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Ohio Republican Party Central Commitee Meeting

February 1, 2010 at 6:16 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ll post major updates here, but in the mean time follow my updates on Twitter. I’m the only blogger watching it in person. They will likely endorse Dave Yost for Auditor tonight.

Update: Wow that was fast! Was expecting this to take a few hours with perhaps a private closed-door session. They endorsed Dave Yost for Attorney General, with only John Becker voicing mild opposition to an endorsement of any kind.

Still waiting for a release from the Yost campaign.

DeWine doesn’t think I’m always fair with my blogging. But he was upbeat, especially considering that for all conservatives might have justified reason for being annoyed at him, I think he’s getting a bad rap in this case. I’ve never seen a handful of conservative sectarians in Ohio misfire quite like this. However, Seth has every right to keep fighting.

Update @7:23pm: From Team Morgan:

From:Emery Paul Phipps Jr.
Subject: Yost receives ORP endorsement


Dave Yost was endorsed this evening by the Ohio Republican Party.  While this changes little in our efforts to make Seth the next Auditor of State it shows that Dave is now the “establishment” candidate of the ORP turning his back on those who worked so hard to get him County Endorsements and who stood by him on principle while he claimed to be running for Attorney General the last year and a half.

Since his taking a deal and moving to the Auditor seat, he boasts that his campaign coffers have filled with upwards of $100,000.

He must be losing grassroots support at a 1 to 1 ratio of supporter to establishment money raised because my phone is ringing off the hook and my email inbox is full of people who are none to happy with Dave’s flip flopping.

Thanks to each of you for your continued support for Seth.  We stand resolute and will continue this campaign with your prayers and support.

On to Victory.

Update @ 7:27: More email from Team Morgan:


Huber Heights, Ohio – The Ohio Republican Party elite showed today how backroom deals do not serve Ohio citizens. After political pressure, Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost caved to the party select by bowing out of the Ohio Attorney General race that he had campaigned for more than a year against Mike DeWine in the Republican primary election and was dealt an endorsement by the party for Ohio auditor.

“Dave Yost would have been a great attorney general,” said Rob Scott, Communications Director of Friends of Seth Morgan. “The Ohio auditor’s office is not a bargaining chip to be played for nor is it an office for someone who concedes to political pressure.”

“Seth Morgan is unbending towards the political establishment and special interests. As a certified public accountant, a small business owner, and employer, he understands the importance of objectivity and independence for the taxpayers of Ohio,” Scott said.

Seth Morgan was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives in 2008 after serving seven years on the Huber Heights City Council. He is a Small Business Owner and Certified Public Accountant. For more information about Seth Morgan visit www.SethMorgan.org.

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  • WOAH! To quote you, Matt,

    "They endorsed Dave Yost for Attorney General, with only John Becker voicing mild opposition to an endorsement of any kind."

    So, wait a minute...in an amazing series of development Kevin's 2nd cousin RINO Mcwine just disappeared and everyone was alright with allowing Yost back in for AG? Does that mean after the break they will be endorsing Seth Morgan for Auditor?

    BTW...I enjoyed your critique of Kyle and his typos above.

  • No typeos alowed
  • Seriously, now. The State Central Committee could not really have endorsed Dave Yost for AG, right?

    I was told today by an elected R County Prosecutor that the he was called by Dave Yost recently and asked for his (the R County Prosecutor's) endorsement...the R County Prosecutor conferred with the State Central Committee member for the respective Senate District...and was to told NOT to endorse Yost.

    The R County Prosecutor would NOT endorse Yost for AG...but thinks so poorly of Dewine that he also refused to endorse Dewine. He told me so. He simply hates Dewine.
  • bhhillyer
    I don't know how accurate that was because Mr. Yost proffered a list early in his campaign of (R) County Prosecutors that had endorsed him.
  • What??? I am not sure what "proffered" means. You don't know how accurate what is? Also, note the use of the definite article "the." I am referring to specific R county prosecutor, and intentionally left out his name.
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