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Senators Jones, Widener, Wagoner, and Goodman Sponsor Gov. Strickland’s Green Inantiatives?

May 14th, 2010 Matt View Comments

In the empty rheotoric of Gov. Ted Strickland’s State of the State address, he listed a number of proposals- One of them was a series of tax credits to do what liberals love to do- manipulate the market for political interests through the tax code:

This 40 million dollar commitment will offer access to capital for new and expanding advanced energy companies. And we will at least double the impact of our efforts by requiring those seeking state funds to, at a minimum, match our investment dollar for dollar with new private funds. Revenue generated from the fund’s investments will keep powering Ohio’s economy because it will be reinvested in additional energy companies.

With the federal tax credit currently in place for renewable energy, companies will be making commitments to new facilities in the coming months. But the fact of the matter is that Ohio’s tax structure discourages wind and solar companies from coming to Ohio to generate renewable energy.

We should give those companies every reason to choose Ohio. That’s why I am asking the legislature to erase Ohio’s tangible personal property tax on generation for wind and solar facilities that break ground this year, create Ohio jobs, and begin producing energy by 2012.

Because such forms of energy are wildly inefficient and expensive, government apparently can do what the market and profit seeking entrepreneurs cannot do just through hands outs corporate welfare. But thankfully, this is the sort of idea that Republicans oppose, and the Ohio Senate Republican majority will make it impossible to pass such a law, right?


In fact, Republicans- with rare exception- are bending over backwards to pass Ted Strickland’s proposal. Senate Bill 232 was just passed out of committee and will soon be voted on the House floor.

Here is the summary of the bill:

Sens. Widener, Goodman, Jones, Wagoner
· Provides an exemption from real and tangible personal property taxes and assessments for an exempt energy air quality facility certified by the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA).

· Defines an “exempt energy air quality facility” as any renewable energy project under the OAQDA law for which an application is filed with the Ohio Power Siting Board, or upon which construction or installation is commenced, on or after January 1, 2010, but on or before December 31, 2011, and that is placed in service on or before December 31, 2012.

· Requires the OAQDA to certify that the construction and operation of an exempt energy air quality facility creates and maintains the number of jobs during construction and each year that the facility is in service that are projected by the Job and Economic Development Impact (JEDI model) defined in the bill.

· Requires an owner of an exempt energy air quality facility that is exempt from taxes and assessments under the bill to (1) pay annual service payments in lieu of taxes to the treasurer of the county where the facility is located in an amount equal to $5,000 or $6,000 per megawatt of name plate capacity depending on the number of owners, (2) offer to sell power or renewable energy credits first to electric distribution utilities and electric service companies subject to the alternative energy portfolio requirements of current law before offering the power and credits to others, (3) restore all roads affected by facility construction, and (4) provide for training and equipment to fire and emergency responders to enable them to respond to emergencies related to the facility.

· Includes a limited liability company among those entities that may be owners of air quality facilities or exempt energy air quality facilities under the OAQDA law.

I would expect Senator Goodman to sponsor such legislation, as he is a proud anti-gun, pro-gay marriage, tax-hiking Republican and has a long history of being out of step with the principles of his party.

But Senator Jones? Didn’t she just run a campaign about how she was the far more conservative choice for the Ohio Senate? The election was only a week ago, so maybe all of Jones’ conservative skeptics, such as former State Rep. Tom Brinkman, had a point!

In committe, the bill was opposed by Senator Jim Hughes and Karen Gillmor. And a few others, such as Senator Buehrer probably won’t vote for it. But this is the sort of tax code change which doesn’t cut taxes across the board to spur economic growth, while handing the Governor an unexpected political victory.

What is going on here?

Shannon Jones and Michelle Schneider, Former German Village Roommates

April 5th, 2010 Matt View Comments

I had no idea how personal this heated primary was:

When [Sen. Shannon] Jones, a former aide to once-and-possibly-future Republican Congressman Steve Chabot, was elected state representative in her Warren County district in November 2006, [Michelle] Schneider, who represented a district that straddled Hamilton and Warren counties, invited Jones to room with her during the legislative sessions in a house Schneider owned in Columbus’ German Village.

