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Jennifer Brunner is “Running on Empty” & Lee Fisher is a “Loser”

April 21, 2010 at 9:36 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

(For those of you keeping score at home, Jackson Browne was also the musician playing in the background while a shirtless Lee Fisher was working late as his son videotaped him for a stupid documentary. If you knew that, give yourself a gold star for excellence.)

From The Politico:

Brunner Running on Empty

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner announced raising just $144,000 for her Senate campaign in the first three months of the year and ending the quarter with $79,000 in the bank. That compares with a $550,000 quarter and $1.8 million on hand for Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, who has held a small advantage in recent Democratic primary polling. That means that the last two weeks of the primary campaign — the election is on May 4 — pit a candidate with a clear fan base and little money (Brunner) against a candidate with superior resources and a less obvious core constituency (Fisher).

However, Lee Fisher and his TV ad comb-over are still losers:

Despite his money advantage, Politico put Fisher in the “loser” category on its national list of first-quarter fundraising winners and losers, suggesting that he should have raised more, given the backing of Gov. Ted Strickland and others.

“Democratic strategists believe his weak showing could give Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, who has also struggled to raise money, new life and an outside shot at winning the Democratic Senate nomination,” Politico said.

And Lee should have reason to be worried. Not only do women tend to do slightly better than men on the ballot, Democrat activists are almost all support Brunner’s staunch progressivism, since she is far more exciting than a candidate tainted with Cuyahoga County Democrat corruption.

Fisher is a known commodity and and Republicans know how to beat him- He even lost a race to former Gov. Bob Taft. Regardless of fundraising totals, I don’t think it’s any secret that Brunner, in a general election, would be a much stronger candidate.

I truly wish Brunner would respond to Fisher’s TV ad, as not only is Ohio’s Job Czar talking about job creation (unemployment DOUBLED on his watch) but he talks about his work at a non-profit… a “charity” which paid him approximately $400,000/year plus expenses. Instead of buying the Sean Hannity-sounding “Courage Express” bus, why not run an ad on MSNBC and public radio? The liberal Ohio media would certainly promote the ad for free, and then this might actually look like a REAL primary battle.

Come on Jennifer. You punch like a girl. You can do better!

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