioans in the middle of a recession.”

It is always fascinating to watch The Dispatch carefully write about the Columbus income tax hike debate and bury opposing viewpoints deep within its pages, as its passage would greatly benefit their publisher: John Wolfe.

Mayor Mike Coleman, instead of doing the work of a responsible leader by tightening the city’s belt, wants to confiscate more income from people who work in Columbus. It is disgraceful, and I’m glad to see Bill Todd out there speaking the truth about Columbus’ entrenched special interests.

The Other Paper Says “Hallelujah” to Thoughtful Dissent on Proposed Columbus Tax Increase

July 8th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Here is the front-page story. Also noted was how deeply buried City Council Candidate Matt Ferris‘ plan was in today’s pages of The Columbus Dispatch, which has acted as the de facto pro-tax increase PR firm, as their publisher’s business interests would benefit greatly by its passage. I didn’t notice how hard it was to find, as I have NEVER  purchased a Columbus Dispatch… ever.

Between this and writing about the Lee Fisher video, I’m really starting to like this Lyndsey Teter babe:


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