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Mike DeWine is Pleased with the Lack of Endorsement

December 10, 2009 at 12:18 am Matt

Yesterday, I reported that Kevin DeWine pulled the plug on a potential endorsement in the race for AG. Tonight,  Bill Hershey in the Dayton Daily News has the candidates’ responses:

Yost said he was disappointed but would continue working.

Mike DeWine said he was not disappointed.

“My focus in this race is articulating a vision for the attorney general’s office, what I want to do with that office and raising money so I can get that message across to people,” Mike DeWine said.

Mark Caleb Smith, director of the Center for Political Studies at Cedarville University, said in an e-mail that the race reflects what’s going on nationally.

“I think we are witnessing a battle between old-line moderates and conservatives for the control of the GOP,” Smith said.

I think it would be hard to describe a F from the NRA as “moderate.” And of course DeWine is pleased, as the longer an endorsement vote is delayed, the more smokey room deals and arm twisting can occur.

While issues certainly matter, at the end of the day this race is more about principled leadership verses the soulless, entrenched establishment. For example, I’d be very interested to know how badly Mike DeWine’s close friend, Summit County GOP Chairman Alex Arshinkoff, would love to be able to direct special counsel work to certain law firms.

And isn’t it fun to see the party elites worried about their core supporters?:

Montgomery County Republican Chairman Gregory Gantt, who personally supports Mike DeWine, said a non-endorsement might keep peace between DeWine supporters and those in the party, including some in the Tea Party movement, who want new candidates.

Republican Rob Scott of Kettering, president of the Dayton Tea Party, said the group doesn’t endorse candidates but that “I believe we need fresh faces.”

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  • Nick M
    Guest took the words right out of my mouth, Ryan.

    RINOs like DeWine do not need to be back in power.
  • Nick M
    I know a large number of conservatives, including myself, who support Dave Yost 100%, but who WILL vote for Cordray if DeWine wins the primary.
  • Ryan
    What kind of conservative votes for a pro-choice, lawsuit happy democrat that wants to be Governor some day?
  • Rob Frost the highly paid republican party chairman of Cuyahoga County would vote for a pro choice law suit happy democrat, anyday!
  • Guest
    The kind that is tired of moderate, anti-DoMA, "I'll never drill in ANWR" gun-grabbing RINO's hijacking the republican party, who also want to be governor some day...
  • Again...I say Mike DeWine will be vigorously opposed at the Lake County Endorsement meeting.

    I have not gotten any feed back on this race, but I can tell you that there are a lot of social conservatives up hear who I will be talking to about this race.
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