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The Dayton Daily News Endorses Dave Yost

April 25, 2010 at 5:08 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

And in the process, I think they are trying to tell conservatives that Seth Morgan is more conservative?

Mr. Yost, 53, is a county prosecutor. He has been Delaware County auditor and has worked for former Gov. George Voinovich and former Columbus Mayor Buck Rinehart. Before politics, he was a newspaper reporter.

His breadth of experience and his specific record in managing a county prosecutor’s office — with about 25 employees — trump the CPA credential. Mary Taylor is the only Ohio auditor to have been a CPA. The job entails running a large operation, not actually doing audits.

The two men don’t have dramatically different plans for the auditor’s office. But Rep. Morgan talks about farming more work out to private accountants. Mr. Yost doesn’t necessarily oppose that direction, but does respond that “privatization” in government work can sometimes go too far.

And Rep. Morgan talks about using the auditor’s job as a “bully pulpit,” whereas Mr. Yost minimizes that role.

Rep. Morgan’s conservatism extends even to the point of voting against the Third Frontier, which is endorsed by the Republican Party and got the vote, for example, of William Batchelder, the conservative leader of House Republicans.

Rep. Morgan says that people are looking for an alternative to the “muddy middle,” that they want stronger, more principled leadership. In effect, he’s calling for more polarization, exactly what the state and country do not need.

Mr. Yost’s mature demeanor is more likely to instill confidence in the good intentions of the office than the demeanor of the tightly wound, ideologically rigid, ambitious young politician.

For prudent, relatively non-political management of a position that should be non-political and non-ideological, the better bet is David Yost.

Conservatives can disagree, but I don’t think I’ve found a function in government that I wouldn’t like to see privatized,  if not eliminated.

And by “tightly wound,” I suppose the Dayton Daily News is lamenting that Morgan isn’t malleable enough to choose the politically expedient thing of supporting the Third Frontier, and the potential fundraising dollars that could have come from him changing his vote?

Prosecutor Yost is staunchly conservative too. But The Dayton Daily News editorial board really did him no favors by downplaying that fact. If I was Seth Morgan’s fundraiser, I’d send this endorsement to conservative donors.

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  • Anon
    I guess Morgan it is. DDN wouldn't give Yost the time of day when he was running against the establishment. Now, he is their darling? Let me guess, did they endorse the other good old boys in Dayton (cousin Mikey, Husted). LOL! I'm more inclined at this point to believe that in turn, Yost will be beholden to the establishment and not the people. Sad.
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