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Yost vs. DeWine: A Battle for the Heart of the Republican Party

November 23, 2009 at 11:57 am Matt

BLOG POST EDITED: I originally referred to the DeWine campaign being “run out” of the Ohio GOP office. That certainly isn’t true, at least in the physical sense of an actual office space. In addition, Hall is not currently an employee of the Ohio Republican Party.

From The Cincinnati Enquirer:

All over the country, a battle is going on for the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

It’s waged by the party’s social conservatives and fiscal conservatives, fired up by the Tea Party movement and aimed at GOP candidates they see as too moderate on their issues.

Ohio may be next, and in a somewhat unlikely arena – the two-man race for the GOP nomination for Ohio attorney general.

“Conservatives – I hate to say it because I don’t think we ever went away – are on the comeback,” said Warren County political activist Lori Viars, who works for Family First PAC. “We’re not just backing the same old candidates the party puts up. We’re challenging them.”

In Ohio, the line is being drawn between the two announced candidates for attorney general, who will face each other in the May primary – former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine, who has had some problems with the party’s most conservative members in the past, and Delaware County prosecutor Dave Yost.


The Ohio GOP endorsed two candidates who are likely to have primary opposition in the May primary – former congressman Rob Portman for the U.S. Senate over Cleveland car dealer Tom Ganley; and former Ohio House speaker Jon Husted for secretary of state over Sandra O’Brien of Ashtabula.

But, on the DeWine-Yost race, the party was silent.

John McClelland, the state party’s communications director, said that because of DeWine’s late entry into the race, party leaders decided to skip the attorney general’s race.

“We decided to be neutral on this one; and it may well stay that way,” McClelland said.

First of all, John is full of crap. Not only is the Ohio GOP not neutral in this race, every employee at the Ohio GOP office is quite dismissive of Dave Yost and  a recent-ORP staffer named John Hall, is serving as his campaign manager. John should stick to the stiff YouTube video updates. And looking at where his fund raising is coming from, there is no doubt DeWine has hire aspirations.

So far in this campaign, I have shown that Mike DeWine has violated campaign election laws TWICE (here and here). In other campaigns these might be small oversights, but they are BIG DEAL when you are the guy who wants to serve as Ohio’s top lawyer and prosecutor.

DeWine hasn’t stood in front of a jury since President Reagan was in office, while Prosecutor Dave Yost is in Delaware County TODAY putting bad guys.

DeWine also supported the late Ted Kennedy’s minimum wage hike, joined Sherrod Brown in opposing US companies from buying cheap foreign steel, and repeatedly opposed legislation to drill for oil in Alaska. And he was part on the infamous “Gang of 14″, where compromises where made with Democrats and kept brilliant conservative judges like Janice Rogers Brown and Miguel Estrada off of the bench.

Also, as a supposed Catholic, DeWine joined forces in 2004 with Ohio’s sodomite lobby to oppose Ohio’s marriage amendment which was passed with an overwhelming 62% of the vote and probably saved President Bush’s re-election campaign.

DeWine richly deserved a F Rating from the NRA, which would put him at odds with his Rich Cordray on this important critical issue for the AG’s office. Considering that, no matter how much John Kasich apologies profusely for his incorrect vote on the 1994 Clinton Assault Weapons ban, gun groups aren’t satisfied. So wouldn’t it be nice if the ORP at least made an attempt to have their ticket appear more pro-gun than the Ohio Democrat ticket?

The media may call DeWine a “moderate,” but I call him UNPRINCIPLED because that is what he is.  The problem is- DeWine’s record is spread out over so many years that few know it in detail. Thankfully, I’ll be here to remind you.

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