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Former Athens County Democrat Chair Susan Gwinn Threatenes Student With Libel Suit

February 3, 2010 at 9:34 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

How stupid:

According to The Post, former Athens County Democratic Party chairwoman Susan Gwinn has threatened an Ohio University student with the possibility of a libel lawsuit. Her beef? A letter to the editor published in the Athens NEWS on Jan. 18, in which that student wrote the following:

Certainly the cleanup has begun with Gwinn, but Susan Gwinn has been mucking up the Athens County government and spreading the corruption around for a long time.

In her letter demanding a notarized correction, Gwinn declares that the above statement is “untrue and libelous.” For those who are not familiar with the back story, Gwinn was recently convicted of two misdemeanor charges related to falsifying campaign finance reports in her failed 2008 bid for Athens County prosecutor. Gwinn subsequently resigned as chairwoman of the Athens County Democratic Party, but is now seeking reelection to the county party’s central committee.

Gwinn was found guilty last month of falsifying two campaign-finance reporters in connection with her run for county prosecutor in 2008. And she was also the brainiac who developed the plan for OU College Democrats to essentially bribe voters with $5 to vote. All involved claim that isn’t true, but the situation was so awful that even Chris Redfern came out almost instantly demanding she resign. So maybe she should sue Chris Redfern too?

And how do you besmirch and ruin someones good name,  if they don’t have one to begin with? If she wants to get to the root of the problem, perhaps Gwinn should sue herself.

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  • Name
    Susan Gwinn has been a "public figure" with regards to libel laws. If she filed a legal case regarding this letter to the editor, the case would be summarily dismissed.

  • Was thinking about that but didn't know if county party chairs would count. Thanks. Regardless, even if she wasn't the judge would probably dismiss outright anyway.
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