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Developing: Lee Fisher’s Son Soliciting Donors for Next Documentary?

June 23, 2009 at 9:57 pm Matt

As many of you could have guessed, I am no fan of Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher’s son, a lazy playboy who lives off of his father’s wealth to prance around Ohio pretending to film serious documentaries. He spent almost 2 years chasing around the Ken Blackwell for Governor campaign, and I almost got into shoving matches multiple times with his aggressive crew.

And he has twice used his corporation to remove a short clip of his documentary I posted, which was viewed more than 48,000 times and was rather embarrassing to his father. The posting of this clip will never leave this website, as it is clearly within fair use laws- Team Fisher knows this, but has removed the clip at least 4 times and thereby proving why we can never put too much control in the hands of power hungry gun-grabbing liberals who believe they to be above the law. (UPDATE: VIDEO IS AVAILABLE HERE)

But when I heard this rumor, I put it aside, knowing the implications it could have for his father’s Senate campaign. But now that I keep getting phone calls and emails about this, I can no longer hold it back.

The scuttlebutt is, Jason Zone Fisher has been given permission to call his father’s donors and solicit them for money for his next campaign “documentary.”

Nothing may sound serious about it to casual political observers, but is it much of a stretch to think this is a way to encourage donors to go beyond legal campaign finances and contribute money which Fisher’s family could personally spend? This is most certainly unethical, and probably very illegal.

No one at Fisher’s campaign would answer my questions, and their contact information is little more than a PO Box. But this story stinks to high heaven, and I will get to the bottom of it soon.

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