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Ken Blackwell Endorses Dave Yost for Auditor

March 10, 2010 at 5:05 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Ken Blackwell, my friend, mentor and reason I got involved in state politics, has endorsed Dave Yost for Auditor:

Ken Blackwell today endorsed Prosecutor Dave Yost for Auditor of State.

“Dave Yost is one of us — a man of integrity who shares and lives our values and convictions,” Blackwell said. “He knows that the government is reaching too far into our lives and too far into our pockets – and with his record and his experience, he has the tools he needs to fight for us.”

Blackwell is an icon among Ohio social conservatives and has often been the standard-bearer for people disaffected with the moderate wing of the Republican Party. “Ken Blackwell, like Barry Goldwater, was conservative long before it was cool to be conservative,” said Gene Pierce, a conservative political analyst. “Like Ken, Dave is pro-smaller government, pro-life, pro-family and pro-tax cuts. There should be no argument from Ohio Republicans about Dave’s heartfelt commitment to a conservative platform of government.”

Blackwell won the Statewide Republican Primary for Governor in 2006. “Ken anticipated and led the ‘No More RINOs’ movement,” Pierce added. “His endorsement will speak volumes in this primary, when people want true conservative leadership.”

Prosecutor Yost welcomed the endorsement. “I’ve known Ken Blackwell for years, and he does not speak lightly, or for the sake of convenience – he’s always about what he believes to be right. I am humbled and honored to have his strong support.”

Ken Blackwell is the most conservative candidate Ohio has ever had for Governor, and is now a major force within the national conservative movement.

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