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The Shady Sandy Strikes Again!

February 22, 2010 at 11:46 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

As I noted before, fresh off her various stripper/slot-machine vice campaigns, former Plain Dealer reporter Sandy Theis was hired by Ted Strickland to essentially to kill John Kasich. And knowing how tough Theis can be, I might mean “killing” quite literally.

Sandy has a working relationship with former Plain Dealer reporter-turned-blogger Bill Sloat & Plunderdumb (the site’s owner and Theis are both former Progress Ohio employees). And now she is using their sites to dump stories about Kasich, then feeding those stories to newspapers.

This time, it is about how John Kasich got a good deal on his property, and the Plain Dealer picked it up this morning. The article takes a scandalous tone… but then on paragraph 4, Joe Guillen noted “[P]ublic records examined by The Plain Dealer suggest the story of Kasich’s land deal is nuanced and complex. It appears Kasich got a good price, but anything else may be conjecture.

But that’s exactly the point of this article: conjecture. Paragraphs of conjecture, designed to raise questions, gently imply law-breaking, and put Kasich’s campaign on the defensive. It even includes this fantastic line:

Did Kasich get a steal, and was it at the expense of the widow?

But by the end of the article, we learn that everyone involved says the deal was fair. And we learn Kasich bought some land that was very difficult to work with (very wet and the extremely soft soil made it difficult to install a sewer system)… but he was smart enough to buy and improve its value.

Oh hum.

This is the game folks. The truth doesn’t matter, because in politics, PERCEPTION IS REALITY.

Sandy knows this. And she also knows that in politics, WHEN YOU ARE EXPLAINING, YOU ARE LOSING.

With various articles she wrote as a Plain Dealer reporter, Theis mastered the art of a good smear. And now, she is making sure these nuggets about Kasich slowly trickle out… In fact, she has to have at least 5 of these stories ready to fire, which can create scandalous headlines but have facts softer than Kasich’s crappy soil.

I deeply respect bone-crusher Theis’ ability to fight for her clients. But the timing between her being hired and the Plain Dealer’s sudden interest in easily-accessible home valuation records is hilarious.

Am I right, or did I just smear Sandy? You be the judge.

Kasich should sue.

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