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Tomorrow is Judgment Day for Kent Markus?

April 28, 2010 at 11:00 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Laura Bischoff has the news:

An Inspector General’s report, to be released Thursday, April 29, is expected to determine whether the Strickland administration interfered with a planned sting by the Ohio Highway Patrol at the governor’s mansion.

In January, prison officials learned of a plan by an inmate working at the residence to have his wife drop a “six-pack” at “Red’s House.” At the time, they didn’t know what “six-pack” referred to, but learned it was tobacco — banned by prison rules.

The sting was canceled by the patrol’s top command, including Ohio Department of Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor, a Strickland appointee.

The change in plans triggered an investigation by state Inspector General Tom Charles, hearings by the GOP-controlled Senate Criminal Justice Committee and enormous speculation as to whether Collins-Taylor canceled it for safety’s sake or to avoid the potential embarrassment of a drug bust at the governor’s house.

I believe Laura has her facts wrong about the “six pack” and it has never been shown to have been tobacco. The illegal drop was almost certainly drugs and I’m not sure why she is being so quick to take the Sandy Theis assumptions as fact.

Kent Markus, Strickland’s lawyer who has been at the center of the Joe the Plumber scandal, the giving drivers licenses to illegals scandal, unbid Interlot scandal at the Ohio Lottery Commission, and clearly used heavy-handed illegal influence on a state highway patrol investigation. No way would Markus and the Strickland administration would be able to weather so many scandals if he was a Republican… this is far worse than anything Gov. Taft did with simply not reporting golf!

This report will be fascinating, as will Senator Grendell’s committee hearings next week.

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