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Happy Columbus Day!

October 12, 2009 at 3:51 pm Matt

I’m taking time to celebrate the discovery of the Americas by the civilized world and the superiority of Western culture.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus might actually start celebrating Christopher Columbus again:

Contino said what Christopher Columbus accomplished would be the equivalent of a manned mission to Mars today.

It’s unfair to pin the prejudices and practices common 500 years ago on one man, he said.

“We’re not some rogue radical group,” he said. “We’re celebrating the man our city is named after.”

Contino started pushing to revive Columbus Day celebrations after reading comments by Mayor Michael B. Coleman in The Dispatch five years ago.

Coleman had said the city was redefining Columbus Day as a chance to celebrate local resources with discounted admission at the zoo and museums.

The headline of the story was: “It’s Columbus Day, does anyone care?”

“Well, I cared,” Contino said.

Older Italians in Columbus remember when Columbus Day celebrations were bigger than Red, White & Boom.

When Coleman visited the annual Columbus Italian Festival on Friday, he said he’d like a Downtown parade for the explorer.

But St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, which organizes the festival, would have to pay for it, said Dan Williamson, Coleman’s spokesman.

Because public schools are full of multi-cultural worshiping Columbus-hating air heads, 24% of adults no longer want to celebrate this important day. It is truly sad that, with people knowing so little about history in general, what is known are the worst exaggerations of Howard Zinn Marxist-critiques. It is exciting to see that Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman is open to a parade in Columbus’ honor.

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