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[Update] State Legislators Confirm: If They Endorsed Seth Morgan, They Can’t Use Ohio GOP’s Discount Postage Rate

March 25, 2010 at 11:28 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Update at 3:45: I’ve been informed by Ohio GOP insiders that by law, candidates are not entitled to use the party’s mail permit. However, the party may choose to send mail on behalf of a candidate. They claim this story is false, and noted that Chairman DeWine recently profiled Rep. Sears in a mass email. In addition, a recent piece was just approved for Rep. Hite, who apparently once endorsed Morgan but backed out of the endorsement because of a heated primary he is in. I report, you decipher.

No Bulk For You!

I’m getting multiple reports- including from legislators themselves- that Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine is not allowing Ohio House Republican Legislators from using the Ohio GOP’s discounted postage rate if they endorsed Seth Morgan for Auditor instead of Dave Yost.

In addition to State Senator Tim Grendell, the State Representatives who have publicly endorsed Seth Morgan thus far (per the press release on March 1) are John Adams, Pete Beck, Terry Boose, Danny Bubp, Dave Burke, Courtney Eric Combs, Terry Blair, Ron Maag, Jerrod Martin, Jeff McClain, Margaret Ann Ruhl, Barb Sears, Joe Uecker, Lynn Wachtmann… and after that press release was sent, Dick Adams of the 79th District also endorsed Morgan.

I understand that Republican Leader Bill Batchelder was not DeWine’s pick in the battle between Batchelder and liberal Matt Dolan… and the messaging in Megan Piwowar’s press releases is far conservative sounding than anything I could imagine hearing from Ohio GOP headquarters. So there was perhaps a contentious history here before this election cycle.

But because of a primary in the Auditor’s race, is DeWine really willing to punish Republicans who desperately want to knock Comrade Budish out of the majority? Politics can be childish and petty business, but forcing conservative legislators to pay more for mail is quite extreme.

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  • Anon
    Silly ORP, covering up corruption well, is for Democrats. The Sears letter is dated February 14th. That would be 2-3 week BEFORE she endorsed Morgan (eyeroll).

    Yes folks, they think we're that fricking stupid.
  • WL
    Just say no to Kasich, DeWine, Yost, Husted, Portman and Stivers (OH-15).
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