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Gutting the Ohio Income Tax

July 26, 2009 at 11:05 am Matt

In an article about how very likely it is that we could have a Speaker Bill Batchelder in 2011, Thomas Suddes mentions Kaisch’s plan to scrap the income tax:

Strickland’s probable GOP challenger is former U.S. Rep. John R. Kasich of Westerville. Whatever else may be said of Kasich, if the issue in a Kasich-Strickland contest becomes Ohio’s budget, Kasich made his congressional name as a budget-wrangler. Yes, Kasich’s vow to repeal Ohio’s income tax ranks up there with pie in the sky. But that doesn’t mean Kasich couldn’t sell it as a phased-repeal package. Obviously, Ohio Democrats have no problem with phased-in tax cuts. They left untouched, indeed they protected, Republican Gov. Bob Taft’s phased-in Ohio income-tax cuts.

The plan is decent in theory- Where the income tax is slowly phased out over a decade or more, and high-net worth individuals flock to Ohio for the tax benefits, and bring their risk-taking, job-creating entrepreneurship with them. After all, Ohio’s income tax only dates back to the Gov. Gilligan administration, and Rep. Batchelder was there to vote against it.

I have had far too many Ohio Republican insiders that I respect tell me that they think Kasich should dump the income tax proposal, saying that it isn’t a serious proposal. I beg to differ, as the proposal would most certainly be set for gradual progress and benchmarking.

Perhaps there simply isn’t the political will to COMPLETELY scrap the state income tax, but we can definitely lower it, and Kasich is simply arguing that should be moving in that direction. There is nothing “pie in the sky” about that, and it puts Ohio Democrats back in their natural state of existence: Defending big government and Ohio’s burdensome taxes.

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