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Seth Morgan, a Team Player, is Back Helping Conservatives

June 22nd, 2010 Matt View Comments

Good News from Bill Hershey in the Dayton Daily News. State Rep. Morgan is a rising star in Ohio politics, and we certainly haven’t seen the last of him:

State Rep. Seth Morgan, R-Huber Heights, is headed back to the campaign trail to support Republican John Kasich’s campaign for governor.

Morgan, who lost the GOP primary for state auditor to Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost, will join the Kasich campaign’s door-to-door grassroots efforts on Saturday, June 26 in Huber Heights, Morgan said on Monday, June 21.

“We will continue to advocate for issues and candidates,” Morgan said. “John Kasich is just one of those.”

Primary Election Results Fallout- Maybe TEA Parties Should Not Endorse?

May 5th, 2010 Matt View Comments
Dave Yost checks election results with Ohio GOP’s Political Director Jonathan Gormley and Victory Field Staffer Richael Williams

The headlines I was worried about seeing today were printed.

From the Dayton Daily News:

Tea Party’s influence ‘overrated’ in Husted, Morgan primary races

Landslide Republican primary victories by state Sen. Jon Husted, R-Kettering, and Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost on Tuesday, May 4, indicated that expectations about the Tea Party’s influence were overrated, political scientist John Green said Tuesday, May 4.

“Activism doesn’t necessarily turn into votes,” said Green, director of the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron.

Husted was crushing former Ashtabula County Auditor Sandra O’Brien, 68 percent to 32 percent, to win the GOP’s secretary of state nomination, while Yost was thumping state Rep. Seth Morgan, R-Huber Heights, 64 percent to 36 percent, to win the auditor’s nomination with 84 percent of precincts reporting.

And from the Plain Dealer:

Lee Fisher, Third Frontier win big in Ohio; Tea Party effect minimal and voters deny many local school taxes

And from elderly Joe Hallett in the Dispatch:

In a battle of Democratic titans for the party’s Senate nomination, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher defeated Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner but emerged relatively empty-pocketed for the fall campaign against a well-heeled Republican nominee, former U.S. Rep. Rob Portman.

With 98 percent of the statewide vote counted, Fisher was 10 points ahead of Brunner on a night that rendered the budding Tea Party’s bark louder than its bite in targeted Republican races for state auditor and secretary of state.

In the contest for auditor, the Ohio GOP-endorsed candidate, Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost, handily defeated Dayton-area state Rep. Seth Morgan, who relied on Tea Party rallies and Internet outreach to appeal to Republican voters. Yost, who benefited from state party-sponsored mailings and television ads in the campaign’s stretch run, held a 30-point lead en route to victory.

His nomination reaffirmed the power of the Ohio GOP to deliver victory for its endorsed candidates and exposed the Tea Party as a weak player. Although Morgan was endorsed by the Tea Party, Yost said he received “substantial support” from its members.

The TEA Party movement was born out of a general distrust of big government, and has grown organically through individuals organizing rallies and protests. It is a true exercise in the libertarian concept of spontaneous order, as there are truly no leaders of the TEA Party movement… and yet they collectively make things a nightmare for Congressional Democrats… With successes in rallying support to take former Senator Ted Kennedy’s Seat in Massachusetts and making such a convincing argument on healthcare that President Obama, a long-time advocate of single payer socialized healthcare, was forced to limp away from the debate only with Mitt Romney-inspired insurance mandates.

However, we see problems when supposed TEA Party groups start endorsing candidates… These 501c3s, 501c4s, and PACs are frequently run by Republican operatives who open the sails trying to elect imperfect candidates with that momentum, while making money in the process.

So the problem here is that the “TEA Party” wasn’t really in the race yesterday. Instead, Ohio had imperfect people- a wacky, unserious lady from Ashtabula and and a true movement conservative from Huber Heights- attempt to win elections based on their support for the TEA Party’s general frustrations with government. On top of that, just anyone who wasn’t an incumbent Republican county or state central committee member got to claim they truly represented the “TEA Party” and use that movement to settle personal scores and inner-party battles which existed long before Rick Santelli was a pundit on CNBC.

In politics, perception is reality. And just like plenty of candidates unsuccessfully tried to present themselves as the living embodiment of all-things-TEA, political reporters are only going to report on which candidates are screaming “TEA” the loudest. Never mind that Dave Yost, a candidate for a state-wide office which majority of Ohioans don’t know exists, has spoken at numerous tea party rallies and is true Buckley-style conservative. Never mind that plenty of new conservatives unexpected won central committee races. Never mind that a young conservative named Nathan Larger pulled up an upset for the 24th House District. And never mind that more than 100,000 additional votes were cast for a relatively unknown gubernatorial candidate named John Kasich than the incumbent Governor of Ohio. Never mind was a former tax-raising political named Jon Husted forced to run the most conservative-sounding state-wide TV ads imaginable. Never mind Mike Wilson, the founder of the Cincinatti Tea Party won the primary for the 28th House District. Never mind that candidates who publicly declared themselves sympathetic to the active TEA Party movement won 21 of 66 Republican State Central Committee races. The TEA Party is dead, because the liberal MSM says so!

