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The Public Option and the Post Office

Zach Lahn of the University of Colorado asks ObamaCare’s public option, and to show private businesses can compete against government services he uses UPS and FedEx as an example:

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Sherrod Brown Is A Cowardly Jerk With a Terrible Hair Cut

More videos are surfacing from Senator Sherrod Brown’s Sham Health Care Town Hall at OSU on Tuesday:

And according to his staff, Sherrod Brown is not a fan of town halls:

And if you ask a tough question, Mr. Clean would like to have a word with you outside!

In addition to the left using classic Saul Alinsky tactics by talking about Nazi imagery, they simply don’t want to believe that the outrage at these town halls about government taking over 15% of the private economy is NOT coordinated. The left can’t believe it because they are used to things being organized in a top-town Politburo fashion (such as most of Tuesday’s pro-Brown supporters), and their backwards ideology prohibits the left from understanding spontaneous order.

Remember, this ProgressOhio email blast below, which wasn’t even sent out to every member of Progress Ohio’s email list, went out the day prior at 1:13 pm the DAY BEFORE THE EVENT. Sherrod Brown’s staff handled this event exactly the way they should have if they wanted a controlled environment. But instead of a health care town hall sponsored by OSU’s medical center, it was a campaign event:

progressohio(Click the Image to Enlarge)

So for future reference, if you want to know when the next Sherrod Brown sham town hall will be, email Brian Rothenberg at . Apparently, he is politically connected enough to know when these events will occur… And those sorts of high level connections will be useful for the Rothenberg family if ObamaCare is enacted and Ohioans start having to beg Senator Brown for unapproved or expensive medical treatments to save the lives of relatives.