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Trade is Good

May 11, 2010 at 10:26 am Matt Leave a comment Go to comments

Even liberal reporter Mark Naymik gets it on trade:

The Democratic National Senatorial Committee also released an Internet ad last week. But it is totally boring by comparison. It pushes the tired message that Portman is a Wall Street cheerleader, and there’s no nudity — just a shot of Portman and George W. Bush.

The shirtless-ad controversy spilled into this week, with the Ohio Democratic Party launching on Monday a Web site and Internet ad titled, “Rob Portman took the shirt off my back.”

In it, bare-chested men (and one woman in strappy top) blame Republican trade policies for Ohio job losses.

Such anti-trade arguments are oversimplified, of course.

Ohio has more jobs linked to manufacturing exports than most states. Goods made here go mostly to Canada, Mexico and China. Exports grew for 10 straight years until 2009, when they dropped by 25 percent, an obvious result of global recession.

Democrats say they understand the bigger picture but want to ensure that Ohio ships goods — not jobs — overseas.

Democrats, especially Gov. Ted Strickland, are still hammering the issue of NAFTA, which passed overwhelmingly with support from crazy right-wingers like Al Gore and President Clinton. Prior to the recession, Ohio’s exports to Canada and Mexico were 35%, far above the national average… and such trade agreements boost exports in textiles, glass, rubber, et cetera.

But trade is a two-way street. Ohioans can produce where they have competitive advantages- which is quite limited due to the 7th highest state tax rates and the 3rd worst business climate in the country, and we import elsewhere. Anyone who took a basic economics class would know this increases consumer surplus and overall wealth… It’s just the “general interest” doesn’t have an organized, powerful lobby like union goons do.

Democrats do not really “understand the bigger picture”… So they are reduced to producing youtube ads with overweight men making intellectually dishonest arguments. It’s cheap, tired, and I think is transparent enough for voters to disregard.

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