The truth is, the anti-tax smaller-government movement is far bigger than any individual personalities. Our candidates since the days of Barry Goldwater in 1964 have lost a lot of elections and government has grown exponentially. But that doesn’t mean it is time to give up. And I pity the politician who, in the era of Obama, doesn’t fear the growing distrust of central planning and obtrusive policies.

And as for the Ohio Republican Party staff, they should be congratulated. With such low turn out, they understood that absentee voting in Ohio is becoming quite common as Election Day in Ohio is quickly becoming “Election Month.” They worked hard to for their endorsed candidates and for incumbent State Central Committees and had a hell of a motivation to do so: THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL, AND IF JOHN KASICH WINS, KEVIN DEWINE WON’T BE OHIO GOP CHAIRMAN BY THIS TIME NEXT YEAR. Having a strong showing was a way for the Ohio GOP staff to maintain the established order and keep their jobs.

Last night, the TEA Party didn’t win or lose- but individual candidates did. Dave Yost won, yet opponent David Pepper has more than $700k to spend. And the Ohio GOP lost, as they failed to understand the perception game of the TEA Party movement and found every conceivable way imaginable to endlessly annoy TEA party organizations. And the Ohio GOP, with a heavy emphasis on “coalition building”, is so sloppy in its messaging and strategy that they couldn’t win favor with a movement born out of opposition to liberalism and in support of the fiscal platform of the Republican Party.

In the end, Ohio remains a center-right state and activists will always matter. Candidates, both Republicans and Democrats, will continue to frame the debate in language of tax-cuts and economic growth. And TEA Party, along with wide-spread voter disillusionment, will continue to define the political landscape for the 2010 and 2012 elections.

Jon Husted is as Serious of a TEA Partier as he is a Resident of Kettering

April 13th, 2010 Matt Comments off

OK let’s brain storm for ideas for a new TV ad for Jon Husted…

Tax-Raising Jon Husted

Toilet-Flushing Jon Husted

CAT Tax-Creating Jon Husted

Ohio’s Taxes are Low and the Economy is Booming Thanks to Jon Husted

Larry Householder’s Handpicked Successor Jon Husted

Third Frontier Reviving Jon Husted

Pre-Obama Stimulus Loving Jon Husted

“Moderate” Jon Husted

PUCO-Loving Energy Re-Regulating Jon Husted

Delaying Tort Reform Until he Sufficiently Milked the Trial Lawyers Jon Husted

Short-Term Loans Opposing Jon Husted

Strickland-Hugging Jon Husted

Al Gore-Admiring Jon Husted

I Care So Much About Myself That I will Transfer Money from the House GOP & Lose the Majority Jon Husted

Governor Husted

No those are no good. I got it! TEA Party Jon Husted… with a Gadsden flag and God. YESSSSSS!

And this ad was playing so often on Fox News that once time it was even shown twice in a row.

I think the moderate Husted of 2006 wouldn’t like the super-charged conservative hero Husted of 2010. And I think it is an admitting that the squishy moderate Joe Hallett-approved Republicanism that he championed in the Ohio House doesn’t win elections.

Husted isn’t running against Sandy O’Brien. Jon Husted is campaigning against Jon Husted.

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Ohio TEA Party Momvement Endorses Seth Morgan

March 12th, 2010 Matt Comments off

Big news from the Seth Morgan for Auditor campaign:

The Ohio Tea Party PAC, the newly formed PAC of the Ohio Liberty Council, has endorsed Seth Morgan, CPA for Auditor of State. The Ohio Liberty Council is composed of Ohio’s Tea Party groups, 912 groups, and other grassroots groups throughout Ohio.

Requiring a 7/8th’s majority of the Ohio groups, the Ohio Tea Party PAC voted to endorse Seth Morgan, CPA for Auditor of State. All statewide races were considered, but Seth Morgan, CPA was the only candidate chosen to be endorsed. Additionally, Seth Morgan, CPA is the first Tea Party endorsed statewide candidate of 2010.

“7/8ths of Tea Party and other like minded groups choosing to endorse a candidate is a strong statement. It means they have embraced someone as embodying their values. That does not come easily,” said Chris Littleton, President of the Ohio Liberty Council and the Cincinnati Tea Party.

Click to continue reading “Ohio TEA Party Momvement Endorses Seth Morgan”

Ted Strickland, a TEA Party Fan?

