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BREAKING: How Hard is Kevin DeWine Working to Make Sure the Ohio GOP Endorses his Second Cousin?

December 8, 2009 at 7:01 pm Matt

dewineThis week, the Ohio GOP’s screening committee was scheduled to meet before the central committee’s meeting on Friday. As was decided in September, they were supposed to consider making an endorsement in the one state-wide race they had not made one in yet… the race Ohio Attorney general, between Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost and liberal, gun-grabbing, former US Senator Mike DeWine (aka “recipe boy“).

That was the plan… UNTIL last night’s conference call, where Ohio GOP Chairman Chairman Kevin DeWine (Mike’s second cousin) suggested that they all should agree to his motion to pull the plug on the endorsement vote. Chairman DeWine only has a single vote on the committee, but loyal party stalwarts diligently fell in line at his request.

Why the last-minute change? No one is entirely sure. They need 44 votes to suspend the rules and 2/3rds of the committee must vote to suspend the rules prohibiting endorsements in contested, non-incumbent primary elections.

ORPers claim that both sides don’t have the necessary 44 votes and they expect low turn out at this meeting. But how can we trust their own internal “whip counts” and take that at face value?

There is no doubt that the party establishment, including the most recent Republican presidential candidate, is firmly in support of Mike DeWine. But now that DeWine’s communications director and fundraiser have left and Mike’s campaign is in shambles, maybe the committee was willing to endorse the only candidate which embraces the conservative principles of the Republican Party: Dave Yost.

There is no question that the Republican grassroots is with Yost.  As someone who worked for Ken Blackwell’s campaign in 2006, I remember vividly how difficult it was to get Republican activists to phone banks if they also had to make calls to also support DeWine. We would have gladly held our own phone banks, but simply didn’t have the money to conduct such efforts independently of the ORP. I really can’t imagine that John Kasich would appreciate that sort of drag on the party’s ticket.

Polls have shown that at no time in history are voters more upset at big government and the political status quo. And  in this election cycle, the party would be hard pressed to find a worse candidate to run than Mike DeWine, a former Senator who earned a F rating from the NRA, supported speech-stifling campaign fiance laws, opposed drilling in ANWR, and stopped dozens of conservative judges from taking the bench by joining the “Gang of 14.” DeWine was part of the same Republican elite that forgot their party’s platform and handed Washington over to President Obama and the far-left.

And even Ohio Democrat leaders have read the tea leaves and are worried about a Yost candidacy. As was reported in the Cincinnati Enquirer on December 1…

Monday night, 415 Cincinnati area Democrats gathered in the 20th Century Theater in Oakley to hear Ohio Democratic Party officials lay out their plan for delivering a “knockout” blow to the GOP in the 2010 elections.

With double-digit unemployment and approval ratings of Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and President Obama nose-diving, the Democratic party will have its work cut out for it.

The 20th Century, of course, is a theater, and state party chairman Chris Redfern and Doug Kelly, the party’s executive director, put on a stage show, complete with graphics, comedy one-liners and even a clip from a Blues Brothers movie to fire up the crowd.[...]

- Kelly also predicted there may be an upset brewing in the GOP primary for Ohio attorney general, with Delaware County prosecutor Dave Yost beating the better known Mike DeWine.

So if the grassroots know and a liberal like Doug Kelly knows, then how likely is it that the screening committee doesn’t know that Dave Yost is the superior candidate? My educated guess is that this was a purposeful effort to stall a meeting where Yost would have won the endorsement, to give Cousin Kevin a chance to browbeat and arm twist.

Is Kevin DeWine starting to make good on his promise last year to move the party even further away from conservative principles?

Stay tuned for more details…

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  • Guest
    DeWine and Husted only work to remind the electorate that they are just as disgusted with republicans as they are with democrats. There goes the fervor for the ground game...especially given the results of the last Rasmussen poll (http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/... ).

    The entire ticket will suffer.

    Mike DeWine lost in a landslide - to a socialist - with $20 million in his war chest. That the ORP would try to shove him back down our throats is not only insane, but suicidal in what will be one of the most crucial election years for Ohio...and ultimately the nation. That's like putting spoiled milk in back in the fridge thinking "Eh, maybe it'll be better tomorrow."

    As a result, the establishment will get the very thing they are ostensibly trying to prevent: Cordray will pulverize Mike DeWine without having to spend one dime, freeing his money to help the other (D) candidates. A lesser-known but MUCH stronger candidate reflective of the electorate vs. combative with them gives Cordray a much harder run for his money.

    It's not rocket science...it's principle. Both of which are seemingly non-existent among the good old boys & gals of the republican party.
  • yep. DeWine brags about how well he is known in Ohio... but that might be his problem!
  • Guest
    No question...and given the fact that Kevin DeWine thinks that elections are won or loss on Facebook & Twitter, leaves many actives w/little hope.

    Worse yet are the candidates who are listening to that faulty strategy and not getting to the people (and you know who you are...).
  • you so just ruined John McClelland's day.
  • Guest
    LOL...no more than he has disaffected the millions of Americans who are not on Facebook & Twitter. I understand it as an extended outreach, but not the end-all-be-all, "look how hip we are" GOTV strategy.

    Most members have already determined their ideology anyway...there are more effective ways to get out our message (pretending for a moment that their message is congruent with ours). Unfortunately most entail hard work (outside of I-270), resources and being servants instead of DICtators. The ORP doesn't want to do that, so they surround themselves with themselves and take [what they think is] the easiest, least expensive route.

    It is ironic that the two, inherent qualities of man that make socialism ridiculously impractical, are the very ones leading to its inevitability...Greed and laziness.

    On part of the electorate and more egregiously on part of the "leaders" w/in both parties.

    Sad & unfortunate for our posterity.
  • M3
    Kevin DeWine has always done a good job. Let's just assume that they don't have the votes (will they have a quorum at a meeting 2 weeks before Christmas?) instead of assuming that there is favoritism going on. I'm sure that the best candidate will prevail and we won't have to go thru a bloody, expensive primary.
  • I like the expensive bloody primary model... For example, Club for Growth does EXACTLY what needs to be done. But if avoiding primaries are good, then how has DeWine done such a good job?
  • You can rest assured at the Lake County Endorsement meeting there will be an opposition to Mike DeWine. However, the writing is written on the wall loud and clear: THE 2ND COUSIN CHAIRMAN IS PUSHING MIKE DEWINE.

    At the Lake County Convention this summer Kevin Dewine spoke. Kevin Dewine was asked about his relation to Mike Dewine. Kevin Dewine tried to blow off the question and say something like "oh.... we are just second cousins...barely talk!"
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