The two lived together in Columbus when the legislature was in session for the full term, which was to be Schneider’s last under Ohio’s “eight years and out” term-limits law.

The districts of both Jones and Schneider were in the 7th Ohio Senate District, which includes all of Warren County and all of the northeast and eastern suburbs of Hamilton County.

It was a seat held by Robert Schuler, a Republican from Sycamore Township. Term limits would have prevented Schuler from running for re-election this year, and Schneider had planned to be his successor. It appeared to be inevitable in the heavily Republican district – Schneider had Schuler’s blessing, and encouragement from most of the Republican leadership in Hamilton County.

Then, last June, Schuler died after a long battle with cancer.

The approximately 330,000 people of the 7th District were left temporarily without a voice in the Ohio Senate. The Republican majority caucus had the power to make an appointment to fill out Schuler’s term.

But Schneider said that, before Schuler’s death, Jones called her to say that she planned to run for the 7th District seat in 2010.

“She knew about my plans; everybody did,” Schneider said. “She just didn’t care.”

Later, Schneider said, Jones called her to say that she probably should move out of Schneider’s house in Columbus if the two were to be political opponents.

“Yes, you probably should,” Schneider replied.

Ultimately, the the seat was given to Jones, probably because she raised $170,000 from employees of northwest Ohio Public utility First Energy Corp and its coal supplier.

But, even though the Senate leadership probably didn’t take ideology into consideration, with Shannon Jones they ended up with perhaps the most visible, fire-breathing conservative the Senate has! And Schneider was part of corrupt former Speaker Larry Householder’s “broad squad” and voted for former Gov. Bob Taft’s massive tax increases. The choice between the two should be a no brainer for Republican primary voters.

However, I wish candidates would stop promoting United Conservatives of Ohio group:

“Am I guilty of raising some taxes?” Schneider said. “Yes, I am. Do I wish I could have some of those votes back? Yes.”

She pointed to a Jones mail piece that criticizes her voting record and shows a picture of a “Watchdog of the Treasury” award Jones received from the United Conservatives of Ohio.

“I have that same award,” Schneider said. “I am and always have been a fiscal conservative.”


Let the One Among You Who has not Not Been Distracted in the Car be the First to Throw a Stone at Her…

March 23rd, 2010 Matt View Comments

Shannon Jones continues to get press coverage from pinhead reporters for her impressive Twittering:

Democrats are accusing state Sen. Shannon Jones of tweeting while driving on the eve of a House vote on a bill that would ban such dangerous activity.

Jones, R-Springboro, sent out three text messages using Twitter between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Tuesday, March 23, and arrived in Columbus for legislative meetings around 10 a.m. but Jones said the 9 a.m. messages were sent while she stopped for gas.

“I was driving. Period. And then I was tweeting. Both of those things happened but not at the same time,” Jones said.

Jones, who is critical of the Strickland administration’s plan to bring passenger rail to Ohio, tweeted: “Sshhhh… Don’t tell anyone but I’m driving twice as fast on 71 to Columbus as Strickland’s slow speed rail.” and “Even my soccer mom mobile can far exceed slow rail speeds.”

State Rep. Nancy Garland, D-New Albany, who is sponsoring a bill to ban texting while driving, scolded Jones.

“She obviously enjoys engaging in social media, but sending a text message while driving is not appropriate,” Garland said. “Texting while driving is dangerous and I would hope Sen. Jones would set a better example. Perhaps when my texting bill gets to the Senate, she will take the time to understand the potential consequences of distracted driving.”

Jones said she wasn’t Tweeting in the car. So unless Garland can prove otherwise, she should shut her damn mouth.

However, just like a few those few Ohioans who are still employed, State Representatives and State Senators are in the car often and try to multi-task.

