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John Kasich Reminds Voters of his Support for Issue 1

May 1, 2010 at 3:52 pm Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

From Kasich’s communication team. YUCK:

3F State Issue 1 Support

I really can’t imagine an issue which runs more counter to the “Kasich brand” than supporting corporate welfare and turning a blind eye to surpassing Ohio’s 5% constitutional limitation on debt.

Because private investors put their own money on the line, their decisions are devoid of the sort of political calculations involved with politicians passing out grants and low interest loans to highly-risky investments. Taxpayers get to do the job of venture capitalists and angel investors, except they don’t actually get to own shares!

John Kasich should take his own advice:

John Kasich opposes special interests… unless Jo Ann Davidson tells him otherwise?

If John Kasich opposes President Obama’s stimulus and wasteful Federal government spending by the Strickland administration, than it is completely hypocritical to support Issue 1, as the objectives are the same: Use Keynesian theory to boost job/economic growth through an increase in government spending and artificially cheap credit. Just because only one may result in campaign contributions to John Kasich doesn’t make one spending program better than the other.

Vote NO on Issue 1.

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  • Value Added
    Agree 100%. John Kasich and Ted Strickland agree: Government should take taxpayer money and give it to politically-well-connected corporations.

    Not inspiring.
  • Guest
    I see their strategy now. Have the ORP piss off the entire Tea Party population of Ohio, then have both them & Kasich act like the numbers really jive on Third Frontier, have John blow off the entire grassroots until after the primary, then expect everyone to sing kumbya and GOTV in November and garner a clear mandate!

    They make Fred Thompson's campaign look competent.
  • mark
    This is troubling to me, too. One of the reasons I became interested in corporate welfare was because John Kasich began going after it.

    However, this program is seen as successful by many and, in a state with as much trouble as Ohio, it will be latched onto as being needed and considered a good value.

    This is not a make or break issue but, for Kasich, this can be seen as a politically double-edged sword. No doubt his opponents will chastise him for appearing to be on both sides of the fence at the same time.

    I think most voters in the upcoming elections are desperately seeking transparency and candidates of convictions. If one candidate is not seen as being much different from another, it could be very problematic.
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