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OH-15: LA Times Equates Scozzafava with Steve Stivers

November 3, 2009 at 3:56 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From Janet Hook in the LA Times:

Reporting from Washington – The triumph of conservative forces over the Republican Party establishment in upstate New York has emboldened like-minded activists around the country, and it could drive the GOP sharply to the right as it lines up candidates for the 2010 midterm congressional elections.

The rebellion that drove a moderate Republican off the ballot in a special House election today is sending a clear message to the party leadership and its candidates: Ignore the conservative grass roots at your peril.

That message is likely to resonate in the coming months in several congressional primaries and in races where third-party challenges are springing up and threatening to divide the Republican vote.

In Columbus, Ohio, a conservative has decided to run for the House because he does not see enough difference between Democratic Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy and her leading Republican opponent.

In southern Virginia, where Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello has been expected to face a tough fight for a second term, a conservative is campaigning against a Republican he considers a RINO — Republican in Name Only.

The most prominent battlefield on which the conservative wildfire is spreading is Florida, where Gov. Charlie Crist, the GOP front-runner for the Senate nomination in 2010, faces a spirited challenge from a conservative former state House speaker, Marco Rubio.

That’s why all eyes in the party will be turned toward the northern reaches of New York in today’s off-year elections. In the state’s 23rd Congressional District, voters face a choice between Democratic lawyer Bill Owens and businessman Doug Hoffman, who is running on the Conservative Party ticket.

Unlike Dede, Stivers is opposed to card check, cap and trade, and stimilus spending. And he would never be endorsed by DailyKos over former Socialist Party Mary Jo Kilroy.

But it is an interesting trend to watch, which directly contradicts Franklin County GOP leaders who insist only moderate Republicans “fit” the 15th District.

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  • WL
    Unfortunately, "Right Ohio" is already defending Stivers and is willing take it from Stivers and the local GOP. The posting fails to mention that this is an identical situation.

    Until recently, both seats were held for considerable time by moderate Republicans.
    Current Republican candidates were anointed by the local party and not the people
    Both Scozzafava and Stivers are part of the establishment/problem and need to be given the boot rather than promoted within the failed party

    Hopefully we get some national attention and similar alternatives get some much needed support.
  • Carrie
    WL is totally wrong. Stivers and Scozzafava are not the same. The Paultards are trying to push this idea obviously because their candidate is not qualified to be elected dog catcher and has no chance at winning. They also aren't smart enough to know anything about this blog either.
    They can't even analyze 2008 correctly. In a District that went 54% for Obama a Paultard candidate would have done great and would be great in 2010... seriously???
  • WL
    The GOP never allows the situation to play out. When they endorse a candidate BEFORE the primary, how can you expect an alternate to gain much steam. We've seen that in NY with a little outside attention, this is possible.

    Thank for the "No he's not" and ad hominem argument.
  • WL
    54% Obama? That wasn't very good in comparison to other districts.
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