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Ohio Republican House Minority & John Kasich Kicks Butt

July 31, 2009 at 6:02 pm Matt

From the inbox:

(Columbus) — The Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee (OHROC) raised over $1,007,000.00 for the semiannual reporting period, nearly doubling the previous record for a minorty caucus set by House Democrats in 2007.

“We’re focused on regaining the majority,” OHROC Chairman Rep. Matt Huffman (R-Lima) said. “We have raised more funds than any minority caucus in the history of this state for this reporting period, and having that level of financial support is key to running successful campaigns in 2010.”

In 2008, Republicans lost the majority in the Ohio House by fewer than 2,000 votes in the aggregate. Under the leadership of House Republican Leader Bill Batchelder (R-Medina) and OHROC Chairman Rep. Matt Huffman, the House Republicans are raising money, recruiting strong candidates across the state and implementing a campaign strategy to regain the majority in the Ohio House in 2010. Leader Batchelder and Rep. Huffman say they are honored and humbled by the statewide support for the House Republican Caucus.

“Ohioans are frustrated with the lack of leadership in Columbus and are looking to support elected officials who share their values and priorities,” said Leader Batchelder. “People across the state are contributing to our efforts because House Republicans are offering real solutions and a common-sense approach to getting Ohio through these difficult economic times.”

When Chris Redfern and the other jokers were in the minority, they never fundraised like this.

And John Kasich raised an impressive $516,309 in his first month, or $17,210 per day!

And when Ted Strickland isn’t doing his job and is instead eating  hors’ de vours at some rich person’s house in Hollywood or New York, he only brings in roughly $30,525/trip. Embarassing.

Mary Taylor isn’t in the best shape against “please-don’t-shoot-just-take-me-to-a-local-ATM” Pepper. I’ll more to say about this and other things about the filing reports as I have a chance to dig through them over the weekend.

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  • tim026300
    Does John Kasich still send his daughters to that private school?

    That is, where on October 17, 2007, the administrators at Worthington Christian Schools (WCS), Grace Brethren Church (GBC), and their Schottenstein, Zox, and Dunn (SZD) attorney Daniel R. Swetnam got caught after over 8 years of continuously and deliberately putting thousands of students at “risk” with several repeat child molesters led into temptation to molest again while deceiving and defrauding we parents about it while working to cover up those crimes (i.e. Conspiracy of Criminal Negligence, Deception, Fraud, and Cover-Ups).

    Those administrators clearly understood that if the consumers (i.e. students, parents, volunteers, sponsoring businesses, etc.) learned that the students were being taught and coached by repeat child molesters, we parents would have immediately removed our children from the school and stopped paying money to WCS (approximately $60,000 per student for pre-school to grade 12) as well as GBC.

    If it were not for the Columbus Dispatch having the decency to inform we parents the truth, we never would have learned about the dangerous hypocrisy that we were being deceived and defrauded about at WCS/GBC and those crimes would have continued. Some WCS teachers, staff, and even some parents took part in those crimes and the cover up and deception in regard to those crimes continues as all but one of the administrators remain in power at WCS and GBC.

    If Mr. Kasich does send his daughters to WCS where those administrators remain in power, that clearly demonstrates that he is not willing to do the right thing for his very own family and he surely will not be concerned with doing the right thing for we Ohioans.
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