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State Rep. Debbie Phillips Update

March 10, 2010 at 10:57 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Jesse Hathaway, OU’s unofficial Democrat assassin, has been all over State Rep. Debbie Phillips from Athens of the 92nd District. She not only did she live in a hippie commune, but she was arrested for disorderly conduct in 1991 for protesting the first Iraq War.

She, the Athens newspaper (where her husband works), and Ohio Democrat operatives have been working desperately to knock a liberal college student off the 2010 ballot. His name is Ty Collingsworth, and had a letter to the editor today in the OU post:

Post Letter: Bid to block candidacy part of shady agenda

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

After reviewing the protest to my candidacy, I am ready to respond. These charges are baseless, without merit and politically motivated by Debbie Phillips and her cronies who support her votes that will destroy our state park, bankrupt our schools and will decimate our mental health system. People deserve to know if their state representative is trying to take away my constitutional right to run for elected office.

It’s a simple yes or no answer for Debbie; does she have any involvement in or connection to this election challenge to my candidacy, or are we supposed to believe that out of tens of thousands of Ohio attorneys that it’s a pure coincidence that Mr. Metcalf is using the same Columbus attorney that Debbie Phillips uses?

Debbie Phillips is not being up-front and honest with her constituents. Phillips knows she’s losing votes to a true progressive because she voted for mining at Burr Oak State Park and voted to cut state funding for mental health and our schools.

Ty Collinsworth is a candidate for 92nd district in the Ohio House of Representatives and resides in Nelsonville.

The hearing was today, and I’m happy to report that Collinsworth WILL be on the ballot.

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