Where was this type of outrage when State Rep. Ted Celeste was able to take time away from his busy schedule of fund raising and letter writing to produce a video update for his constituents. Here he is below, hold a camera FOR TWO MINUTES AND NINETEEN SECONDS during a 3 hour drive to Lorain! (Notice where his right arm isn’t.):

It is true that texting in the car is dangerous. However, it is unfortunate that Ohio Democrats are willing to regurgitate cheap shots from kook liberal bloggers when trying to build support for a proposed law which raises serious constitutional questions. If enacted, a police officer can pull you over simply for “looking down”…. What if you were adjusting your side mirror or changing the radio station? Or how can an officer tell what is dialing a phone number vs. sending a text message? This would be a fantastic issue for conservatives to work with the ACLU or even the NAACP on.

In addition, such cell phone texting bans can be counter productive, as they can perhaps shield the offenders from serious civil liability.

There are all sorts of things we could do throughout the day that could be incredibly dangerous but it’s not illegal. In fact, the probability of you being seriously hurt or killed in a car are so high that using the same logic of this ban, perhaps driving should be prohibited entirely!

We just saw ObamaCare signed into law, so I think we have had enough growth of the nanny state for this week…

Speaker Armond Budish’s Iron Fist: Silence Representatives!

January 28th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Long ago, Republican Leader Bill Batchelder once wore a dog muzzle on the House floor to protest not being able to speak out on issues as the minority party.

Leader Bill Batchelder's Biting Wit

Today, as methods of communication have changed, stifling of speech in the Ohio legislature apparently has not. In reaction to Senator Shannon Jones’ tough commentary on Twitter during Gov. Strickland’s State of the State address, Luddite Speaker Armond Budish, is cracking down on dissent. Insubordination to the state will NOT be tolerated!:

COLUMBUS: Ohio lawmakers who used Twitter to comment during Gov. Ted Strickland’s State of the State address this week appear to have broken the rules.

Members of the Legislature gathered for Tuesday’s speech on the floor of the Ohio House, which bans the use of electronic communication devices during session.

House Speaker Armond Budish calls the House a “hallowed institution” and says if he sees anyone tweeting from the floor on a smart phone or similar device, he’ll put a stop to it.

"Freedom is Slavery," says The Speaker

This situation is similar to the major dust-up in Congress that took place in 2008, when super-tweeting Congressman John Culberson joined with other members of Congress, including Ohio’s own Tim Ryan, to change the outdated House rules, which considered Twittering a form of campaigning. In the fall of 2009, Congress adopted new rules to allow members to blog, vlog, Twitter and otherwise communicate with their constituents online… even during- GASP!- session.

If Congress can change their rules, why can’t Speaker Buddish be more permissive about the use of technology? Sen. Jones never yelled “You lie!”, but simply expressed herself, sending messages to any constituent who cares to read her updates. It sounds like Speaker Buddish is just sore that Jones’ cut right to the heart of why Ted Strickland is a bad Governor, and the comments were biting enough that the media ran entire articles on it.

What is cool about Twitter is that, unlike writing a letter to your representative and receiving a form letter in response, it allows for instant communication to elected officials. The requirement to keep messages short (140 characters) forces people to get to the point, and Representatives only have to spend seconds developing a fast response… which can be read by anyone. And all of this happens at no cost to the state.

Speaker Budish is damn scared that he is about to loose the majority in November, and is more than happy to take this opportunity to silence what is said about Ohio Democrats’ job killing agenda. But he must NOT be allowed to get away with this!

Rockin’ Shannon… Tweet, Tweet, Twiddley-Tweet

January 27th, 2010 Matt Comments off

Jim Siegel, reporter for The Columbus Dispatch, was up late tonight writing another pedantic blog post hoping to draw a few more dozen eyeballs to an ad for a Best Buy color printer.

This time, it is about lawmakers tweeting during the State of the State Address- With the best comments from from State Sen. Shannon Jones.

Here are just a few:

Governor Strickland, the state of our state is unemployed!

