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Will Issue 3 End Church Fundraising Games?

August 21, 2009 at 10:37 am Matt

I rather indifferent to the gambling debate, and would love to see a flow chart for all the various gambling interests in Ohio, as it is surprisingly complicated. But I tried to get a response from Sandy Theis on this issue, as it sounds about as serious as when every state wide Republican office holder, except Ken Blackwell, opposed the 2004 marriage amendment because it would supposedly bring an end to domestic abuse laws while stopping government and universities from providing benefits to homosexual partners. Those concerns ended up being scare tactics and total lies.

Theis may spam me, but she won’t answer my questions- So I’ll ask you: Is this a fair comparison to the claims made by Theis’ MTR front group? If not, then why do so many ballot issues come down to debates over wording which was written by supposedly intelligent lawyers and approved by the Attorney General’s office?

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  • Allen
    Theis is one sided on everything. She thinks blogs, reporters and people are just her puppets. Once she gets you to spread her venom she forgets about you. She'll be back when she thinks she can use you again.
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