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Speech-Stifling Speaker Budish Strikes AGAIN!

February 25, 2010 at 12:00 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

First it was Elizabeth Trisler, the talented high school senior who waited more than a year to receive praise on the floor of the Ohio House simply because Budish loves killing babies. And without the work of the Ohio Right to Life, the Ohio ACLU and Bill O’Reilly, lovely Elizabeth would probably still be waiting when she is elderly enough to watch Budish’s fuddy-duddy TV show in Cleveland.

But now, another storm is brewing, and it once involves free speech and former Navy SEAL Rep. John Adams, Ohio’s version of Chuck Norris.

As you know, Ohio House Democrats rarely allow Republican bills to get hearings. However,  they made a special exception for Adam’s HB 400, a proposal which would gradually eliminate the state income tax created during the Gilligan Administration.

But House Dems didn’t allow debate to start on this bill because they had epiphany about their statist agenda.

Instead, the goal was to have Ohio OBM Director J. Pari Sabety orchestrate something resembling a Stalinist show trial to beat up on gubernatorial candidate John Kasich, who has a similar proposal.

So on Wednesday in the Ways and Means Committee, with spokesidiots from various taxpayer-funded interests testifying against the legislation, the first full scale hearing started. To testify in favor was Jonathan P. Williams, the Director of Tax & Fiscal Policy at the conservative ALEC and well-known OU Economics Professor Richard Vedder.

With Williams flying in from Washington, D.C. and Professor Vedder traveling from Athens, they were both supposed to testify sometime during that morning session. And the Chairman, Rep. Tom Letson, was aware that Mr. Williams had a evening flight out of Columbus and had to leave by 4:30. Dr. Vedder had to depart by noon.

But as the clocked ticked away well into the afternoon, it became clear that they would not be allowed to testify at all. And while they couldn’t find time for two experts who traveled a great distance for the hearing, at least 8 people testified against…. even though it is tradition for supporters of bills to speak first. The show trial continued well into the afternoon, with only a brief intermission for a full-House session, with the committee continuing until 5:30pm.

What is Speaker Budish afraid of? Maybe he is concerned that brilliant Dr. Vedder would use his eloquent defense of free-markets and liberty to skewer big government Democrats? Vedder is an incredibly talented speaker, and during the question session he would certainly run intellectual circles around the lefty bumkins on the committee. It would be a blood bath, and Williams & Vedder wouldn’t even break a sweat.

The way House Democrats treated Williams and Vedder is inexcusable. Budish clearly is building a reputation for himself who will use his power over procedural matters to push his liberal agenda in the most petty and rude ways imaginable while silencing dissenters.

To correct this situation, does Armond really need Bill O’Reilly to knock him over the head again?

Here is Bill Cohen’s report from the Statehouse News Bureau:

Update at 7:40am: And leave it to Jim Siegel in The Dispatch to completely ignore what happened.

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