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OH-15: TEA Party To Protest Rep. Kilroy Tuesday, 11:30AM

March 15, 2010 at 6:33 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Ohio TEA Party groups, the Americans for Prosperity, the Ohio Freedom Alliance and other right-of-center activists have quite a rally protested outside of Mary Jo Kiljob’s office tomorrow. Click here for details. If you live in the Columbus area, please stop by during lunch time.

The voting is so close even among Ohio’s supposed blue dogs, that the President himself is personally “softly threatened” Dennis Kucinich today over his promised “no” vote.

The Columbus TEA Party, to show they are not opposed to any healthcare reform, sent a letter to Rep. Kilroy suggesting a 1-sentence health care bill. Their suggestion is vastly superior to the 2300+ page monstrosity which, if passed, will fundamentally change America and our relationship with government forever:

No state or federal law shall require any person to enter, nor stop any person from entering, a contract or program for either medical services or the financing of medical services, including through insurance and through simple direct payment, and no taxes, fees, penalties or other government collections, direct or indirect, shall be imposed except for ordinary sales taxes or income taxes that apply generally to all products and services, and any person may sue to enforce this provision in any state or federal court of competent jurisdiction.

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  • C Johnson
    Mary Jo has to go .....

  • out of all the things to disagree with her on, this is about the least important I could imagine.
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