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Is Molly Varner Trying to Help Conservatives Like John Kasich Even More?

November 25, 2009 at 11:35 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From the Marietta Times:

“In the 1990s, Kasich tried to get rid of the Appalachian Regional Commission, which would have completely devastated our area,” said Molly Varner, chair of the Washington County Democratic Party. “The ARC is more than just ‘pet projects’ as he once called them. If Kasich wants to be Governor and if he wants our votes, he should understand the needs of Appalachia instead of championing Wall Street values.”

I REALLY want Democrats to stick with this line of attack. They can argue in favor of bureaucracies and blue-ribbon, feel-good commissions while John Kasich can argue for what really solves poverty: cutting taxes and cut the red tape to unleash entrepreneurs to create wealth and jobs.

And Good Golly Miss Molly, wasn’t Ted Strickland a congressman who represented part of Appalachia for 12 YEARS? What was he doing during this time? His district remains one of the poorest in the nation.

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  • Mike
    This is nothing more than another attempt, of a right wing blogger, trying to create a story where there is none. Instead of focusing on Strickland, where is the focus on the Republicans, who have ran this state into the financial mess it is in now? Why no comments about our last (Ahem) Republican Leaders, who ran the state, and both of the Senators from Ohio, along with the vast majority of Republican Congress people, who gave the Bush Administration Carte Blanche, to run up the most massive debts this country has ever known? And, just in case you have forgotten, TARP, which was a republican answer to our financial failure under this administration, was started by the republicans with an attempt to have no over site by the government. Yeah, that is the type of leadership we really need back again.

    Like all Right Wing idiots, instead of attacking the problem, you want to attack the solutions.
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