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A Fantastic Description of Sherrod Brown

December 9, 2009 at 10:35 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Did you know his daughter worked for the SEIU?

The poster boy for these two broken promises is Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. If you’ve never heard of Senator Brown he is probably most famous for being mistaken for an African-American by Rush Limbaugh because of his name. He is actually a child of privilege who was raised in Northeastern Ohio. Senator Brown has never had a “real” job. After graduating from Yale, Senator Brown entered politics taking a short break to go back to college for an advanced degree. Despite the fact Senator Brown has never worked in the private sector much less gotten his hands dirty with physical labor, he likes to see himself as a common man.[...]

Senator Brown was one of the brave legislators who when he saw how the whole open town meeting thing was going last summer staged a number of “community roundtables” in heavily Democratic areas. Senator Brown claims to have visited voters in every Ohio county but has dodged my county and my invitations to appear at a true open town meeting. His propaganda events were heavily attended by stooges from the SEIU and other Brown operatives. Public input was heavily limited and also staged as I have documented in the past. These union “workers” would have been easy for Senator Brown to turn out as his daughter is employed by the SEIU. His other daughter works for the Ohio House Democratic Caucus.

This is my second favorite description of our gargling-saltwater sounding Senator, right behind former (Democrat) Ohio House Speaker Verne Riffe’s description of Sherrod as a  “goddamn hippie sonuvabitch.”

Considering what he does in Congress, his daughters’ work, and his wife’s terrible columns, I suppose you could say they are all one big BROWN stain on Ohio.

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