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More Pain to Taxpayers Due to Strickland’s Tax Increase

February 3, 2010 at 12:48 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From Jim Siegel in The Dispatch:

The last of the state income-tax books that normally arrive the first week of January should reach their destinations by early next week.

A prolonged legislative fight in November and December over how to fix an $851 million hole in the state budget forced the state tax department to delay mailing its materials to Ohioans and public venues.

Based on paper returns filed in January last year, tax refunds totaling more than $8 million have been held up because of the budget debate. State leaders were at odds over delaying a 4.2 percent income-tax cut.

Jim Siegel, much like a poop-filled Seagull on a pier, really soiled up that 3rd paragraph. If you think it was a “delay,” then feel free to hold your breath waiting for that additional refund in the mail until you turn blue and die.

To the rest of us who aren’t hack lefty reporters, this is a TAX INCREASE, passed retroactively, to plug the holes in Strickland’s patch-work budget. The average family in Ohio will now have access to $80 less this year. (And the budget still isn’t completely settled since revenues are down and the mis-allocation of tobacco settlement money is in the courts.)

And while this debate raged on and deals were cut to get 5 unprincipled Republicans Senators on board, on top of this tax hike, taxpayers currently  have more than 8,000,000 fewer dollars in their pockets, which was held by the state and earned taxpayers 0% interest. fantastic

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