Listening to Strickland talk about advanced/renewable energy is laughable — since he opposed us on this at every turn.

Strickland’s plan: say you will create jobs, ignore the 330,000 jobs lost under his watch, extoll virtues of earlier gop initiatives.

Hey all you teachers, parents, and school board members: Apparently Strickland has fixed school funding. You just didn’t get the memo!

Upon reflection…The return on Ohioan’s investment in Mr. Strickland has been “unyielding.” [A reference to Strickland's use of that word.]

Great work! Siegel writes the article as if Sen. Jones should perhaps be embarrassed. But frantic Blackberry typing is far more polite than shouting “You Lie!” and I think it is fantastic having legislators this engaged in fiery debate about state policy.

And this sort of interaction with legislators is not only a chance for conservatives to speak over the heads of the biased media, but it gives citizens direct access to legislators in a way I’ve not seen before. This is a very useful reason for Twitter to exist, and makes up for the 99% of the site which consists of updates about what someone ate for lunch or pictures of their cats.

Maybe more legislators should join Sen. Jones in the online conversation and there could be a centralized hub for these updates, similar to Tweet Illinois? Certainly, Megan Piwowar and company would be thrilled with this idea. ha ha

Ohio’s 7th Senate District: Sen. Jones vs. Michelle Schneider

January 7th, 2010 Matt View Comments

It looks like a lot of money will be spent on a safe Republican Senate seat:

State Sen. Shannon Jones, R-Springboro, and former state Rep. Michelle Schneider appear headed for a lively Republican primary battle in the 7th Senate District, which includes Warren County and parts of eastern Hamilton County.

Schneider on Wednesday, Jan. 6, took out petitions to put her name on the May 4 ballot against Jones, who was appointed to the seat last August to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Robert Schuler.

“I’m the only candidate who has owned and operated a business for 30 years,” said Schneider, who lives in Indian Hill in Hamilton County and also sought the appointment to fill Schuler’s seat. A former four-term Ohio House member and former mayor and council member in Madeira, Schneider is president and owner of Hillebrand Home Health and owner of Hillebrand Nursing and Rehab Center.

She criticized campaign contributions that Jones took from “interests associated with” Akron-based First Energy. Jones helped to pass major energy legislation when she was in the House in 2008.

“I’m proud of the work I did on the energy bill,” Jones responded. She said that the only “special interests” she represents “are the citizens of Hamilton and Warren counties.”

After the tragic passing of Schuler, I joined many other political observers in incorrectly assuming that Schneider would be appointed to the seat, because of her relationships and her ability to self finance her own campaign. But in the end, the seat was essentially purchased with 15 checks for $10,000 each from First Energy and their leading coal supplier. I suppose there are more polite ways to describe that, but it is still what happened.

Sen. Jones has been a reliable conservative vote, and voted against Ted Strickland’s recent 4.2% retroactive increase in state income taxes. But while Schneider has considerably more business experience, she also voted for a number of large tax increases while Gov. Taft was in office.

BUT, Sen. Jones should not be so quick to brag about the 2008 Strickland-endorsed energy bill. It was sloppy legislation and closed the door to real electricity deregulation and competition, while letting bureaucrats decide what “fair and equitable” rates for electricity are. then-Speaker Husted and others supported the legislation, as not only did local energy interests support it, but so did larger manufactures who are guaranteed below-market electricity prices. And in every end-of-the-year media interview with Gov. Strickland, he bragged about the rereg of electricity as his biggest legislative accomplishment.

No doubt this will be an expensive process- President Harris has already made the rounds to various political consulting firms telling them they will no longer do work for various other candidates if they continue to work for Schneider. Schneider now has already lent her campaign $105,000 and has $204,745 on hand, while Jones reported $250,101 on hand in the last campaign finance report.

Shannon Jones Replacement in the 67th District

September 16th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Peter A. Beck.

