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Kasich’s Fundraising is “Astounding” & Strickland’s Idea of “Responsible” Leadership

February 1, 2010 at 11:12 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From Chris Cillizza in the WaPo:

John Kasich: The Republican former Ohio congressman raised more than $5 million for his gubernatorial campaign in just six months, an astounding showing that coincides with his rise in polls testing him against Gov. Ted Strickland (D). While Strickland’s $2.8 milion raised during the same period was far less than what Kasich collected, the incumbent has a whopping $6.1 million in the bank, compared with $4.1 million for Kasich.

And now that the campaign season is heating up (8 months to go before early voting! yikes!) I’m glad the media is starting to look back at Gov. Strickland’s congressional voting record. I have most of his votes and am especially interested in sharing with you a number of the proposals he endorsed which ultimately caused the mortage melt-down and economic collapse.  But as Sabrina Eaton reminds us, Strickland also voted for the largest tax increase in America history, which by comparison makes Gov. Taft look like a penny-pinching miser:

Take trade. Strickland opposed the North American Free Trade Union and other trade pacts, arguing they would cost jobs in Ohio. Kasich backed them on the grounds that they would provide U.S. consumers with better products at lower prices. Today, he says the United States should more aggressively enforce existing agreements to protect U.S. industries from unfair tactics.

Take Clinton’s sexual relationship with a former White House intern. Strickland argued it would be more appropriate to have “some kind of resolution indicating congressional disapproval of the president’s behavior” than to impeach him. Kasich voted to impeach Clinton for committing perjury and obstructing justice.

Take the budget. Strickland’s 1993 vote for Clinton’s package of tax increases and spending cuts proved unpopular enough in his district that it helped a Republican win the seat for a single term, after which Strickland returned to office.[...]

Strickland says the shutdown highlighted Kasich’s “recklessness” and that his old budgets called for “wacky” cuts that would have hurt the country, like eliminating the Appalachian Regional Commission and cutting education funding.

The Clinton budget he backed “resulted in a wonderful expansion of the economy, with increased jobs and increased opportunity for the people of our state and our country,” Strickland said.

“My representation was an example of steady leadership and consistent support for people who have to work for a living” Strickland said. “His representation was an example of reckless, and at times, irresponsible leadership.”

So it is irresponsible and WACKY to support trade agreements which had the net effect of boosting Ohio exports, but it is the height of responsible governance to support enormous Federal tax increases?

And Ted, do you know who else wanted to eliminate the Appalachian Regional Commission? That same dead conservative President that you dug up for exaggerations in your State of the State address, Ronald Wilson Reagan. If Kasich’s fault is agreeing with Reagan on some Kennedy/LBJ-era commission to cut, then he should wear that fault as a badge of honor.

Ted Strickland is Mr. Responsible? yeah, right

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