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Ted Strickland Robs Them Blind

August 21, 2009 at 10:55 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments


They didn’t see it coming:

COLUMBUS: A newspaper is reporting that Ohio bridged a budget gap by dipping into donated money to fight blindness and encourage people to become organ donors.

The Columbus Dispatch said today that the state took $1.4 million from the Save Our Sight Fund in June. The newspaper asked Gov. Ted Strickland about the transfer, and he promised the money would be put back.

Strickland spokesman Keith Dailey says the administration also will return $1.3 million to the Second Chance Trust Fund, which promotes organ and tissue transplants.

Both funds are supported by motorists, who have an opportunity to make $1 donations when they apply for or renew a driver license.

The state scrambled to make up a $1.9 billion shortfall in the two-year budget that closed June 30.

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