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Chairman Gantt Actually Was in Favor of an Endorsement, Before He Was Against It

March 13, 2010 at 6:23 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Yesterday, I posted a link to the latest endorsement excitement in the Republican Primary for Ohio Auditor, where Dayton Daily News reported that Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Greg Gantt had not actually endorsed Seth Morgan. After that went to print, State Senator Gary Cates sent Morgan a harshly worded letter, which Dave Yost’s campaign circulated to the media.

But in this conference call with supporters of Seth Morgan on January 14, 2010, it sure sounds like Gantt endorsed. Take a listen:

Here is the transcript (emphasis added):

Rep. Seth Morgan: Mr. Greg Gantt, uh and uh, Greg we, we turn it over to you for a few words of wisdom.

Montgomery County Republican Chairman Greg Gantt: Thank you Seth. Uhh, my words of wisdom I guess are not so much in go for it, you can do it because I think, uh, I certainly know you would make an excellent candidate and encourage you to, uh, pursue that option and, and go for it. Umm, I guess my comment is more to everybody on the call, uh, on a personal level, that uh, you have begun a great career in the House and certainly you’re poised to win reelection and to say that, uh, myself and others are gonna stand behind you, uh, and support you and encourage you to go for the Auditor’s position, that uh, we stick with you, uh, and push you as hard as we can because you’re…you’re putting yourself out there….uh…..(unintelligible)..you’d have an easier race in a smaller district and continue on your wonderful work at the house and, uh, shoot for state level later and we’re so appreciative and (it’s) so wonderful that you’re considering doing this and uh, just want to let everybody know the fact that you’re putting yourself out there, that I’m willing and hope that other people are willing to put themselves out as well, and uh, and really stay with you, uh, as you pursue this goal. I’m very excited, and uh, very honored to be a part of this and especially, uh, somewhat uh….uh…weird to be in a almost fatherly figure at, uh, my young age of 43 to see some of my, uh, my first two candidates as chairman to get elected and now moving up to the state level and (I’m) very excited, very thrilled and I’m behind you a hundred percent.

Rep. Seth Morgan: Well thank you Chairman, uh, very much, we appreciate you joining us, and uh, your support is important obviously because we need to build a coalition that is uh, as broad as we can…we can make it. Umm…we look forward to continuing to pick up support from the establishment, if you will, GOP along the way and we very much appreciate you being on the call and for your leadership here in Montgomery County.

To make matters worse, Gantt also said this to the Dayton Daily News:

Gantt, a member of the board of elections, said Friday that he does not endorse candidates. Gantt, who chairs the county board, said that is both personal preference and board policy. He said the county party has not decided whether to endorse Morgan, a former Huber Heights councilman, or Yost for state auditor.

But on January 26, he proudly endorsed Rob Portman for US Senate.

It looks like Gantt Cantt get his story straight, or some other factors helped him change his mind.

And stay tuned for more Republican endorsement drama in the Ohio Auditor’s race!…

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  • PBJ
    Wow, looks like State Party Boss Kevin DeWine was leaning on MontGo Boss Gantt and was pretty boy Floyd (Husted) involved? Why didn't they support (and do Yost's dirty work for him) when Yost was running for AG? Puzzling (sarcasm).

    The more Columbus/retreads try to derail Morgan, the more solidly I stand in his camp.

    Portman & Husted have lost me too, as will any other hack who condones this good old boys crap.
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