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OH-1 Steve Driehaus is Cruisin for Abusin’

August 25, 2009 at 11:30 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

I certainly give him credit, and Driehaus is one of the so-called “blue dogs” who aren’t entirely comfortable with government taking over 15% of the economy, but I can’t imagine this event turning out well…

From the Enquirer:

After the chairman of the Hamilton County Republicans accused him of being “fearful” of open forums on health care reform, Rep. Steve Driehaus accepted the GOP’s invitation to discuss the subject at a Green Township Republican Club meeting next month.

“I accept gladly,” the West Price Hill Democrat said Friday morning, responding to the challenge from Hamilton County Republican chairman Alex Triantafilou. “If the chairman thinks I am trying to hide from the public on this issue, I’m doing a pretty poor job of it.”

Triantafilou’s criticism of Driehaus and his invitation to speak to Green Township Republicans came Thursday after the Enquirer reported that a meeting featuring Driehaus organized by the Green Township Democratic Club for next Wednesday night at Nathanael Greene Lodge had been turned into a ticket-only affair.[...]

The meeting, Traintafilou said, “will be respectful and civil. There will be none of this shouting and nonsense. But there will be some tough questions asked.”

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