March 12th, 2010 Matt Comments off


Both parties are taking tea party activists seriously and are wary of offending them – if they are not already actively wooing them. Just look at the governor’s race in Ohio. Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich openly touts his tea party credentials in his bid to defeat incumbent Democrat Ted Strickland. “I think I was in the tea party before there was a tea party,” Kasich famously told a Columbus crowd earlier this year. “This is a real movement with a real message about people’s frustrations by broken promises that leaders on both sides of the aisle would be foolish to ignore,” he went on to write in a blog posting.

For his part, Strickland says he agrees with some of the very same things that upset the tea party folks, including high taxes and inefficient government. “I would ask them to evaluate my performance, and I think there is much they could find positive,” he said while he was in Washington in February, noting that he has cut taxes and reduced state government by more than 5,000 employees.

The 5000 number continues to be a joke, because not only are many of those jobs in question simply positions that Strickland didn’t make appointments to and approximately 11,000 state workers currently qualify for retirement, but payroll costs remained about the same while state spending continued to grow.

And not to mention Strickland has raised about 150 fees to extract about $1.2 billion in fees from taxpayers, while accepting billions in one-time mandate-riddled stimulus money to fund schools and health care and obscene loans to keep state public pension plans afloat. Fees and debt are both forms of taxation.

And Ted Strickland not only RAISE state income taxes by 4.2%, he did so retroactively, so people who plan their tax withholdings woke up on Christmas morning to discover that they owed much more to the state.

And what about the 39 MPH 3-C slow train idea?

Ted Strickland embodies all that TEA Party activists oppose.

TEA Party Organizers Not Pleased with Rob Portman

March 7th, 2010 Matt Comments off

From The Hill:

For years, Rep. Roy Blunt and former Rep. Rob Portman touted their positions of influence in Republican leadership circles in Washington, D.C.

But now both are running for Senate seats and discovering their Washington résumés to be something of a liability at a time when the Tea Party and disaffected fiscal conservatives have new political power.

Blunt, who is running in a GOP primary in Missouri, and Portman, who is running in Ohio, have taken different approaches to explaining their years in Washington.

While Blunt has reached out to Tea Party activists, Portman has kept them at arm’s length so far.[...]

Portman has been more aloof, according to Tea Party organizers in Ohio.

“He has not reached out to our group,” said Rob Scott, founder and president of the Dayton Tea Party.

The Dayton Tea Party has invited Portman to a candidate forum scheduled for March 27 but still has not received confirmation from his campaign.

“They’ve put us off,” said Scott, who added that he will likely support Portman’s candidacy.

Charles Dyer, chairman of the Central Ohio Tea Party Patriots, said he has also found Portman less than enthusiastic to embrace Tea Party activists and voters.

“We’ve had the same experience in central Ohio,” Dyer said. “He doesn’t have any strong challengers on the conservative side so he might not see that as a necessity at this time.”

Portman’s campaign disputes this.[...]

Ohio Tea Party organizers note that before Ganley dropped his bid, he did significantly more than Portman to reach out to them.[...]

Scott, of the Dayton Tea Party, said Portman was “in Congress when Republicans were spending — not as much as the current Congress — but were spending beyond the means of the country.

“Portman was Bush’s OMB director, he was in charge of the budget and he’s going to have to explain that,” Scott added.

Strong words, but I think Scott- who I know well from Ken Blackwell’s 2006 gubernatorial campaign and is now Seth Morgan’s campaign spokesman- is right to raise questions. Just during this campaign cycle, it was rather unnerving when Portman endorsed the Cash for Clunkers program, since opposition to this type of creepy-crawly statist policy is part of what defines “conservatism.”

But The Hill is just making a big fuss out of something that is rather obvious. This is lazy reporting.

And regardless, Rob Portman will still be Ohio’s most right-of-center Senator since conservative icon Robert Taft left office in 1953. I think that’s worth mentioning.

Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine’s warning is an important one:

Conservatism wins elections. Good policy. Good politics.

Candidates Sign Tea Party Pledge in Butler County

February 25th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Nothing warms the cockles of my evil conservative heart more than seeing video like this.

Featured in the video is Attorney General candidate Steve Christopher and Mike Wilson, who is running for the 28th Ohio House District seat currently occupied by Connie Pillich.

Chairman Robert Frost, a Tea-Party Republican?

February 20th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Mark Naymik in The Plain Dealer wrote a surprisingly fair report of TEA party activities in Cuyahoga County. Click here to read.

I say it’s surprising, because liberal reporters seem to have a tough time wrapping their heads around the concept of spontaneous order and a movement that has no top-down Politburo structure to it. Usually, the MSM would rather there be one specific leader that they can smear and tear down, since vague Connie Schultz/Alinsky-style  “NAZI! NAZI!” smears never really stuck.

