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Slutty Strippers, Slot Scofflaws, & Strickland Spokesbabe?… Shady Sandy!

January 27, 2010 at 4:37 pm Matt

Sandy Will KILL You

Sandy Theis, former Plain Dealer reporter turned Leftist PR agitator (not much of a difference between those jobs), is now working for Ted Strickland:

Gov. Ted Strickland’s re-election campaign has tapped a Columbus political veteran to help on its re-election campaign.

Sandy Theis, a former Columbus bureau chief for the Plain Dealer, joined the campaign Dec. 1 and will be “focusing mainly on communications,” she said.

Since leaving the Plain Dealer in 2006, Theis has been a communications consultant involved in a number of the state’s biggest and nastiest fights: utility regulation, casino gambling and the Democratic battle for the U.S. Senate. Theis is a communications consultant for Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner senate campaign. Brunner, of course, faces Strickland’s former running mate and Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.

The reporter who wrote that is Mark Naymik, who used to work along side Sandy, and was gentle in his description- Which, instead of due to friendship, is probably due to a sincere belief that Sandy might drive up to Cleveland and physically rip off his head and defecate down his throat.

She, along criminals like Leo Jennings,  has been one of those various political operatives who have worked for ProgressOhio, a 501c4 funded by Soros, Lewis, SEIU, and other various interests and communist fronts.

And, most famously, she was the spokesbabe for strippers, when the debates were raging in Ohio about how close a stripper can be to a patron. So I suppose with her new job she isn’t being hypocritical, as most of those crinkled-up sweaty dollar bills in their thongs will not be subjected to Ted Strickland’s 4.2% income tax hike.

And she probably had a good relationship with Gov. Strickland, as her anti-casino campaign was actually funded by MTR, the same gambling company that Mrs. Chris Redfern lobbies for and was going to provide slot machines at Ohio’s race tracks until the Supreme Court ruled in favor of LetOhioVote.org. Maybe she will be able to coordinate all of the laundered MTR gambling money to Strickland and other candidates.

But, politics aside, as I’ve told Sandy, I admire her work. She is tough as hell, and that- along with the combination of her dash of craziness with her lack of a soul- are ideal for a political tactician.

In addition, as a reporter, she was largely responsible for exposing corrupt former Speaker of the House Larry Householder and ruining Jim Petro’s election chances in 2006. The stories she broke were echoed and added to by The Columbus Dispatch, and this growing media coverage lead to FBI investigations and serious headaches for the sleazy Republican establishment.

So while we are all admiring the comments that will come from Corzine-flunky Lissssssssssssssssss Smith and as we gaze upon her classic beauty, Sandy will be behind the scenes crunching bones and burying bodies.

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