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“Here’s an Extra Benjamin, Welfare Queens. Just Remember Uncle Ted on Election Day.”

May 24th, 2010 Matt View Comments

Since tax-reform, regultory reform, and other policy changes needed to improve Ohio’s unhealthy business climate are apparently out of the question, liberal Ted Strickland is using state dollars ObamaBucks to discourage those on state assistance to find gainful employment:

Ohio families relying on cash assistance will get an extra $100 in their June welfare checks.

Gov. Ted Strickland ordered the one-time payment to each of the 103,000 families now relying on the safety-net program to meet their basic needs.[...]

The state is using $8.4 million in federal stimulus money and $2million in state funds to cover the one-time payments. Federal regulations require states to provide a 20 percent match.

And organizations closely associated to ACORN and claiming to represent the poor are thrilled:

“We see the need every day,” said Philip E. Cole, executive director of the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies, in a news release.

“These families exist on such slim margins; this really will make a difference to them.”

The line between legitimate use of tax dollars and extravagant spending to improve Ted Strickland’s re-election chances is increasingly blurry.

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