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Darke County TEA Patriots Endorse Dave Yost

April 21, 2010 at 11:40 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From the Dave Yost for Auditor campaign:

Dave Yost, Republican candidate for Ohio Auditor of State, sharpened his conservative credentials with last night’s endorsement by the Darke County T.E.A. Patriots.

“Dave Yost shares the values of the Tea Party movement, limited government, personal and fiscal responsibility and lower taxes and we are excited to stand with Dave to become the next Ohio Auditor of State. Dave’s broad background and proven leadership as both an award winning county auditor and a tough-on-crime prosecutor are exactly what Ohioans are demanding in this election.” said Lyn Bliss, a member of the Darke County T.E.A. Patriots.

“Dave Yost is the clear choice among Ohioans to be the next Auditor of State. Conservatives of every stripe and organization are uniting behind Yost and his campaign to protect taxpayers’ dollars and fight waste, fraud and abuse,” said Brent Swander, Yost campaign manager.

Yost’s primary opponent was in attendance for the endorsement, however due to a scheduling conflict, Yost was not.

Here is the Darke County TEA Patriots’ website. I have not heard of them before, but are they a group that wants to keep their distance from the libertarian Ohio Liberty Council.

I’m glad they endorsed a conservative like Dave Yost, but to keep this in perspective THIS GROUP ALSO JUST ENDORSED JON HUSTED AND MIKE DEWINE. Maybe those two are the best candidates… But do they fit the TEA Party brand? hardly.

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  • john_edwards
  • Anon
    Do you see what they're doing? They've already diluted what "Republican" means, now they want to do the same with "Tea Party."

    It's a marketing gimmick...the ORP's historical one-trick pony. Something tells me that this time, it won't work as easily.

    Mike DeWine & Husted? Please, those aren't "Tea Party" candidates by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Jake


    These guys are not fake, they arent a gimmick, they are a real tea party, i wish people would do some research, theres other articles about them, all at least a month old
  • Barb
    Jake, they also had a campaign committee member for Yost count the ballots in private, and alone. they might have been "real" but they have destroyed themselves.
  • jake
    and? how many teaparties have had Morgan people running their show?
  • Guest
    Jake, is there an accusation there? If you have evidence of wrongdoing, please bring it out there versus weakly implying it. I think most people deal with facts and would want to know the information no matter who's campaign it damages. You seem to function on assumptions. You know what they say about assuming...
  • gotgop
    That's funny...this groups President is the Husband of Dave's County Chair...sounds fishy to me...
  • jomomma68
    Seems like a major CYA move from the ORP. A group nobody ever heard of endorses their entire endorsed slate PLUS Mike DeWine which is unheard of in the Tea Party movement. Are they are trying to cover their tracks for the upcoming OEC hearing?
    When was this group founded?
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