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Ted Strickland, a TEA Party Fan?

March 12, 2010 at 1:07 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From Stateline.org:

Both parties are taking tea party activists seriously and are wary of offending them – if they are not already actively wooing them. Just look at the governor’s race in Ohio. Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich openly touts his tea party credentials in his bid to defeat incumbent Democrat Ted Strickland. “I think I was in the tea party before there was a tea party,” Kasich famously told a Columbus crowd earlier this year. “This is a real movement with a real message about people’s frustrations by broken promises that leaders on both sides of the aisle would be foolish to ignore,” he went on to write in a blog posting.

For his part, Strickland says he agrees with some of the very same things that upset the tea party folks, including high taxes and inefficient government. “I would ask them to evaluate my performance, and I think there is much they could find positive,” he said while he was in Washington in February, noting that he has cut taxes and reduced state government by more than 5,000 employees.

The 5000 number continues to be a joke, because not only are many of those jobs in question simply positions that Strickland didn’t make appointments to and approximately 11,000 state workers currently qualify for retirement, but payroll costs remained about the same while state spending continued to grow.

And not to mention Strickland has raised about 150 fees to extract about $1.2 billion in fees from taxpayers, while accepting billions in one-time mandate-riddled stimulus money to fund schools and health care and obscene loans to keep state public pension plans afloat. Fees and debt are both forms of taxation.

And Ted Strickland not only RAISE state income taxes by 4.2%, he did so retroactively, so people who plan their tax withholdings woke up on Christmas morning to discover that they owed much more to the state.

And what about the 39 MPH 3-C slow train idea?

Ted Strickland embodies all that TEA Party activists oppose.

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