Watching the Cuyahoga County GOP slowly come to the realization that conservatism might actually win elections is breathtaking.

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TEA Party Activists Get Serious, Take Over Party Establishments

February 14th, 2010 Matt View Comments

In terms of serious, long-term change, this is the most important thing TEA Party rally activists can do:

First there was the “tea party” protester. Now, meet the Tea-publican.

Conservative activists who once protested the political establishment are now flooding the lowest level of the Republican Party apparatus hoping to take over the party they once scorned — one precinct at a time.

Across the country, tea party groups that had focused on planning rallies are now educating members on how to run for local GOP precinct representative positions. The representatives help elect county party leaders, who write the platform and, in some places, determine endorsements.

“That’s where it all starts. That’s where the process of picking candidates begins. It’s not from [GOP leader] Michael Steele’s office down. It’s from the ground up,” said Philip Glass, whose National Precinct Alliance is among the groups advocating the strategy. “The party is over for the old guard.”

In Arizona and Ohio, Republican Party officials report an increase in candidates running for precinct positions, which often sit open due to lack of interest. In South Carolina, a coalition of tea party groups has made a formal agreement with the state GOP to urge its members to get engaged at the precinct level. In Nevada, a group of “constitutional conservatives” working under the tea party banner has already taken control of the Republican Party in the Las Vegas area, gaining enough strength to elect six of the seven members of the county executive committee.

Glass’ group and others say their work is nonpartisan; their hope is that people will reshape both major political parties. But for most of the small-government conservatives of the tea party movement, the Republican Party is a more natural fit.

I could tell you a few Franklin County residents who are on the Republican Party central committee who, despite being staunch conservative themselves, are having MULTIPLE conservative challengers. These wards are cover a few blocks in area, but there is money about to be spent on central committee campaigns.

Central Committees, which have a rather ominous, Communist-sounding name, are where candidates are endorsed, appointments are made. Being on Central Committee is hard work (if done correctly) and a thankless job, but it is where grassroots activists can have the large impact on the direction of the Republican party and our country. It is fantastic to hear that county parties could have a lot of new blood from anti-tax activists in May.

And if you want to run, contact your board of elections and get your signatures immediately, as the filing deadline is this Thursday.

TEA Party Fun in Ohio

February 11th, 2010 Matt Comments off

Lyndsey Teter’s piece today in The (Columbus) Other Paper about the TEA Party is a fair and balanced report on what is going on in Ohio with anti-tax activists causing nightmares for the political establishment.

Why is it so balanced? Because its quotes some jerk who shares my name.


Saturday: “Ohio Taxed to the Max Rally” in Columbus, 2pm

January 27th, 2010 Matt Comments off

From Americans for Prosperity:

Please join Americans for Prosperity, OH (AFP-OH), the Columbus Tea Party, Ohio Freedom Alliance, Citizens United to End Ohio’s Estate Tax, Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes, and Ohio Citizens Accounting Standards Board at a rally demanding that Ohio’s legislature get spending under control and stop treating taxpayers like an ATM every time they run out of cash. The rally will be held in front of a 15-foot-tall inflatable ATM machine to drive the point home that Ohio’s citizens are “Already Taxed to the Max.”

Date: Saturday, January 30th, 2pm

Location: Hyatt on Capitol Square in Columbus.

I’ve heard that Auditor candidate Seth Morgan and Senate candidate Rob Portman have confirmed that they will attend. Are you going or know of other candidates who will be there? Then please leave a comment. Thank you

When the Democrat Establishment is to the Left of Dennis Kucnich…

January 25th, 2010 Matt Comments off

then maybe they should rethink their agenda?

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is not happy with the direction of his own party and he is telling them to wake up. In an interview with, Congressman Kucinich blasted away verbally and shredded his fellow Democrats with his words for failing to follow through on the change they promised in Washington…

…He went as far as to mention the Tea Party movement in a separate interview, warning fellow Dems on the Ed Schultz Show not to ignore financial issues.

“I met with people who were, you know, unfairly ridiculed as being just a bunch of teabaggers and frankly they had basic economic concerns just like everyone else, they felt that government wasn’t listening to them, and this is where the Democratic Party better wake up,” he told the radio audience.

Massive Tea Party in Washington DC

September 16th, 2009 Matt View Comments

Reason Magazine did an excellent job covering it:

No one knows the exact number of who attended, but what was most noticeable was how much cleaner the area was after the conservatives left, compared to liberal protests.

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Hanoverton Tea Party

July 14th, 2009 Matt Comments off

Here is some decent video from the Hanoverton tea party, but it could MUCH more Bill Batchelder and less Zanotti ego-boosting:

HT: Kyle Sisk

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