Ohio 67th House District

August 18th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Possible replacements to fill Rep. Shannon Jones’ house seat surface:

Mason Vice Mayor Peter Beck, Lebanon City Councilman Jeff Monroe and Michael Eshleman, a lifelong resident of Turtlecreek Township, and former Lebanon City School Board candidate.

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Senator Shannon Jones

August 11th, 2009 Matt View Comments

As I reported days ago, Shannon Jones is a new Senator:

State Rep. Shannon Jones, R-Springboro, is in line to fill a vacancy in the state Senate.

A Republican screening committee on Monday, Aug. 10, recommended Jones, 39, for the vacancy in the 7th District caused by the death of Sen. Robert Schuler, R-Sycamore Twp. She is in her second term in the House.

The full Republican caucus, currently 20 members, is to vote on the recommendation on Wednesday, Aug. 11.

It is fascinating what 15 checks for $10,000 each from First Energy and their leading coal supplier will buy, isn’t it?

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Senator Shannon Jones… & About the 7th District, I Was Wrong

August 6th, 2009 Matt Comments off

After posting this, I have since learned how far off the rumors were.

Shannon Jones will get the senate seat after all. But I was right about money playing a big roll… Esentially, 15 checks, for $10,000 each from First Energy and their leading coal supplier purchased the seat.

The 7th Ohio Senate District

August 4th, 2009 Matt View Comments


From The Dayton Daily News reports that resumes are being accepted!

The Ohio Senate is taking applications to fill former Sen. Bob Schuler’s seat. Schuler died in June after a long bout with cancer

Sen, President Bill Harris, R-Ashland, today, Aug. 3, announced the Ohio Senate Republican caucus will accept applications to fill the 7th Senate District seat, which is comprised of Warren County and the eastern portion of Hamilton County.

State Rep. Shannon Jones, R-Springboro, is one of three candidates known to be interested in the vacancy. Michelle Schneider, former Madiera mayor and state representative, and former Mt. Lookout representative Tom Brinkman Jr. have confirmed they are seeking the seat.

Interested candidates will be screened by a committee of Republican senators on Monday, Aug. 10. In addition to Sen. President Harris, the committee will be comprised of President Pro Tempore Tom Niehaus, R-New Richmond, Majority Floor Leader Keith Faber, R-Celina, Majority Whip Mark Wagoner, R-Toledo, Sen. Karen Gillmor, R-Tiffin, Sen. John Carey, R-Wellston, and Sen. Chris Widener, R-Springfield.

On Tuesday, Aug. 11, the full Republican caucus will vote to officially seat the individual recommended by the screening committee.

The dynamics of this appointment process are fascinating. And from whispers among the State House crowd, it is clear that Shannon Jones is a non-issue, and this seat already belongs to Michelle Schneider, who is wealthy enough to fund her own campaign and will break the fundraising caps.

While looking at the names of who is on this screening committee, it is interesting to note that it was those members of the Senate Leadership - Harris, Carey, Wagoner, Faber, and Niehaus – who were also the REPUBLICAN TRAITORS who cut a deal with Gov. Strickland and ignored the will of Ohio voters by allowing Gov. Strickland to, unconstitutionally, expand gambling by executive order. In addition, these five ignored the critical government reform that Bill Batchelder’s principled minority caucus was advocating, which would have harmed Strickland politically, kept the toxic budget debate on the front pages for at least three more months, and would have been a major step in the right direction of avoiding MASSIVE tax increases in 2011.

Without question, the best choice for this seat is former Rep. Tom Brinkman, who is founder of COAST, is responsible for important state government transparency legislation (HB 420), and is so anti-tax that he was violently punched in the face by former Speaker Larry Householder’s Chief of Staff because Tom refused to support Bob Taft’s massive tax increases!

While working as a State House employee, I marveled as Brinkman consistently voted “NO” on practically everything. However, Brinkman is so unwilling to give into the statist agenda that the pathetic Ohio Senate leadership will undoubtedly pick the loaded & politically-malleable Schneider.

Get out your checkbook Michelle, and welcome back to the legislature!

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