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OH-15: Steve Stivers Will Announce Tomorrow

July 6, 2009 at 3:44 pm Matt

It hasn’t been reported anywhere yet, but Republican and former State Senator Steve Stivers will run against far-left Socialist Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy in Ohio’s 15th District.

This comes a few weeks after first hand reports from friends who saw Mary Jo Kilroy riding in a car in the Columbus gay pride parade, where Mary’s supporters were walking along the car throwing out beads while encouraging certain women to expose their breasts. But considering Mary’s views on family values, is this any surprise?

Even in the toxic political atmosphere of 2008, Stivers lost by a razor-thin margin of 2311 votes. I’ll have a full report of Stivers announce tomorrow, in addition to the Ohio Right to Life’s cultural index.

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  • Bruce Harmon
    I was pleased to hear the announcement that Steve Stivers will run again, Steve can win this time! But it is important for people to know exactly where Mary Jo Kilroy stands on the issues and her record in office. You cannot pull any punches, if you worry about saying the wrong thing or hurting someones feeling you will loose! I tried to call this womans office one day before the "Cap and Trade(Tax) vote and recieved a recorded message that she was not taking calls? I will bet that Nancy Pelosi got through! Good luck and let me know how I can help.
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