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Josh Mandel Takes the Gloves Off & Sucker Punches Boyce

March 15, 2010 at 11:50 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From Joe Guillen in The Plain Dealer:

State Rep. Josh Mandel is questioning whether Treasurer Kevin Boyce is waiting to sign a group of state banking contracts as a way to raise more money to win election in November.The State Board of Deposit, which Boyce chairs, recently postponed a decision to choose banks the state will do business with because it needs more time to review the contract proposals, a spokeswoman for Boyce said.

But Mandel, a Lyndhurst Republican running to unseat Boyce, a Democrat, said the new April 29 deadline seems suspicious because it is one week after candidates must file campaign finance reports.

The implication is the extra time will allow Boyce to raise more campaign cash from banks looking to get state contracts.

“As with most of the decisions Treasurer Boyce has made, it just smells really bad,” Mandel said in an interview. “At the least, it’s incompetence.”

Both candidates must file their pre-primary campaign finance reports on April 22, detailing contributions through April 14. The last filing in January showed Mandel with $2.04 million on hand, compared to Boyce’s $646,524. Mandel’s filing showed contributions from individuals working in finance, but it lacked large donations from financial corporations. Records show Boyce’s contributions included a $10,000 donation from a JPMorgan Chase & Co. political action committee.

Treasurer Boyce who has given jobs away as favors to children of Gov. Strickland’s key advisors, likes to spend 6-figures on office swag with his name on it, has shown himself willing to sell lucrative state contracts for campaign contributions.

It is an easy job to check the qualifications of financial institutions, but Boyce has to delay and do everything he can to shake the fundraising money tree, as Chris Redfern has pretty much written this race off. This delay tactic is common practice, but it is either arrogant or sloppy to put the deadline right at the fundrasing report cutoff.

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