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Another Sandy Theis Flop

March 4, 2010 at 1:26 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Even though this story shouldn’t have been run at all, Mark Naymik better start sounding more enthusiastic about Shady Sandy’s smears, or not only will he not get a job with Strickland if he wins, but Sandy will literally KILL MARK AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY AS THEY SLEEP!:

Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich did not have special access to an investment he reported on his 1999 congressional financial disclosure statement.

The report – which Kasich’s gubernatorial campaign now says was filled out incorrectly – led one blogger to suggest Kasich had inside information.

The former nine-term congressman and chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee purchased shares of two mutual funds – Munder’s NetNet Fund and Goldman Sachs’ Internet Tollkeeper Fund — on July 1 of 1999, according to his financial disclosure statement.

But Kasich’s gubernatorial campaign says the transactions were actually made in 2000 but recorded by mistake on the 1999 form, which was completed in 2000.

Blogger Bill Sloat, a former Plain Dealer reporter who writes The Daily Bellwether, correctly reported on his blog that the Goldman Sachs’ Internet Tollkeeper Fund was not publicly available until Oct. 1 1999. But Sloat suggested that Kasich could not have purchased the fund early without special access to the fund.

“Did he have access to inside information? Sloat speculated, offering potential Kasich critics a juicy nugget of political gossip.

There was no financial benefit for changing the date of the transaction. It was simply a clerical error.

The names I want to call Sloat and Sandy are not printable.

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  • Theis & Sloat spew crap
    Regardless, at least regarding Munder NetNet A shares Kasich did not benefit even if he had inside information.

    Notice how the bottom fell out of the fund starting in January 2000. I can't find information as early as July 1999, but it would appear that anyone, including Kasich, lost their ass if they invested in Munder Net Net A shares.

  • Oh that's just fantastic! Geesh- Thank you for the link.

    Insider trading laws are silly, especially because insider non-action can't be prosecuted. People should have a right to use their knowledge as they see fit, just like their capital.
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