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Ted Strickland Didn’t Recognize NCR Chief Executive

February 5th, 2010 Matt Comments

I missed this story last week when it first came out in the NY Times. Holy smoley:

Every 15 minutes the chiming bells of the Deeds Carillon mark time’s passage in Dayton. Their ever-repeating song reminds the city of its deep connection to the NCR Corporation, formerly known as National Cash Register, for generations known here as The Cash.

The carillon, a 151-foot tower of limestone and steel, was a gift from a former NCR chief executive and his wife. It sits beside a boulevard named after the eccentric man who founded NCR, not far from other NCR touchstones: an office building here, a former warehouse there, and acres and acres of land.

As those bells tolled one day last June, the company, which specializes in automated teller machines and other self-service devices, announced a “major investment in innovation and people,” though not the people of Dayton. NCR stunned the city of its birth with the news that it was moving its world headquarters to suburban Atlanta.

The decision broke a bond dating to 1884, when John H. Patterson began a cash register company here. That bond tightened as Patterson developed a reputation for ruthless dismissals and eccentric benevolence (having employees weighed, for example, to monitor their health); as NCR helped save Dayton from the great flood of 1913; as technological advances and missed opportunities led to gleeful expansion and painful reduction.[...]

NCR officials said the meeting was about economic development in general. They also said that Mr. Nuti was waiting for the visitors, they were late, he had another meeting — and, well, they just never connected.

Jon Husted, an Ohio state senator, came away from the meeting feeling angry and frustrated. “They already knew they were leaving,” he said.

Dayton is not alone in feeling slighted. Mr. Nuti said that he attended a renewable energy conference in New York the month after that disastrous meeting, and during lunch sat next to Governor Strickland — who, he says, not only did not know who he was, despite his name tag, but never introduced himself.

NCR Left because Ohio’s horrible tax and regulatory structure. But as Lee Fisher, legislators, and the Governor were supposedly trying to buy them off with various special tax breaks and incentives, WOULDN’T YOU THINK TED STRICKLAND WOULD RECOGNIZE BILL NUTI?

This is bizarre. Ted was either not focused on this issue, or his health issues are having a serious impact on his memory and cognitive skills.

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